Natik and Akshara love blooms part 31

Akshara and Natik love blooms part 32

PART 32:
A and N come to meet Devyani
Devyani invites them in
Devyani: ” what will u two have? water? coffee?”
N: ” kuch nahi aunty….bus we wanted to ask u ur decision”
A: ” aunty we wouldn’t pressurize u for anything…..if u say yes, we will be happy but if u say no, our friendship wouldn’t change…we will remain good friends”
Devyani smiles
” u and BM are very good and i can understand even Rajbanna ji would be very nice….i talked to Muskan and Naman about this proposal, they left d final decision on me”
A: ” what is ur decision?”
Devyani nodes
” i m ready to meet Naitik’s father”
A hugs her
” thank u sooo much aunty”
N smiles too
N and A take Devyani to Singhania house
Rajbanna and Devyani meet each other
Muskan and Alok reach there too
Rajbanna cares for Muskan as she injuries her foot by the sofa
Devyani gets touched seeing this
even Muskan feels good…without thinking a second she hugs Rajbanna
He wraps his lovingly arms around her
” my dad never loved me or cared for me like this”
” i m also like ur dad beta”
Naman and N look on
Naman folds his hands
” thank u Naitik….really i m very thankful to u”
N lowers his hands
” do not thank me…..”
At night
N comes to d room
A: ” i was waiting for u…where were u??”
N: ” i went to the jeweller….”
he takes out a locket with ” N” written on it
he makes A wear it
” wow…Naitik it is beautiful”
N takes another locket with ”A” on it
N wears it himself…….hiding it under d collar of his shirt
N: ” This locket will always keep us together….even when we r not around each other”
A: ” yes…..we really need this…because during the wedding, we wouldn’t be able to give each other much time”
N pulls her closer by her waist
” i swear, i wouldn’t leave u alone for a moment in d whole marriage…..”
A pushes him away
” lets see… u manage to work and romance both in d wedding”
” Naitik Singhania can do anything”
” challenge accepted Singhania sir…..whenever u will try to come closer to me during d wedding…i will go more away from u…..yeh Tom and Jerry ka khel shuru hota hai”
N and A part ways
Devyani thanks Rajbanna for caring for Muskan
” please don’t say thank u….it was my duty….she is like my daughter…in fact now she’s my daughter”
” Gayatri ji was very lucky to have u as her husband”
” Devyani ji….i really loved Gayatri ji but i promise i will try to fulfill all ur wishes too…i will love ur children like mine”
” from today Naitik, Rashmi and Nandhini r my children”
A picks up her pillow and bed sheet and goes to d sofa
” Akshara what is this??”
” the challnege has begin Singhania sir”
N grins
” Akshara u wouldn’t be able to sleep without me……”
A grins and lies down
N comes and lies down on d floor next to the sofa
he romantically takes off his shirt
” what r u doing N?”
” preparing to sleep….it is too hot today”
A rolls her eyes
she turns around……
N sleeps
A opens her eyes and turns around to face N
she stares at his chest
A’s love bite was still visible on his chest
she finds herself being attracted towards him……she touches her red cheeks
A covers her eyes with her blanket
” control Akshara……control….shadi tak control kar”
N smiles hearing this….
N starts slapping his chest……
A gets up from her sofa
she looks at N
who was acting that he was being disturbed by mostiques
A brings mostiquoes spray and sprays on his chest
N holds her hand….
she gets shocked realizing N was awake
he pulls her over him
” i said…u wouldn’t be able to sleep without me”
N kisses her cheek
A pushes him back on d mattress
” I was just helping u and u again lied to me…ap bohut kharab hain Naitik…game mein cheating nahi hoti”
” Akshara ji everything is fair in love and war…….”
A goes back to her sofa
” Wear the shirt otherwise u will catch flu”
Next morning
N wakes up by A’s laughter
he opens eyes and sees A standing near his mattress and laughing….
she was red as if she had be laughing too hard
tears of happiness filled her eyes
” Akshara what happened???”
N looks at his body….covered without stickers
” Akshara yeh kya hain??? ”
A tries to stop her laughter
” I asked u to wear shirt…but u didn’t…and the door wasn’t locked… came into d room and coloured u……”
she laughs
N asks : ” kids??? kis ke bache??”
” Naitik shadi wala ghar hai…guests aye howe hain aur unke bache mein hain”
she laughs and goes out d room
N gets angry
he screams as he pulls off a sticker
” ouch.”
Rashmi and Nandhini meet Devyani
Rashmi hugs her
” i hope u will keep my family united like my mom”
” i will try my best…but i need ur support in this regard”
” we r with u”
N steals some romantic moments with A during d mehindi

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