Natik and Akshara love blooms part 31


Natik and Akshara love blooms part 31
PART 31:
BM goes back and tells Rajbanna what she thinks of him and Devyani
Rajbanna on hearing this…..refuse for remarriage
BM: ” think once…it is not wrong…it is difficult to live alone in this stage even i know this pain…..”
Rajbanna cries and sits down
” i have children….what will they think BM??”
BM makes a phone call to N
she gives d mobile to Rajbanna
” even ur children want to see u happy”
Next morning in d honeymoon sweet
N gets up by a phone call….
A holds his arm as she stretches out to pick up his mobile
” Oh Naitik Please”….. begging for more they did last night
N signs her to wait
he picks up d call
” Han boji BM sach bol rahi hai….i and even Rashmi wants your happiness…..and your happiness is a partner….then y not boji…..marrying again doesn’t means we will forget Ma, we can not forget her but we can make place for another ma in our hearts…..can’t we???”
Rajbanna smiles
N ends d call
A pulls him back into d bed
” kon tha Naitik??? Boji?”
” han Akshara…..BM told him everything”
A covers herself with the blanket as she sits up in d bed
” what was he saying??” (a little tensed)
N throws away d blanket which covered her
” lets not discuss it now”
He swiftly stretches to cover A’s body with his…. kissing her wildly. He raids her mouth mercilessly
their arms and legs tangling and writhing……..taking in the exquisite pleasure of intimate contact…..
N rolls away
for fresh air
“Come, sit here, on my chest.” He pats his sternum….
he was still breathing hard!!!
A crawls over to him
putting her head on his chest
N puts his arms around her naked back……her soft br*asts touching his hard chest
” thanks Akshara”
” for what naitik??”
she looked up at him
” for everything!!!”
A closes her eyes……hugging him tighter
” Akshara i hurt u a lot….u married me, ur family got against u but u never said a word…..and now u r doing so much for my dad…..i have no words to thank u….u r God for me”
” nahi Naitik please….i m not God… is becuz of ur love, i m able to do all this….and m doing this becuz it is my duty……i m not only ur wife but m also Boji’s daughter-in-law”
N smiles………..he kisses her on top of her hair
” u always make me silent”
” now get up Naitik…it is 10 am”
” i wouldn’t argue with u becuz i know u always win in d end”
N slides himself out of d bed
he goes to d wash room
while A sits in d bed
she thinks
” our connection is so strong, so deep I realize why I sometimes think it must be fantasy….. Even here, right now it’s hard to believe that love can burn so bright….so hot but I choose to trust my senses, showing me this beautiful man, unravelling in the pleasure of being with me.”

A asks Devyani about her decision
will she agree to meet Rajbanna?

Credit to: Kiran and ahTayyab

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