Natik and Akshara love blooms part 13,14,15,16,17,18 combined


Natik and Akshara love blooms part 13,14,15,16,17, and 18 combined
Hi just posting a 6 part combined
PART 13:
Next day..
N wears the sound of A’S bangles and goes to see
He peeks into the room
A was standing in front of d mirror trying to pin up her saree
N begins to leave
A: ” N please come here…help me pin up the saree…”
She shows her cut finger which had been cut yesterday
N comes inside and examines her finger
” how did it happened??”
” just a minor cut N”
A asks him to pin up her saare
A gives him d safety pin…..N moves aside her hair and puts the pin in his mouth
N places his chin on her shoulder as he ties up d pallu
A smiles that he plan worked
She stares at him in d mirror… he moves back after pinning up her pallu….N’s watch stucks in her blouse
He pulls it forcefully pulling down the knot of her blouse
A blushes
N looks at her
” I’m sorry ”
” Naitik u r my husband….it is okay”
N looks at the sudden change in A
N makes her sit on d couch….and bends down on his knees…
His hands touch her back as he works on her knots
A thinks she has to know what N feels for her…..then she will propose him
N enjoys playing with d knots…..he was becoming wild when a bell distracts him
A goes to see
It was Meher
N comes there
Meher: ” i heard u guys r going for a day…i will misd u”
N: ” we will be back soon”
Meher hugs him and cries
A gets jealous
N: ” u can come with us if u want to”
Meher: ” oh…that’s so sweet of u but i have some office work”
N and A leave for Judaipur
N finds A wearing the watch
N: ” u didn’t liked it?”
” who said u so….!”
N smiles
” it looks prettier on u”
A thinks
” i wouldn’t fight with N now….never”
They reach A’s house…..
A meets everyone
N gets emotional seeing A getting pampered by her mom
Rajshri calls N
And hugs him too
” i m also your ma beta”

Rajshri wishes to make N and A marry again

PART 14:
Rajshri makes N eat Kheer
N: ” same taste….same love like ma used to put in her Kheer”
N hugs Rajshri..and address her “ma”
Rajshri: ” apni iss ma ki ek baat maane ka beta”
N nodes
A and the family look on
Rajshri: ” i want to remarry A with u with complete rituals”
A smiles
N: “ma”
Rajshri: ” don’t refuse your ma”
” i wouldn’t ”
Jasmeet hugs A
” bhabhi ab shadi phir se hogi aur shuaagraat bhi”
A pulls her ear
N: ” ma hum dobara shadi kare ke”
Rajshri hugs him and A
They take her blessing
Mahesawari’s invite Singhanias to discuss abt marriage
A sits with her family while N with his
BM: ” we will take moona with us…now he will come as a groom to take his bride”
A feels sad….
N follows her to d kitchen
” kya howa? Ap khush nahi?”
” Naitik u r going to ur house…”
” yar i will come back…to take u…aur kya pata yeh dooriya mujhe mere sawaloon ka jawab dede”
” sawal?”
” mere dil ki hal chal ka jawab….A pata nahi yeh bejeeni kyun hoti hai….aur jab ap saath ho toh yeh dard khatam ho jata hai”
A smiles
N: ” i m so confused and u r smiling ”
Drums beat
A: ” yeh bejeeni pyar hai”
N couldn’t hear her
he asks again but just then shaurya comes there
N: ” bye A”
” bye”

Mehindi and sangeet function

PART 15:
A was sitting in the centre of the hall…two girls were putting mehindi on her hands
A: ” unka naam Naitik hai…middle mein likna”
N and his family comes…
Vish and Rajshri welcome them
A stretches her neck to see N
The crowd moves aside….
N and A see each other
N was wearing a silver sherwani…
A was wearing a silver and red saree
N whispers in her ear
” u look stunning ”
A smiles…..N kisses her cheek
A touches her cheek in shock
N: ” biwi ho meri…haq hai mera”
A: ” abhi biwi bani nai”
Rashmi and Nandhini praise A
N: ” bhai mein bhi hoon'”
Rajshri: ” u look d best”
A: ” ma….ap meri ho”
Rajshri: ” mein dono ki ho”
A tries to drink water
N comes there…..he makes her drink by his hand
N holds her hands and sees her mehindi
N bends on his knees…..kissing her hands
A closes her eyes…..
N walks away
A: ” kyun pass agye door jale jate hain”
N comes back with a mehindi cone
A smiles…..
N writes “akshara” with “Naitik” in her mehindi
The girls dance! !
N and A sit in a swing…..
N holds her hand….
A: ” choro….someone will see it”
N: ” biwi ho meri….haq hai mera'”
Karishma pulls N and A to d dance floor
A claps while N moves around her
A gets hit by someone and hits N
N wraps his arms around her
N: ” what were u saying that day in kitchen? ”
A blushes
A pulls herself away

N and A dance on teri meri

PART 16:
Lights go off
Rashmi and Sameer come on the stage under the spotlight
” now we invite the most romantic couple in town on stage….Naitik and Akshara”
N and A get surprised
Rashmi pulls them on d stage
N pulls A closer…..she puts her hand on his shoulder…
and N takes her other hand in his…..setting his left arm around her waist
N spins her round and round….
N stands behind her…wrapping his arms around her stomach…setting his chin on her shoulder….
A moans as N peeks his nose deeper in her neck…..
A closes her eyes…..N bends her down and moves his lips over her face…..
Teri meri, meri teri
Prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye
Ik ladka ik ladki ki
Hai yeh kahani nayi
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye
the family coughs to stop before something gets too hot
Varsha stops d music
N and A feel embarassed
at night
N and A talk on phone
N: ” what were u saying that day in kitchen??”
A: ” kuch nahi Naitik”
she blushes
N: ” be honest….bato na…kya bol rahi thi…yeh bejeeni….yeh bejeeni kya hai Akshara…jawab do mere sawaloo ka”
A: ” kal haldi hai….go sleep”
N: ” jawab do phele”
A: ” Naitik…please i don’t remember what i said that day….”
N: ” but i remember….”
A’s breath stops…her heartbeat sinks
” what do u remember Naitik??”
” yeh bejeeni pyar hai”
” Naitik……i didn’t said so….i was just saying maybe it’s love m not sure”
” who will give me surety??”
Teri meri, meri teri
Prem kahani hai mushkil
Do lafzoon mein yeh
Bayaan na ho paye
Ik dooje se huye judaa
Jab ik dooje ke liye bane
A ends the call without replying him
she hugs her mobile
A sees her mehindi…..she kisses the spot where he kissed her
” I love you Naitik…i will confess my love soon…i can’t wait to touch u….haq se”
N looks at the other side of his bed
” i want u to come here just now and lie beside me…i want to break all boundaries between us….i have realized that this is love…yes i love u Akshara…i can’t believe it even now that i fall for u….a girl whom i hated in the beginning is the lady love of my life now ”
Haldi begins in both houses
N’s haldi is applied to A
Varsha clicks A’s picture and sends it to N
In the evening A goes to wash herself…she still had haldi
she comes to her room and finds N sitting on d bed
” ap??”
N stares at her
she was wearing a yellow plain saree with a deep back neckline
her bangles made noise as she rubbed off her haldi
N holds her hand…..started taking off her bangles
he takes her to d bathroom and opens d shower above them…..soon d water under her feet turned yellow by d haldi…..she stared at him……as water went over her….and him
A was scared and nervous that N might start d topic of last night again…..
she didn’t made much eye contact with him
N lifts her face up by her chin
cupping her face….
” Look into my eyes….”
A looks up….
” Naitik mein….”
N slides his hands down her arms…..rubbing off d haldi in one gentle slide…..
he unpins her saree……letting the pallu fall down……he kisses at her shoulder….
A tightens her hands on her lower saree
her heartbeat races as N gives her some more ” KISS GESTURES”
N comes in front of her…..
she hits the back wall
he sees her thin….fair…..flat stomach
N bends down…..and hugs her stomach….
he explores his finger in her belly button
A holds on his shirt tightly
she moaned
N put her feet on his leg and rolled up her saree…..exposing her legs….
the water on her legs….slipped down the haldi from them
N takes out a payal from his pocket
A smiles seeing it
N: ” this time…i bought it myself…..this payal has my time, money and…..”
A: ” and??”
N: ” and my love”
A couldn’t believe what she just heard
” and what??”
” my love Akshara..” (this time a little louder)
A bends down on her knees to reach him….she cups his face and kisses him on d forehead
N unties her knots…….she skips a heartbeat
her eyes pop out
N grins
” biwi ho meri…haq hai mera”

Meher comes on the engagement. Will this apart N and A again?

PART 17:
Meher reaches Singhania house….everyone meets her warmly
she gives gifts to everyone….

A gets ready for the engagement, she puts on some sindoor under her tikka…
A remembers what happened last night…..
she sees a different glow on her face…..which was not just because of the haldi but because of N’s sweet washing up last night
she messages him
” i m waiting for u”

N’s family reach Mahaesawari house where d engagement was held….
N introduces Meher to everyone…Meher looks around d house
A comes down…..
N stands up…he could not take off his eyes from the pretty angel coming towards him
she looked down…..and blushed…..
BM gives N, the ring
A sees Meher there
A: ” Naitik u invited her?”
” yes…she got to know abt our wedding….so i invited her too…Meher is my best friend, meri shadi mein mera bhi toh dost hona jae”
A gives a fake smile
Rashmi asks N to put d ring
N puts the ring in A’s finger……the family throw flowers on them
YRKKH plays in d background
A takes her ring… falls from her hand and rolls to, where Meher was standing
everyone looks on
N: ” Meher pass the ring please…..”
Meher picks up d ring and walks to A
A grabs the ring from her hand…rudely
” thank u Meher”
N forwards his hand….
Meher walks away
A puts ring in his finger
N looks around and doesn’t find Meher…..
he goes to see her without telling A…She feels bad….
A asks Meher to stay with her in her house
Meher: ” no….sorry dear i can’t…i have to dress up N for tomorrow….and i wanna be loved by BM…and Karishma bhabhi ke saath shopping pe bhi jana hai…sorry Akshara”
A tries to stop Meher from going to Singhania house but in vain
Meher hugs her….
A pushes her away rudely
Meher: ” bye!!”
Meher and N sit on d swing at night
N: ” i m so happy…Meher u were right….i love A”
Meher: ” dekha i m always have u confessed her??”
N: ” no not yet, shadi ke baad bolo ka”
Meher: ” oh shuaag raat pe”
Meher pulls her cheek
and kisses him on it
N moves away
” yar please”
he rubs his cheek
” acha jee….ab apko kiss karne ka haq bhi srif Akshara ka hai”
N goes from there
at night
N knocks at A’s door
she opens d door…..pulling him inside
A: ” kisi ne dekha toh nahi??”
N: ” nahi”
N pulls her closer by her arm…..
‘N:” ur mehindi is turning brighter and brighter..”
A: ” it means my husband loves me a lot”
N cups her face
” acha ji”
” Naitik choro”
” kyun choro?? biwi ho meri…haq hai mera….”
A leaves her hand from his grip
she runs away
N hugs her from behind
” Meher is just my friend!”
A turns around
” i know…..”
” then y do u feel insecure when she’s around me”
A lowers her eyes
A: ” i don’t feel insecure”
N whispers in her ear: ” u do”
A hugs him…..
A: ” then just stay away from Meher…..u r just mine N….i m not that kind to share u with anyone else…..i feel jealous of Meher…she knows u more than me….why….why don’t i know that much abt u….”
N wraps his arms tighter around her
” the only way to end ur jealously is to make u know that i don’t feel for Meher the way i do for u….we might not know each other since a long time but whatever i know abt enough for my heart to care for u…..”
N kisses her on the cheek
Mahesawaris go to Singhania house for the grand wedding day
N and A were waiting impatiently to be one finally
N and A exchange garlands
Meher clicks the photos
A goes to her…..
A: ” friends??”
Meher smiles
and shake hands with her
They hug each other
Meher drinks, and creates a scene in the wedding, she proposes Naitik.
Will N still marry A?
will A’s family break d marriage now?
PART 18:
The family gets busy in the khat bandan preparation…N takes A aside with him
N puts his hands on either sides of her
” let me go Naitik”
A smiles, as she never wanted N to let her go
N slides the back of his hand on her cheek….she closes eyes…..feeling his touch
N holds her hand….
her breathing gets heavy
N kisses gently on her hand
“Akshara, I take you to be my lawfully wedded wife, before these witnesses I vow to love you and care for you as long as we both shall live..”
A rolls out from under his arms…..she lights a candle
turning to face N…..
her face looked even more romantic in the orange glow of d fire
N takes the candle from her, spinning her to the open window
putting his arms around her bare waist
she skips a breath….
N points at the stars in d sky
” “Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you”
They hear someone shouting and screaming…..they rush to see
Meher was drunk
she was screaming at top of her voice
” yeh shadi nahi ho saakti…..bohut dekh liya…i tried to control my heart…but it doesn’t listen to me”
A shocked at this, shakes Meher voliently
A: ” kya bol rahi ho?? pagal hogi ho?”
Meher pushes her to d floor
N rushes to A
” yes…pagal hogi ho….i loved N and i came to Mumbai only for him but…..what did i saw on reaching there….he’s married…how could he do so……i know he didn’t wanted to as he loved me…he did so becuz of aunty ji”
N: ” Meher? what d hell r u saying…u r drunk…..go to ur room and rest”
Meher: ” i m in my senses Naitik….”
she hugs him tightly
the families r shocked
N pushes her away
” Meher!!! stay where u r….else i don’t know what will i do…i never loved u…who said u that i love u huh?? u r just my friend….i love only one person in my life and u know who is that”
A smiles at N’s words
Rajshri holds A
Meher: ” u love her…..whom u just met and what abt me…i supported u in every phase of life”
N: ” i love her…and that’s the end of this chapter….Meher please move on……i never knew u loved me..i m sorry to hurt u….we r always just friends…but sorry now we can’t even be friends….sorry”
Meher cries
” i wouldn’t spare u Naitik Singhania…just wait and watch….”
she goes….
N hugs A…..they cry!
N folds his hands in front of Vish and Rajshri
” sorry ma boji…i didn’t know that Meher likes me…i never thought she could love me like that…..we were just friends always….”
he goes to A
” trust me A…i do not love her at all…”
N moves to Rajbaanna
Rajbanna asks him not to say anything…..he trusts him
A: ” i trust u too N”
Rajshri: ” i trust my son”
N smiles
Vishambhar: ” i trust our son Rajshri”
the wedding resumes
both N and A sit in d mantap
Rajshri and Vish give A’s hand in N’s
they tie the knot
N and A move around d fire…taking their vows

N and A’s shuaag raat

Credit to: aHTAYYAB and Kiran

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