Natik and Akshara love blooms part 3, 4, 5, and 6 together


Hi everyone this is a 4 part together making up for days that I didn’t post from now on one episode per day

Credit goes to aHTAYYAB and Kiran

Varsha pulls Akshara aside
A: ” kya howa??”
while N is busying in his photo shoot his eyes reach A
Camera man: ” sir look here”
he smiles at the camera
Varsha asks A what was she doing
A: ” what did i do?”
V: ” show me ur mobile”
A hides d mobile behind her hands
V takes it from her
A tries to get it back….
V sees N’s photo in it
she smiles
A: ” i think i clicked it by mistake”
V: ” chal theek hai….mein phir delete kar deti hoon”
A stops her
” nahi nahi….let it be..i will delete it later..i think someone is calling u”
A goes from there

V laughs
V: ” tujhe unse pyar ho gaya hai”
N sees A and feels relaxed
N: ” i think it’s enough for today”
N takes off his coat
A stares at him
He walks to her..while she is still lost in her thoughts
N shakes her sightly
N: ” shall i drop u home??”
V signs A To say yes
while N and A r moving towards his car
A asks N
” sorry….mein ne apko photographs ke liye bohut pershan kiya”
” well…it’s all over now..”
he gets a call
N: ” excuse me…”
he walks away

N comes back with a tensed look on his face
A: ” Singhania sir is everything alright”
N hugs her like a child hugs his parents when he’s scared
A wraps her arms around him… console him
while his tears drop down d back of her neck
A pulls him away from her…cupping his face
” kya howa hai….sab theek toh haina??”
N sobs and the only word A could hear was ” Maa”
” maa….apki maa….kya howa unko??”
N hugs her again
and drops to d ground

A sits beside him…..
” maaa….maaa…..meri maaa”
” sir kya howa…please boliye na”
she scolds him…..
” sir….speak up…..please just say it….kya howa hai ek daam se”
N: ” maa ka bohut boora accident hogaya hai….doctors r saying she’s a hopeless case and…and she wants to meet her daughter-in-law…i don’t have any girl to show her Varsha….i lied to her that i have a girl friend as i didn’t wanted to get married…and now maa wants to see her before…..before she….”
he hides his face into his hands
A: ” sir….kya mein apke saath jalo….apki maa ke liye mein woh larki banane ko tayar hoon sir”
N: ” tum Varsha??”
A nodes and wipes his tears

A drives the car
she looks at N who was all sad and feeling hopeless
A: ” sir apko pata hai jab mein apse phele baar mili thi mujhe laga tha ab bohut boore hain…per ab itne bhi boore nahi….”
she looks at him
he kept looking out of d window……hiding his tears from her
” sir doosro ke saath apna dard share karne se dard kaam lagta hai”
N looks at her
” drive fast…i want to reach maa soon”
A nodes and puts her hand on his shoulder
” keep strong….”

N and A reach d hospital where gayatri was admitted
N sees her through d glass window
A touches her wet tears……and tear droplets transfer to her fingers
” i m crying for Naitik sir??”
doctor comes out…N and d family ask abt Gayatri
Rajbanna requests doctor to save his wife
Doctor: ” we r trying…..she is calling someone as Naitik in her unconsciousness”
N rushes in to see her
he holds her lifeless hand and kisses it
A sees a new N in him….who is soft and caring
she sees all this through d window
Gayatri opens her eyes

N: ” maa”’
Gayatri: ” beta tu mere baad sab ka ache se kahal rakhna….aur meri bahu….woh kaha hai….ek baar dekha de phir kya pata na dekh pao”
N: ” maa apko kuch nahi hoga aur woh aye hain apse mile ko”
Gayatri smiles through d oxygen pump
she sees A standing in d window and signs her to come in
N signs her to come
she walks in
N: ” ma yeh hai woh….Varsha”
A: ” aunty apko kuch nahi hoga..dekhna ap bohut jaldi theek ho jae ki”
Gayatri starts coughing…..her breathing gets faster
N shouts ” doctor”
Gayatri: ” rukh jao…now even doctor can’t stop me from death….beta tu varsha se shadi karle…mujhe tera ghar parivaar dekhna hai..”
…she touches her sindoor…..and the red powder is transfered on her finger
she touches N’s finger
” fill her forehead….jaldi…jaldi kar…mujhe…..hayeee…mujhe”
she coughs again….and blood flows out of her mouth
N: ” doctor”
doctor rushes in and starts giving gayatri electric shocks
N closes his eyes in pain
A puts her hand on his shoulder…..he quickly grabs her hand in tension
” Varsha doctor ma ke saath kya kar rahe hain”
the family comes in

nurse asks them to go out
she takes them out
Gayatri: ” fill her forehead…..i want to see her as ur wife”
A cries
she moves backward
N: ” ma….”
Gayatri: ” jaldi beta……it’s my last wish…”
N looks at his finger
Rajbaana shouts
” say as ur mom is saying”
A moves backward
A: ” Naitik sir….u can’t do this….sir”
N moves his sindoor finger towards her forehead
she closes her eyes as tears drop down her eyes
Gayatri’s condition gets worst

doctor: ” no chance left….sorry…..”
N looks at Gayatri
Gayatri coughs
” fill her forehead…quick…..don’t look at me…..see her…..fill her forehead with sindoor moona”
everyone cries

Gayatri dies

Part 4:
Gayatri coughs
Doctor: ” sorry Naitik ji ”
N cries and looks at his mom
she signs him to fill A’s forehead
A cries
N lifts his hand…..and touches his finger on her forehead
A closes her eyes as N makes him his, for the next 7 years….forever….as N colours her in his name….A’s life changes in a flash of second…she came there just to fulfill Gayatri’s wish, just to act as N’s lover and now within a few hours….she was now NAITIK’S WIFE
her life changed so suddenly
she touches her forehead and looks at her sindoor….
A: ” sir???”
Gayatri’s eye shuts
N shouts
” maaaaa”
Rajbanna comes inside and shakes her lifeless body
N: ” she’s gone”
everyone cries
A stays where she was….still thinking of whatever happened in the last few minutes
N was looking at Gayatri’s picture in his mobile
A knocks at d door
she comes in
A places her hand on his shoulder
he looks up at her……
N: ” Varsha i buried my own mother today……how could God do this to me?? howwww??”
A; ” everyone has to go one day sir”
N: ” but why my mom Varsha? why yar??”
N holds her by her shoulders….
A wipes his tears and cups his face
” don’t cry…aunty will be feeling so hurt seeing u like this.u have to take care of ur dad now…u have to stay strong sir”
N: ” i can’t….i can’t”
A: ” look into my eyes….look”
N looks at his mom’s pic
A lifts his face by his chin
” sir…..u have to”
N hugs her by wrapping his arms around her neck
A’s breath stops
she sinks into his chest…wrapping her arms around him…..moving her hands up and down on his kurta…..calming him
N sobs in A’s embrace
A: ” don’t worry..i m with u….i m with u”

a few days pass
BM to A
” beta….tu bohut achi hai….tune toh moona ko sambhal liya….warna pata nahi kya hota….ab waqt agaya hai ke tum aur moona apni zindagi shuru kardo”
A gets worried
BM gives her a bridal dress
A: ” BM abhi abhi toh ma….shayad Naitik ko yeh sab acha na lage”
BM: ” choti dhullain also wanted this to happen…..she’s gone now…but we have to move on in life….go beta get ready….moona office se ata hoga”
A: ” BM….aaj nahi….maa ki tervi ke baad”
BM: ” na bahu….yeh theek nahi hoga….tum dono ki shadi ko itna waqt hogaya hai….ab aur nahi….”
A takes the dress
N comes home….and reaches his room
he finds d door closed and opens it
he was dark
he switches on d lights and see d room decorated with roses
and red candles
N walks in amazed
He hears the sound of bangles and follows d sound to the corner of the room behind d TV wall
there….A was struggling with d knot of her blouse
her bangles hit each other as she pulls and pushes the two knots…..trying to tie them in a perfect bow shape
N looks at her creamy white back
he drops his briefcase
A gets scared and turns around…..finding N She sicks to d wall behind her…..hiding her back from him
N: ” i m sorry….”
A: ” nahi woh actually….ghar pe ek hi bathroom hai aur woh Naman use kar raha tha iss liye mein yahan room mein….”
N: ” room locked nahi tha miss Varsha!!”
A: ” i m not Varsha….i m Akshara Mahesawari….actually interview Varsha ne lina tha per she got sick and she send me to take ur interview as Varsha…mein Varsha nahi hoon….mera naam Akshara hai sir”
N: ” oh… bhi ho achi ho”
music plays
they stare and smile at each other
N takes her hand in his and starts taking off her bangles
A: ” yeh kyun?”
N: ” because i hate the sound of these”
A smiles
N: ” blouse band hogaya?”
A feels shy
realizing N had seen everything
N: ” help karo??”
A: ” nahi…i did all this for BM…..she asked me to do so….she wanted us to start our married life… i did this to fulfill her request….i will go change”
N holds her hand
N: ” i ruined ur life?”
A is silent

N: ” this silence is d answer”
A: ” it is not like that….it’s just that since my parents got to know abt all this….they aren’t talking to me..but i m sure they will forgive me soon”
N: ” sorry!! yeh sab meri wajah se howa”
A: ” it happened maybe because it was meant to be”
A forwards her hand
A: ” kya ab Akshara Mahesawari se dosti kare ke…”
N: ” tum toh mere liye khuda ho”
music plays…..
N shakes hands with her
A: ” hum dost hai….aur jab tak humein ek doosre se pyar nahi hota…hum dost rahe ke”
N: ” …..aur jisko phele pyar ho gaya…woh doosre se bol de kar…..and he will try to make the other love him too…”
A: ” done deal sir”
N: ” sir nahi Naitik…..”
A: ” ok just Naitik”
N takes off his coat….putting it on her shoulder
A pulls the coat
N: ” go change”

N: ” u can sleep on d bed…i will sleep on d sofa”
A: ” ek minute….hum bed share karle ke….agar hum jate hain ke humein ek doosre se pyar ho jae…then we have to be together….so that we can know each other…..right??”
N nodes
the finalized which side they will take
they lie down
N makes a boundary of pillows between them
A and N talk to each other
N: ” i will talk to ur parents….they will forgive u”
A nodes
N: ” acha bato….what do u like in food??”
A: ” Aloo methi aur Bhindi Masala, poha, kachori, Mixed vegetable….aur aur….”
N: ” bus bus….acha best business industry??”
A: ” i don’t know much about business….but i can say that without doubt ke apki company best industry hogi”
N smiles at her cuteness
A: ” acha now ur turn…..apka favourite meetha??”
N: ” hmmm..kheer….ma used to make d best kheer”
A cups his face
A: ” shall i try making kheer for u tomorrow…i know i wouldn’t be that good but still…”
N: ” han sure”
A: ” then lets that i can wake up early tomorrow”
they lie down
N adjusts d pillows again
A gets nervous
N: ” mein kuch nahi karo ka”
A: ” i know Naitik…but actually….actually i kick in sleep”
N laughs
A: ” u r laughing? it’s a serious matter??”
N: ” even i kick in sleep”
A and N laugh
N: ” u kick me…then in return i will kick u”

A and N break d pillow boundary at night

Part 5:
In d middle of d night….N wakes up screaming ” MAA”
A switches on the lamp
N: ” maaa…maaa nahi maaa…wapis a jao maaa…maaa please maaa…mat jao…doctor…doctor?? maa ko dekhiye na…maaa theek ho jae ki na..nahi maa nahi….maa”
A: ” Naitik…..ap theek toh haina….wake up….open ur is a nightmare….open ur eyes”
N hugs her while he still mummers these words
A cries seeing him so hopeless….she had never seen Mr. Singhania like this….he was crying like a baby
N: ” please tum mujhe chor kar maat jana”
A: ” nahi jao ki..kabhi nahi….bus chup ho jaiye…kuch nahi howa…bus”
she cups his face
N hugs her again

” stay with me Akshara”
” I m here…with u”
A makes him lie down
N holds her hand…..while he wasn’t in his senses much
A puts her head on his chest and lies next to him….leaving d boundary far behind her
she wraps her arms around him….N holds her near to him and sleeps
A stares at him as he sleeps peacefully
she tries to escape from his embrace but N doesn’t let her go….he keeps holding her hand
she smiles at him

” Good night Naitik…..i hope u feel better now”
whole night….she brushes his hair with her fingers…….
making N drive more into a peaceful sleep
at last her eyes lose….and shut
her head drops to into his arms
Next morning
N wakes up and sees A in his arms
he sees d boundary all smashed away……
” yeh sab meine??”
he remembers his dream and how he hold A’s hand
” shit…..what will A think of me??”
N gently puts A at her side of d bed…..remaking the boundary and putting blanket on her
he gets out of d bed
as soon as he leaves d room….A opens her eyes
A: ” i never thought he could be so caring..”
A makes kheer for N
she serves him
N misses Gayatri…..Rajbanna likes her kheer and recalls his wife
he gives her some money as Shagun
she thanks him
N: ” it’s good”
A: ” thank u Naitik”
BM praises her

back in room
After breakfast N comes to get ready for office
he picks up his briefcase and starts to leave
when A comes in
she sees his pant zip open
A: ” woh….”
N: ” kya woh??”
A: ” apki…..woh…..look in d mirror”
N: ” i know i look elegant…i don’t have time…jab tak wapis Mumbai nahi jate…i have to do all my meetings from here….so i m leaving”
A: ” i wouldn’t let u go”
she stands in his way
N gets angry
” get aside”
” i can’t…please see urself once”
” get aside Akshara” (this time a little louder)
A opens d front camera of her mobile…
” see urself”
she gives d mobile to N
N sees his zip undone and gets ashamed
he quickly turns around and pulls it up….
A tries to control her laughter
N turns to her
” now get aside”
A laughs as he leaves for office
suddenly her laughter fades
and she sees herself in d mirror
she had completely changed….and this change was so different for her
wearing a saree….and that sindoor….a red powder changed her live forever…she didn’t know whether it changed for good or bad…..this sindoor gave her a great friend like N but also made her away from her family…..maybe forever….this sindoor gave her a life like N’s but also took away her own family from her
she kept looking in d mirror until the moment of yesterday night flashed in her mind
N asks her not to leave him…..he holding her hand…..and before this intimacy….his mere gestures like covering her with his coat…..asking about her likes and dislikes
he was making her feel special in some ways
A’s thinking comes to end when BM calls her
” coming BM”

N and A go back to Mumbai

A: ” mein ek baar Varsha se milna jati hoon agar apki permission ho toh?”
N gives her a key with a red ribbon on it
A: ” for me??”
N: ” your new car keys, we r back to Mumbai and now u should continue ur life the way it was….”
A: ” i can’t take this from u??”
N: ” we r husband and wife now”
A: ” but??”
N: ” a wife has full right on her husband’s property and money”
A gets touched by his words
N shows her, her new car
he opens d door for her….she sits in and starts d engine
A: ” thank u”
she leaves to meet Varsha
in d evening when N comes back from office
he was very tied…he opens his house and enters inside
he looks around
N: ” i think A didn’t come back till now”
he takes off his coat and tie
unbuttoning d 1st two buttons of his shirt he falls on d sofa
eyes closed…..
someone brushes fingers in his hair…making him feel better
he looks up and sees A
A: ” headache??”
N nodes
A brings coffee for him
N: ” how did u know coffee is the solution of my problem”
A: ” i guessed”
N offers her coffee from his mug
she takes a sip
they stare at each other
when all of a sudden between their eye lock…..
A’s phone rings
she excuses herself
N drinks the coffee

A calls N for dinner
A serves him chinese
N: ” yuck chinese”
he pushes d plate aside
A feels insulted
N goes to his room angrily
A pushes her plate too…..
she cries
A: ” how would i know that this karoos doesn’t like chinese….i was just trying to do something for him and he…he could i just tasted a little bit of it…i m working in d kitchen since morning for him…i burned the rice…still i made them again….and he..he pushed the plate away”
N who was standing in the door of his room hears it and feels ashamed of his actions
N: ” yummy…it’s awesome”
A looks at him
N sits besides her on d floor….she moves away….N moves closer….she moves away again…N moves closer to her…..this goes on until A reaches d end of the room
N: ” i will eat the whole food…it is so yummy..i never had such a tasty chinese before….in fact i never had chinese…i thought it would be terrible..but it is too good….”
N kisses her hands
” ur hands have magic….that kheer u made that day was so decilious and now this chinese….wow”
he gets busy in eating but A still looked at her hands which were kissed by him a few seconds before
N was enjoying his dinner as if he didn’t even remembered what he did
A: ” good night”
she quickly goes from there
N: ” but wait have dinner…Akshara??”
A locks herself in d bath room
she slides d back of her hands on which N kissed on her cheeks
she feels his touch on her cheeks and blushes
A: ” yeh kya ho raha hai….kya yehi pyar hota hai….N ko chinese pasand nahi….phir bhi he ate it for me….and then he kissed my hands…my hands…who m i for him?? who m i?? did he kissed me like a friend or a….”
she blushes harder and hides her red face into her hands
N knocks at the door
A: ” yes??”
N: ” r u okay??”
A: ” yes i m….”
she opens the door
N: ” have dinner….i made something for u”
he holds her arm and takes her with him….while A stares at her arm being hold by him
N makes her sit on d dinning table and brings a sandwich with a ”SORRY” written on it with ketchup
A: ” i m sorry..i didn’t know that u don’t like chinese”
N: ” choro….jo bhi tha….now have it…u know what Naitik Singhania have cooked for the 1st time in his life….and u r highly honored that i made this for u….i don’t know how would it taste….but i made it and now u have to eat it without complaining…”
A: ” yes boss”
she salutes him and winks
N feeds her
” yummy Naitik”
” lemme taste!!”
” no is mine”
she grabs the sandwich from him and starts to eat…..her eyes go red and she coughs as it was too spicy
N: ” kya howa?? acha nahi hai?? lemme see…”
he takes it from her
” yuck Akshara…it is so spicy…why were u eating this??”
” because u made it with ur own hands”
music plays
N brings water for her
” i m sorry A”
at night
N wasn’t able to sleep….he looks at A who was sleeping peacefully
N thinks
” how could anyone bear so much spice? why didn’t she refused to eat it as i refused the chinese….why A ate it…only because i made it”
N looks at A
he finds A getting disturbed by mosquitoes
he blows air at her face…….
N pushes her hair behind her ear and cups her cheeks
she looked so beautiful and innocent
N couldn’t stop but come closer to her
he gets stopped by d boundary between them
he recalls his promise made to A
that he couldn’t come close to her until she permits
N moves back his hand from her cheeks
and lies down
A places her hand on the pillow boundary
N holds her hand……
Next morning!!
N wakes up by d sound of A’s bangles
he rubs his eyes
A was standing in front of d mirror….struggling to tie the knot of her blouse
N smiles
A turns to see him and finds him sleeping
as she turns back…N opens his eyes
he stares at her back
He smirked and walked to her.
She gulped…. he looked handsome in white kurta pajama
N spins her around and gets hold of her knots….A skips a breath as N’s hand touch her back
she closes her eyes…..her breathing getting louder
N whispers
” it is done”
N had a cute pout on his face, seeing A’s face turn crimson….
She looked away, blushing and
he touched her nose….
She opened her eyes wide and stared at him…
N: “Your nose, it’s red.”
he looked at who was…. looking at him with a faint smile on her face….. expressions of respect, gratitude, love and admiration reflected in her eyes and smile….N smiled
realizing how lucky he was.
N: ” U can wear suits if u feel uncomfortable in sarees”
N sees her making bread in the oven and the flour on her cheek
N smiles
A: ” kya howa?? Mr. Singhania and smiling??”
N: ” ur cheek….”
A touches her right cheek
N points at her left cheek
she gets confused
N comes closer to her and rubs the back of his hand on her left cheek
he stares at her as he rubs off d flour
A cups his face and as if N was waiting for this moment……he instantly puts his hands under her cheeks
N pulls A closer by her waist
she hits his chest

A steps on his shoes
N lifts her face up by her chin……making d eye contact more intense
N moans under her ear and she closes her eyes……tightening her grip on d collar of his coat
her breathing gets rapid
N moves his lips to her neck and kisses it
her eyes pop open at d moment his wet lips touch her neck
she moves back….
N gets shocked and heart broken
seeing A moving away from him like this
N recalls what he said to her on their 1st night
” mein kuch nahi karo ka”
He takes his briefcase and leaves
when A comes back to senses….she finds N has gone
” m i toy?? how could he get so closer to me…and then go away from me in a second… could he go like this?”
she feels betrayed and deprived of his love

N ignores A

Credit to: aHTAYYAB and Kiran

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