Natik and Akshara love blooms part 11 and 12 combined


Akshara and Natik love blooms part 11 and 12

PART 11:
Meher comes to N’s house in d morning
Meher: ” Moona can u please give me a lift to my office, today is my 1st day and my car isn’t working”
N: ” oh yeah sure Meher”
A: ” N? apki meeting hai aur aaj apne meri family se baat bhi karni thi”
N: ” i know A….and i still have time”
Meher goes
A gives N his briefcase
N: ” Meher always helped me and my family, she was with us in all our sorrows and happiness, ma ki death ke baad bhi she called me, i can do anything for her”
A gives him a fake smile
in d car
Meher: ” so, u and A love each other? i mean tum logo ki love marriage hui thi??”
N: ” nahi…well, it was an arranged marriage, ma ki khushi se howi thi”
Meher: ” and now? do u like her?? well…i think u do..i can see love for A in ur eyes”
N: ” Meher look she’s a perfect friend…sorry but yes, she’s now my best friend..i gave ur place to her in my life…and i believe that our friendship will one day make us love each other”
Meher smiles and pulls his cheek
Meher: ” awww….that’s so cute moona….”
N: ” Meher u look what she cared for me…when i was all alone after ma’s death….she’s like an angel for me who has supported me in all times….we didn’t even know each other well but she married me”
Meher: ” wow that’s interesting…..”
N: ” tumara office agaya…all d best”
N hugs her
” thanks Moona”
A cuts onions and recalls N saying he has time for Meher
” everyone loves Meher so much…BM and N both know her so well….so well…”
she cuts her finger and screams
N who was in a meeting….feels her pain and screams
” Aksharaaaa!!”
the clients look at him amazed
N: ” excuse me…we will continue d meeting in 10 minutes”
he goes out of d meeting hall and calls A
A who is putting badge on her finger….puts N’s call on speaker
N: ” ap theek hain na??”
A looks at her finger
” han..kyun??”
” pata nahi….take care”
” yeah….bye!!”
” bye…take care”
A ends d call and blushes
A picks up a steel plate…she sees her face in it
” i m blushing?? Akshara u r mad…he just called u and u think he…he doesn’t….or does he…..what does this all mean??”
N calls Meher
” how was ur 1st day at office?? shall i pick u up from office?”
” no thanks moona and yes the day went good….now i m in market…shopping”
” oh….acha listen, buy something for Akshara”
” me? how can i buy something for her..i don’t know her choice”
” yar tum larki hoon…u know what girls like…please buy something”
” okay moona…i will try….pasand na aya toh meri galati nahi”
N calls Vishambharnath Mahesawari, Akshara’s father
as soon as he hears N’s voice….
he begins to end d call
N requests him
” please boji ek baar meri baat sun liye”
he tells Vishambhar how A helped him and went to Judaipur with him for his mother…and how Gayatri forced them to marry
N: ” u should be proud of her…she did so much for a woman she didn’t even know….boji u have given her very good morals…”
Vish had tears in his eyes
Vish: ” we invite u with A at our house this Sunday…we want to meet our son-in-law”
N smiles
” thank u boji and we will surely be there”

in d parking lot
Meher was waiting for N with A’s gift
N who was coming from his office….stops his car seeing her
Meher gets in
” lo bhai….teri biwi ka gift…”
” oh shit…i had totally forgotten about it…”
he opens d box and sees a watch
Meher: ” kesi hai??”
N: ” it’s pretty…thanks”
he gives her the money
N decides to gift it to A while telling her that his dad accepted their marriage

A refuses to take d watch finding Meher has bought it

PART 12:
N places the watch box on the bed and lies down beside it
predenting to sleep
A comes out of the washroom
” he slept so early?”
she looks at him and sits beside him…..she brushes her fingers in his hair
” pata nahi boji se baat hui ke nahi”
A takes off N’s boats and socks
she puts blanket over him
N in his heart
” Akshara see the box yar”
A sees the watch box and opens it
” wow….yeh kis ke liye hogi??”
N gets up
A gets embrassed seeing him awake
she thinks she brushed her fingers in his hair…and he was awake when she did so
N: ” this is for u..hope u like it”
A: ” it’s wonderful Naitik..thank u”
she hugs him in excitement
N moves back….avoiding her so that he doesn’t get wild again on her…
N makes her wear d watch
N: ” i must say Meher has a very good choice… i m glad that u liked it”
A takes off the watch
A asks him angrily
” u asked Meher to bring this??”
N nodes innocently
A throws the watch on d bed
N: ” what is ur problem? i bought it for u and u threw it”
A: ” u didn’t bought it Naitik..u asked ur friend to bring it…how could u? i don’t want gifts from u..i just want to have time to go to the market yourself to bring something for me…..u only gave money to Meher for this watch….not ur time….if u had bought even a rubber for me by urself..i would like it more”
N rolls his eyes
” i don’t understand what’s ur problem with meher…she was in market…she called me in fact i called her…..and i thought abt u and asked her to bring something girlish for u…i don’t know what girls likes ”
A picks up the watch and puts it in d box again
” thanks Naitik…”
she puts the box in d drawer
N: ” apke liye gift bhi lao toh problem create ho jati hai…anyways i called ur dad and he invited us to ur house this Sunday….if u get time from fighting with me, get ready for Sunday”
A goes out of the room
N switches off d lights
” i don’t understand what does A want…i gifted her even it wasn’t her birthday but she doesn’t care….she didn’t accepted d watch….”
in d dinning room
A cries
” Jab se Meher ayi hai…meri zindagi barbaad hogi hai…acha hai Sunday ko hum Mumbai mein na hoge….Meher, Naitik se door rahe ki toh mujhe bhi unke saath waqt mil jae ka…kuch ho jae mein apne pati ko kisi aur ka nahi hone dogi aur kyun hone do…woh mere hain….srif mere….meri unse shadi howi hai…unki ma ki marzi se….Meher kya hai….his childhood friend bus….mein toh N ki dost bhi hoon aur biwi bhi aur yeh jealousy nahi hai bus insecurity hai….”
A hears her shadow
” insecurity dosti mein nahi hoti…pyar mein hoti hai Akshara”
A looks at her shadow (imagination)
A asks her imagination: ” pyar mujhe N se?”
” han Akshara han tujhe usse pyar ho gaya hai….aur N ne bola tha jisko pyar hoga phele woh doosre ko bol dega…ja bol de Naitik ko…..ja Akshara ja”
A smiles
she thinks of him
A asks her shadow
” we never had any romantic scene like falling over one another….kissing intimating….giving love letters….can it still be lover??”
Imagination: ” pyar toh ek nazar ka maarz (disease) hai Akshara….”
A runs to her room
” Naitik Singhania I LOVE YOU!!”
A waits for him to reply
she moves closer to him
and finds him sleeping
she kisses N’s forehead
” I love you Naitik….”
A kisses his cheek then his closed eyes…..then his hands….his arms…..
A breaks d pillow boundary between them and hugs him
N in sleep wraps his hand around her and hugs her too
Music plays

N and A reach Mahesawari house

Credit to: Kiran

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