Natik and Akshara love blooms part 20 and 21 combined


Hi everyone been sick out fr a while back next story will be posted by aHTayyab a few parts since im busy
PART 20:
N and A reach their honeymoon resort
N gets the room keys
he asks A to wait in the lobby, he has a little work
A: ” work? N we r on our honeymoon”
N: ” i know….but work is important…miss me…i will be back in a while”
A: ” acha…i will wait in the room…give me d keys…”
N: ” nahi….u will be bored in d room….stay here….i will be back in an hour”
N goes to the room and opens his laptop to work
A gets bored in d lobby
” hum honeymoon pe aye hain aur yahan bhi N ko kaam ki pari hai…hadd hai yar”
she goes to the room
N: ” i said u to wait outside…i can’t work when u r around”
A hugs him happily
N: ” tumein romance bhi tab yaad ata hai jab mujhe kaam ho”
A: ” Naitik, Rashmi Pregnant hai….she just called me….Rashmi and Sameer ka bacha”
N closes his laptop
he jumps and hugs her
A: ”I really want that they baby to come soon as possible.”
N gets naughty
he pulls himself out of d hug
N: ”What about us”?
A was confused:
A:”What about us?”
N: ”When our Baby will come?”
A pushes him on d sofa and runs away
” kuch bhi Naitik”
N wraps his arms around her
” kyun nahi Akshara…..hum mian biwi hai aur kal hi humeri shadi howi hai dobara se”
A turns to face him
” exactly kal shadi howi hai aur aaj bacha kuch bhi Naitik”
N holds her arm as she tries to walk away
N: ” i want a princess”
he was smirking
A: ” no i want a prince”
” princess”
” no prince”
” i said na….princess”
” prince”
N thinks….”Ooor Prince will come only if we will do something!”
she asked innocently: ”What?”
He moved more close to her and A started also moving but not to N till she hit the wall and before she could run away….
he blocked her way…..
He kissed her her forehead, then eyes, one by one, then both cheeks ….. His hands went automatically to hold her waist (as she was wearing a Saree) tightly.
N nuzzled into A’s neck
A was abt to say something
N: ”Sshh’ Today there is no space of words between us. Let me feel u!”
He moved toward her lips and kissed….. She also kissed him back. He picked her up
still not breaking the kiss…… and place her on the Bed and like a Hungry lion he went on top of her
and they made love for the whole night….
Next morning
both clothes were laying on the floor
N and A were sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms…… Her head was into her neck and his hand were on her waist.
N wakes up before her
he sees her sleeping in his arms
it was 10 am and N had a meeting online with his clients at 10:10 am….
he stares at his sleeping wife
he messages Naman to held the meeting…..N lies down not moving his arm a bit, as A was holding it
A wakes up
N quickly closes his eyes
but it was too late…A had seen him awake
A smiled
and curled her fingers in his hair
she kissed his forehead
A whispered
” i know my husband is not sleeping”
N opens his eyes slowly……
and grabs her in his hug tightly
A: ” let me go N”
N: ” nahi jane dunga”
A: ” Naitik….”
N: ” i love u”
A: ” jane dun na please”
N: ” kissy??”
A pushes him away
covering herself with N’s jacket which she picked up from d floor…she runs to bathroom
N smirks
” wake up N….get up”
he gets out of the bed
N and A leave for Mumbai…

PART 21:
N and A reach Mumbai
N stops A at the door step
he brings a red dupptta for her and makes her wear it on her head
he does her aarti
A smiles with tears in her eyes
N: ” tum iss ghar ki laxmi ho, ab andar ajao”
N places his hand
A: ” nahi N…i can’t do this”
N: ” please let me do this for u..please”
A walks over his hands….
as she comes in
N gets up
A holds his hands and cries
” r they hurting??”
” nahi….bikul nahi”
N cups her face, and kisses her cheek
Meher sees this as the door was open
Meher knocks at the door
N and A move away
Meher eyes A……but N wraps his arm around her
N closes the door on Meher’s face

N sees A worried
he hugs A from back putting chin on her shoulder blade
A: ” i was thinking abt u”
N: ” really??’
A: ” Meher saw us”
N: ” so…..we r husband and wife….we will be together”
A: ” but N”
N: ” bus yar A…..why r u thinking abt her….think abt us….please…”
A: ” shall i make something for u….pakoras??”
N: ” we will make it together”
A is shocked
” ap??”
” han A….i cook well”

N and A make the paste for pakoras
N puts some paste on her nose….
A smiles
she turns and loses balance
and falls on N
they both fall down and the yellow paste slips all over them
N gets romantic
he spreads the paste on her bare waist
she tries to get up….but slips
N wraps his arms around her……blocking her escape
he slips his hands on her cheeks…..yellowing them
A and N stare
Meher plans to ruin A’s life

Credit to: Kiran

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