Natik and Akshara love blooms part 29


Natik and Akshara love blooms part 29
PART 29:
BM hears bajan in d morning
she opens d windows and hears
the sound was coming from Devyani’s flat
A comes there too
BM: ” Devyani kitni achi hain na”
A: ” han BM….and even N was saying that her son is very nice….”
BM: ” pata nahi kese uske pati ne usse qadar nahi ki”
A looks on
BM gets lost in her thoughts
” Kya howa??”
BM: ” mujhe Devyani bohut pasand ayi…ek baat bolo?”
A: ” han boley na”
BM: ” Devyani hi Rajbanna ko sambhal saakthi hai”
A: ” yeh ap kya bol rahi hai BM?”
BM: ” what happened..don’t u think i m right?”
A: ” i don’t know BM….i m too small in front of u….all i know is we should talk 2 Devyani ji 1st before deciding anything”
BM nodes
N: ” kya decide karna hai??”
A: ” decide karna hai ke aaj lunch mein kya pakke ka”
N: ” really???”
BM: ” han han”
N: ” okay…..decide it”
N goes to take bath
BM and A get relieved
N calls A
BM asks her to go and see
A was outside d bathroom door
N was inside
” Aksharaaaa…??”
” han Naitik mein bahar hoon…kya howa apko??”
” Aksharaaaa i slipped….i can’t get up..i think fracture ho gaya hai ”
A pushes open d door in panic and N who was standing near d door
falls on d floor and A over him
N smiles
he pushes d door, shutting it by his foot
A: ” u were lying?”
N: ” what else could i do….u were not paying attention to me….u were busy with BM deciding what to make for lunch!”
A rolls her eyes
” get up Naitik…..”
N innocently replies
” u r above me babe!”
A pulls herself up a little but N quickly wraps his arms around her…..she hits back on his chest
” Naitik….lemme go please…”
” kyun…”
” kyun nahi Naitik??”
” kyun ke mujhe apke saath rahna hai….biwi ho meri haq hai mera”
N winks
A blushes
A asks him to close his eyes
” kyun Akshara??”
” mujhe pappi deni hai….kholi eyes ke saath mujhe sharam ati hai”
” oye hoye…..sharam varam!!!”
he closes his eyes
waiting for A’s kiss
A pitches his arm….he screams taking away his arm….making A’s escape possibile
she gets up
N holds her pallu
A blushes
” leave me Naitik”
She turns around facing him
” i would not”
A looks at him angrily
” i have work N”
N leaves d pallu shocking A…she never wanted N to leave her
” go…work Akshara…work is more important than me..”
N wears the coat….leaves for office
A tries to stop him
but in vain
BM meets Devyani
they talk
BM likes her more!
” Naman works with Moona…Muskan??”
” jee uski shadi hogi hain…..Alok naam hai larke ka”
” oh acha…..wese apne kabhi doosri shadi kyun nahi ki???”
Devyani gets silent
” because of my children maybe…excuse me..i have work at home”
she goes
A goes to meet Varsha, her friend
A tells how N got annoyed with her in d morning
Varsha asks her to plan something romantic for him
A likes d idea
Varsha books a honeymoon sweet for them In Mumbai
Varsha teases her
” by the way it should not be called a honeymoon sweet, it should be a babymoon sweet now…..yar koi good news nahi hai???”
A blushes
” nahi hai…jab hogi zaroor batoon ki”

N and A intimacy in d honeymoon sweet
BM asks Devyani to get married with Rajbanna
Will Devyani agree?

Credit to: Kiran

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