Natik and Akshara love blooms part 2

Hi I am aHTAYYAB me and kiran work together to post this please comment your thoughts
A leaves for office earlier…she decides to stop at a coffee shop for breakfast
there she sees Mr. Singhania
A: ” oh shit…i totally forgot aaj unki photographs liye thi”
A hides her face by a menu card and hears him
he was having a meeting with some foreign clients
A waits for d meeting to end
she orders coffee…then another…then another
but Mr. Singhania’s meeting was too long
she sleeps on d table while waiting for N
N’s meeting ends and he leaves
A wakes up and sees N’s table occupied by someone else
she runs out of d coffee shop
” Naitik Sir….sir”
N turns around
he takes off his sunglasses seeing her
N: ” Miss Varsha?”
A: ” sir photographs”
N gives a broad smile
” well sure miss Varsha….why not u take a photograph of mine with that donkey”
he points at a fruit wala nearby…he had put his fruits on a cart driven by a donkey
A: ” nahi nahi sir….donkey ke saath kese”
A laughs
N: ” just shut up Miss Varsha”
A’s laughter ends
” sorry sir”
” i’m too busy today….u can take d photos next week”
he unlocks his car
A stands in front of d car
N horns at her
A: ” sir please come with me to d photo studio…my team’s waiting there to click pics”
N: ” but my clients would not wait for me….excuse me….leave my way”
A: ” sir please sir….come with me..just for an hour”
N comes out of d car and takes off her dupptta…..tying her hands by it
he takes out his romal and blindfolds her
A screams
” help..leave me”
N puts her in d car
N puts d seat belt on her…..
A: ” Mr. Singhania…u can’t torture me like this”
N: ” u want my pictures….so wait….stay with me like this until i finish my meeting”
A: ” per sir….i have to go to office”
N starts driving
N reaches his hotel where he had a meeting
A: ” sir…ek minute….i m thirsty….pani mile ka”
N: ” backseat pe bottle peri hai”
A: ” my hands r tied”
N rolls his eyes
” i m getting late”
” sir please…mein mar jao ki..”
N picks d bottle and makes her drink d water by his hands
music plays
N takes a tissue and wipes off the water from her lips
he stares at her
N reaches the meeting hall
everyone stares at him
N: ” shall we start d meeting”
the ladies smile at him
N ignores
during d meeting…..he sees others smiling at him again
N: ” what is d problem..huh??? why r u laughing..m i joker??”
Everyone hide their smiles
N sees his hand at which everyone was staring
he sees lipstick on it
N realizes he got this while he was wiping Varsha (Akshara)’s lips
N leaves d meeting hall saying they will continue it tomorrow
N rushes to d car
A hears someone
” Naitik sir??”
” Han mein hoon”
” Meeting hogi”
” han hogi”
” good…ab pictures line jale”
” han zaroor”
” ab theek hai”
” nahi….nahi hoon mein theek”
A smiles
” i knew it…agar ap theek hote toh aese baat na kar rahe hote”
N takes off her blindfold
and shows her d lipstick mark
A’s mouth drops open
” ap jese karoos (rude) ki girlfriend bhi hai??”
” Shut up Varsha…yeh tumari lipstick ka mark hai”
A gets shocked
” u took my advantage…when?? where??”
she starts crying loudly
N puts his hand on her lips…pulling her closer
” ssshhh….meine tumare saath kuch nahi kiya…..”
A bites his hand
he screams…..taking his hand away from her lips
N and A r in d car
A was untied now
A requests N to come with her for photographs..even he has advantage in this..he will get more frame when his interview gets printed in d newspaper”
A brings N to d photo sadium
A: ” sir apki tie kharab hogi hai….thori left pe zada hai”
N pulls it to d middle…
A: ” sir..right pe nahi..middle mein kare”
N again tries….this time pulling it more to d left
A holds d tie…N leaves his hand from it
they look into each other’s eye
A adjusts the tie
Varsha looks on along with d camera men
Varsha runs to switch on d lights….when she hits A and she falls over N
N drops to a chair nearby…and A over him
A’s hair were all over her face
N looks on……and rubs d back of his hand on her cheeks….pushing d hair behind her ear
Varsha grins
A stands up
she forwards her hand to help N
he takes her help and she pulls him to his feet
N: ” thanks Varsha”
The real Varsha by mistake replies
” ur welcome”
N stares at her with surprise
A covers up d scene
‘we r getting late sir” says A
N gets ready for d photographs
N smiles for d camera
A quickly clicks N’s picture from her mobile
N doesn’t see it

precap: Akshara looks at the picture Natik calls her

Credit to: aHTAYYAB


  1. ” please update” I really like your story!! It’s super cool.. I mean the way you write is just so fabulous!!! Can u please please please please please update it?

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