Natik and Akshara love blooms part 19

PART 19:

N and A get married
A’s baidaai is done
A and N come towards their room
N stops A at the door
he brings and places a rice pot on d floor
A kicks it
Next, A makes red imprints of her feet
while N throws rose petals on the way
” Welcome to my life”
N cups her face
” aren’t u happy??”
” i m scared….Meher went angrily, what if she tried to separate us”
”ssshhh….moat bhi humein door nahi kar saakthi Akshara….han per i have heard moat ek pal ki mohalt nahi dedi….agar mein mar jao toh maaf kar dena”
A hugs him quickly
she punches him

A: ” shut up Naitik…kabhi yeh na kehana”
N smiles, cups her face again
he moved behind her…… moved her hair to one side and leaned down to kiss her shoulder lightly…… He placed his hand at her back and…. trailed it up to the blouse dori and pulled it quickly.
N heard A gasp…
he wrapped his other arm around her waist.
N: “Don’t be scared…. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”
N turned her to face him and waited for her to open her eyes before leaning down and kissing her lips
He ran his tongue along the seam of her lips making A gasp….
one of her hands came up to rest in the center of his chest….. over his heart
they had forgotten everything Meher did….no fear was left between them
A was so lost in the sensation ignited by his hands …..and mouth in her body that she did not realize that she was now standing in her matching red bra and panties.
She did not realize the fact that N was now shirtless…..
she came to her senses when N pulled off her bra
N pulled her closer….A gasped when she felt his hard chest against her soft br*asts
he once again plunged his tongue in her mouth to kiss her deeply
next…..he placed her on d bed
she moved her arms to cover herself but he was there to stop her….. He took both of her wrists in his hands… and raised them above her head….
N kissed her eyes which were closed…..
while A moaned

The feel of her soft, naked body against his, the way she pressed closer to him, snapped last threads of his control
he forgot everything…….where they were…who he was…..what was around them……why were they here…everything
balancing his weight on his forearms, he swag over her
and stared at her for a while….before planting a kiss on her lips
A tried to pull him closer to her
N had other ideas……….he bent and started trailing kisses down her flat stomach
A went weak………her body was limp
When she finally opened her eyes,…….. it was to find N wrapping her in a blanket, covering her nakedness as he gently gathered her in his arms…….
A looked at him in confusion
N grinned
N: ” we r not yet prepared for the real intimacy”
he kissed her on her forehead
she slipped into his arms

N and A leave for honeymoon

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  1. hey YRKKH is a family serial and its fanfiction is so bad really shame on you aHTAYYAB you are mad

  2. i totally agree with yrrkh lover but it was so hot

  3. Literally it’s getting too much now

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