Natik and Akshara love blooms part 22 23 34 25 26 27 and 28 combined


Natik and Akshara love blooms parts 23, 24, 25, 26,27 and 28 combined
Hi everyone been busy lately now posting 6 parts

PART 22:
Meher comes to her house and starts throwing things angrily
” i wouldn’t leave A…she took my N away from me..i swear i will ruin her…..”
A was putting vasline on her arms….N comes to the room, his arms tied back
A: ” what r u hiding??”
N puts his chin on her shoulder
” close ur eyes Akshara”
A smiles..N slides his hands on her eyes
she closes them
N puts a box on d dressing table
A opens her eyes
N: ” for my wife”
he opens d box and shows A colourful bangles
A was surprised
she touches d bangles
A: ” u hate their sound?”
N: ” not any more”
N starts pushing d bangles in her arms
A stops him
A: ” u can’t sleep or work due to their sound….lemme take them off”
N: ” i will manage A..u don’t need to bow down ur likes for me”
A was abt to say something but N puts his finger on her lips
N:” please”
Meher picks up a burning candle
she puts her hand over d flame
Meher: ” i will burn her away like ashes from N’s life…”
Meher laughs evilly
A brings the watch which N gave her
A: ” my one arm has the bangles u gave….can u help me wear this in d other”
N puts away his laptop and pulls her in his lap
N kisses her cheek
she closes her eyes…..she breathing gets faster
N hears her heartbeat racing
he slides his arms down her shoulder….putting his hands under her br*ast……lifting them up
A moans
N: ” i will bring a new watch for u…..this wasn’t bought by me”
N throws d watch into d dust bin
A had tears of joy in her eyes
N wipes her tears
” don’t cry”
A hugs him
” thank u N…..i m so lucky to have u in my life”
Meher vows she will end A’s life soon
she burns her hand by d candle and cries
N pulls A out of the hug
he lifts her up in his arms
” aaj raat ko bus tum aur mein”
he lies her down on d bed
picking a rose from the vase placed next to d bed……
he slides it down her cheek
A pulls N down
she kisses him on d lips
they moan
as N takes off her clothes
A gets an electric shock

PART 23:
Next day
A opens d door to take d newspaper
N had gone to office
he had a meeting so he had went early today
A sits to read d newspaper
she recalls her last night with N
A blushes
she feels strange
A: ” kya ho gaya hai…why m i feeling sick…..i think i should have some hot milk”
A goes to d kitchen and pours out milk
she puts a glass of milk in microwave
A plugs the switch and screams
she gets an electric shock
A faints
there was water dropped over d switch
Meher hears A’s scream in her house
she laughs
” bye bye Akshara… in hell”
it was Meher’s plan
she had went to N’s house at night by an open window, and had loosen the wires and thrown water there
the maid comes 2 d kitchen from d bath room
she sees A
The maid calls N
doctor examines A
N holds her hand
she was still not conscious
doctor tells not to worry….she will get consciousness soon…she is save
N thanks him
he leaves
N holds A’s hand in his
he cries
A wakes up
he turns his face away from her……wiping his eyes
A cups his face….
” Mr. Singhania is crying??”
” no A….kuch jala gaya tha bus”
” I love u Naitik….”
N hugs her
” please A never go away from me… life starts from u and will end on u”
” Naitik…..look i m fine….don’t….don’t cry”
N hugs her again
N: ” i thought i lost u”
he kisses her all over her face
Meher sees d doctor coming out of d house
she asks him what happened in the house
he tells her abt A
she asks: ” did she died?”
Doctor: ” no thank God she is fine now….maybe her husband’s love bought her back….the shock was very high”
Meher gets angry
N brings soup from A
A: ” Naitik”
” chup….open ur mouth”
N feeds her
music plays
N wipes her face after food
he puts her head in his lap
she sleeps
N looks at her
and thinks who did this……
Meher kidnaps Akshara

PART 24:
A: ” Naitik 2 days have passed now i m totally fine, please go for ur meetings now”
N: ” i don’t want to leave u alone at home”
A: ” fine…take me along u…..i will romance with u while u complete ur work”
N smiles
N: ” not a bad idea”
A pushes him away
” go to office N”
” really?? wouldn’t u miss me??”
” no i wouldn’t..just go”
she pushes him out of the main door
A waves as he leaves
N drives away in the car……
Meher grabs A by her arm and pulls her behind a pillar
A looks at her angrily
she sprays pepper spray in her eyes
a van comes there
Meher pushes A into it
A opens her eyes. she looks around
” where m i??”
Meher walks in view of her
” oh hello Mr.s Singhania….kya haal?”
” why have u bought me here”
” to kill u”
” u can’t Meher….my N will kill u instead”
” who will tell him that where u r”
A cries
Meher puts gun on her forehead
she scolds her for taking her N
Meher calls N
N scolds her and is abt to end d call when meher stops him
” Akshara is with me….come to sita mandar in an hour if u don’t…..ur Akshara will be killed”
N gets shocked
” nahi….A ko kuch nahi hona jae…mein ata hoon”
A cries
N hears her voice
he warns Meher to stay away from his wife
Meher fumes
and fires
N gets worried hearing the gunshot
Meher ends the call
N drives d car in tension
he prays A is fine…..
the gun fire rings in his mind……
N reaches d mandar
he calls Meher
” where are u? i can’t see u”
” stay there….i can see u”
Meher comes there…..
N looks at her angrily
” leave my A”
” okay….i will….i have no business with her..all i want is u”
she hugs him forcefully
N pushes her away
” stay away…..”
Meher cups his face
he pushes her away again
” meri Akshara kaha hai….bato”
” zinda hai”
Meher gives him sindoor box
” fill my maang..i will leave ur Akshara”
N throws d sindoor away
he slaps Meher
Meher: ” naitik……this slap can take A’s life”
she shows a video in her mobile
in d video, A is tied to a chair and her arm had a bullet wound
Meher had fired that bullet on her arm
N: ” Meher…i will not leave u…..i will call police”
” u can’t…if u did..i will kill A”
” i love only her and i m only hers….i will never marry u”
Meher looks on
N saves A

PART 25:
Naitik holds Meher’s hand
” u r right Meher…even i always loved u but i had to marry A for ma….otherwise i would have find u anywhere in d world and marry u Meher”
she hugs him
” i knew it…now just marry me….forget what happened”
N cups meher’s face
” even i m dying to owe u”
Meher picks up sindoor from the floor and gathers it into d box
she gives it to N
N: ” don’t u want to marry in front of A… not u want to see her when i came yours”
Meher: ” great….but r u sure u love me”
N nodes
” yes Meher…do not u trust me”
” no no…i do Naitik….i do”
N asks her to take him where she has locked A
Meher takes him to the back of the temple….in a store room
she opens d lock and kicks d door
N looks on
N steps in
Meher: ” ek minute”
N: ” kya howa? shadi nahi karni”
Meher: ” tum sach mein mujhe se pyar karte hoon?”
N: ” shall i shoot myself to prove it?”
Meher: ” i trust u…..please don’t harm urself”
Meher takes him inside
N looks around
N in his heart
” Akshara i m coming to get u….apko kuch nahi hoga….”
A sense N’s presence
she stares at her mangalsurta
” i know u r around me Naitik….”
Meher brings N in front of A
A looks at him…..
” Naitik!!!”
N looks at meher
Meher: ” sindoor dalo!!”
N: ” han Meher”
A cries
she is shocked seeing N holding sindoor box
A: ” Naitik….no please don’t ”
N takes some sindoor
Meher smiles and closes her eyes
in a flash of seconds….N picks up a rope from d floor and kicks Meher to d floor
he ties her hands
Meher shouts
” cheater….u cheated me”
N while blindfolding her
” i love only one and that’s not u and u who whose she……my heart is for hers….”
A smiles
N opens A’s arms
they hug
N: ” theek hona?”
A: ” jab ap saath hai toh kese kuch ho saakta hai”
N fills her maang with sindoor
Meher screams
police comes there……
they take Meher
after they leave
A hugs N again
” i m sorry A…it is all because of me”
” take me home”
N puts his arm on her shoulder
she slips
her foot was wounded
N lifts her up in his arms
she wraps his arms around his neck
her upper arm was bleeding due to d bullet
N stares at her wound
N’s car doesn’t start…..due to some fault
A’s condition was getting worse due to bleeding
N takes her back to d store room
he lies her down
N: ” u foot is hurt…saare mein dressing karni mushkil hogi…..”
he takes off his T-shirt
A takes it
she goes aside
N wait for her return……she walks back
pushing d shirt lower to cover her naked legs
N gets whoo by her looks
N makes her sit on d chair
she feels nausea like…the same feeling she was suffering some days ago
N tears off the end of his jeans and ties it to her foot
she cries in pain
N sees her arm bleeding
he ties a cloth on it
A: ” dressing is done now i shall go change”
N: ” don’t walk…u foot is still wounded……just sit her quietly”
N stares at her shinny legs
sliding his finger down her leg
he kisses her foot
N lifts A……
he makes her lie down, on some straws placed in a corner
A pulls out her arms
N grins
he crawls next to her…..
he pushes her hair behind her ear
” I was so scared…when i heard d gun shot…i thought i lost..”
A puts her hand on his lips
” i thought i would never be able to see u again”
N wipes her tears
” i’ll never leave u alone A”
” promise???”
N kisses her forehead
” if i ever break my promise…..kill me!”
A hugs him
her head over his well built chest muscles
A feels dizzy

PART 26:
N and A are lying on d bed of straws
A wearing N’s T shirt
N shirtless
N comes closer to her
A feels uncomfortable
he touches her……when A couldn’t bear more
she pushes him away
N feels shocked
A goes from there
N: ” what happened to her??? how could she push me like this..i m her husband”
A comes back holding a towel
N doesn’t talk to her
A: ” i m sorry…i m not feeling okay….maybe due to excessive bleeding or maybe because i haven’t taken rest”
N rushes to hold her
” God…..ek toh yeh car nahi start ho rahi aur ab apki tabiyaat bhi kharab hogi hai”
A feels dizzy
she loses balance and is abt to fall
but N holds her
N: ” Akshara…..please…sit here..i will go get any mechanic”
A holds his hand
” no N please do not go…..kuch din se aesa ho raha hai….gunshot and kidnapping ke phele se meri tabiyaat theek nahi hai….”
N gets thinking
A: ” do not worry….i will go see doctor when we reach back home”
N hugs her
” i will take u to d best doctor in Mumbai”
A: ” i m so lucky to have u…..”
N: ” lucky toh mein hoon….”
A: ” i m feeling hungry”
N sees a mango tree outside the store room
he runs outside
and climbs the tree
A panics
” Come down….”
N gathers some mangoes and jumps
A shuts her eyes in fright
” Here have some”
A hugs him
” kya karte hain ap..agar kuch ho jata toh”
” oh please A..i m Singhania…..kuch nahi ho saakta mujhe”
” over confidence huh???”
they eat mangoes
week later!!
A sees N beside her
he was shirtless
she smiles seeing him
she suddenly rush to the bathroom
N wakes up
A vomits
she comes out
N: ” kya howa?? sab theek hai…i think we should go to the doctor once”
A: ” Naitik bring me a pregnancy test kit”
N is taken aback
” what do u mean……u r pregnant???”
A bits her lower lip
A nodes
N sits in shock
” father!!!”
will the results be positive??
will N be happy if the results r positive??

PART 27:
A: ” Naitik aren’t u happy??”
N goes out of the room
A gets tensed
” Naitik is not happy”
N brings pregnancy test kit
A takes it from him
he doesn’t look at her
he leaves d room…..
A: ” Naitik?”
he shuts the door
A sits down and looks at the kit
” if N doesn’t accept this child???? i wish the result is negative!”
A opens d kit
she goes to d wash room
N waits for her outside d room
A opens d door
N and A look at each other
both were expressionless
N was too worried to ask her the results and A was too nervous and scared of his reaction to tell
N: ” Akshara mein….mein office jalta hoon….”
N picks up the briefcase and leaves
A waits for him to turn back and ask abt d results but he doesn’t
A holds d kit
” how to tell Naitik….he is not happy”
she throws d kit in d dustbin
N sits in his office
N: ” Akshara kab bataye ki ke result kya hai? agar result positive howa toh aur agar negative howa toh bhi, she should tell me….i have d right to know”
” u even have a right to ask her urself”
N looks up
it was Devyani
” choti ma ap??”
Devyani sits across him
” Naitik, Akshara larki hai aur ek larki ke liye yeh baat apne pati ko pata easy nahi hota….tumein khud se usse poochna hoga….”
N puts his head in her lap
” how can i ask her??”
” why not….she is ur wife….y do u expect her to tell u….why can’t u ask her….”
” i m scared….i don’t know whether she wants a child or not….and i m confused too…i….i and a father…choti ma me and Akshara just started our life like a married couple and now a baby…..maybe we r not ready for it….maybe i m not”
Devyani laughs
N looks up
Devyani: ” this fright is normal…it is nervousness and it happens with everyone..think abt A how nervous she would be….if she is pregnant, she has to keep this child in her worm for next 9 months and if she’s not still u need to be with her….u need to support her even if u don’t want a child now and i know u think u can’t handle this duty for now but believe me N, once ur child comes in this world….u will start loving him too……he would be yours….and A’s love symbol…..he would be ur part of body…”
N hugs Devyani
” i m scared to ask A!!”
A waits for N to come home
” i have to tell matter how he reacts…i can not hide this from him”
door bell rings
A gets nervous
she walks to d door
” kon hain??”
N replies
” mein”
A skips a heartbeat
she holds her mangalsurta
A opens d door
A is surprised to see Devyani with N
she hugs her
” choti ma..what a pleasant surprise!”
N doesn’t make any eye contact with A
he walks to his room
A smiles sadly
Devyani asks A to go to N
A comes to d room and finds N struggling with his shirt
his head was stuck in d shirt
A helps him
he takes off d shirt
N sees d pregnancy kit in d dustbin
N looks at A
” Akshara…mein….”
” Naitik….i’m sorry”
her sorry makes N more curious to know d result
while devyani waits in d drawing room
she prays to God that whatever happens…..N and A should stay happy
N picks up d kit from d dustbin
A grabs it from his hand
A: ” Naitik i m sorry!!!!”
A tells N the result
What will it be??
Negative or positive?

PART 28:
N sees d pregnancy kit in d dustbin
N looks at A
” Akshara…mein….”
” Naitik….i’m sorry”
N picks up d kit from d dustbin
A grabs it from his hand
A: ” Naitik i m sorry!!!!”
She begins to cry
she sits on d bed…..covering her face by her hands
N sits next to her
” Akshara give me the kit…i m maybe…or maybe not going to be a father and i must know”
A hugs him tightly
N cups her face and wipes her tears
” u can tell me Akshara”
A sobs
” Naitik result….”
A runs to d bath room
N goes after her….
she vomits
N gets sure that she is pregnant
she comes back
” Akshara ap pregnant hain??”
” nahi Naitik….”
she drops to d floor…
N smiles happily hearing he is not going to be a father so soon
his happiness dies away as he hears A sobbing again
he sits on d floor next to her
” i m sorry Naitik, i know u wanted a baby!”
” no Akshara…..i didn’t….”
” what??”
” i mean i want a child but not now Akshara…..and i thought u want a child”
” nahi Naitik…..i think i m not ready for a baby now….we need to know each other well before we can think of all this”
” then what is d issue A….neither u wanted a baby nor did i…then why weren’t u telling me the results and why r u crying??”
A hugs him
she punches him hard on his chest
N holds her hands
” Akshara stop…it is hurting”
A lowers her hands
and cries
” i was so scared N..i thought u wanted a child and if i told u the result is negative, u will get disappointed”
N kisses her forehead
” agar bacha hota bhi na Naitik toh bhi mein khush hota….per ab jab bacha nahi hai toh mein aur zayda khush hoon”
they laugh
A pulls herself out of his embrace
” Naitik apko bache pasand nahi hai??”
” han A….bohut hain…aur hamere bhi bache hoge per abhi nahi….”
A nodes
and hugs him again
Bhabhima ( sorry guys i wrote Devyani in d previous OS, but Devyani abhi OS mein introduce hi nahi howi…so ignore my mistake and it was BM who had came to N’s office in d previous OS) comes there
N and A get up from d floor
A: ” BM aesa kuch nahi hai jesa ap soch rahi hai”
BM: ” toh kya hota hain jab bhagwan ne jaha ho jae ka….abhi toh tum logo ke zindagi jeene ke din hain”
A smiles
she and N takes BM’s blessings
A asks how she came here suddenly
BM: ” i wanted to discuss something important with Moona and u”

BM tells them how lonely Rajbanna is after Gayatri’s death
he needs someone in his life
even u two life in Mumbai, he needs someone who would care for him…like choti dhullian did
N gets angry
” BM u want my boji to forget ma and move on?”
A clams him
” Naitik nobody can take ma’s place in boji’s life but another one can make her place in his heart along with ma’s place”
N gets thinking
BM and A smile
Next day
A goes to buy vegetables
there she meets a woman
A smiles seeing her buying d vegetables and bargaining
She looks at A
” sorry aunty….actually seeing u i remembered my mother….she is just like u”
the woman smiles
” i m too ur mother”
” aunty do u live here??”
” yes i just shifted in Meher’s flat…i m d new owner of that flat”
” Nice meeting u aunty….i live in d flat across yours…do come home someday…why not tonight…my BM is also here these days…”
d woman agrees
she asks A her name
” Akshara…and yours??”
” Devyani”
Devyani comes to A’s house
they sit for dinner
BM bonds well with Devyani
she asks Devyani abt her husband
” i m divorced….my husband was not a nice guy….i had two children from him, Naman and Muskan…Naman works in Singhania Diamonds”
N: ” what??? Naman is my best friend…and yes my employ as well….”
BM and A get glad
BM gets thinking seeing Devyani
in d bed at night
N and A were hugging each other
A: ” Devyani ji is so caring!”
N: ” yeah….even Naman is so….she is a sweetheart”
A: ” did u liked her??”
N: ” yes….why r u asking??”
A: ” let it be…..leave this laptop”
she takes the laptop from his lap
N gets romantic
he brushes her hair
A: ” is getting late”
N’s Eyes were petrifying and his smile that could kill!
he holds her wist, pulling her over his chest
he stares into her eyes
N brings his face near hers….before he could do something, A pulls up d blanket between him and her
N lowers d blanket by his hand…while his other hand held A’s wist
A blushes
N leaves her wist and his hand reaches d knot of her blouse
BM knocks at the bedroom door
N and A panic
A covers herself by d blanket
asking N to open d door
he walks to d door
BM: ” goodnight Moona…bahu so gai kya??”
N: ” han han…han BM…goodnight”
he quickly hugs BM and shuts d door
A and BM like devyani for Rajbanna


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  1. I loved this it has a romantic scene so lovely but make them have romance again and then A gets pregnant with triplets

  2. I loved this it has a romantic scene so lovely but make them have romance again and then A gets pregnant with triplets yeah that would be lovely

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