Natik and Akshara love blooms part 10


hi everyone im aHtayyab the next part will be posted by Kiran who will continue it for 2 or 3 days
PART 10:
A makes food for Meher half heartedly
N comes home and inspects the food
A: ” i made whatever i could”
N: ” yeah thanks….it’s enough…did u made any dessert?”
A: ” nahi….per ice cream hai”
N: ” Meher ko mangoe ice cream pasand hai aur ghar pe toh chocolate hain na”
A nodes…surprised how much he knows abt Meher
N goes to bring mangoe ice cream
A feels bad
Meher comes to N’s house
she was dressed in a shinny black mini skirt and crop top
N stared at her
” wow Meher…u look gorgeous”
” well i always look gorgeous”
they laugh
A comes in d dinning hall….wearing a black saree
she sees Meher
A goes back to her room
N to Meher
” yar i will go see Akshara”
N finds A throwing all her clothes out of d cupboard
N: ” what r u doing??”
no reply
N pulls her by her arm
” Akshara?? Meher is waiting for u?”
A frees her hand from his
N asks her to come outside
” i m finding something good to wear”
N looks at her from top to bottom
N: ” A u look good!”
A: ” but Meher’s looking better than me…”
N: ” u r comparing urself with her…dammit yar…u two r totally different….come on….u r perfect d way u r…and she’s great the way she is….u can’t be her nor she can be u”
on d dinning table
Meher and N chat….discussing their college days
A feels neglected
she throws juice on Meher’s dress
A: ” oops sorry….u go wash it”
Meher: ” yeah….”
N: ” u should be careful Akshara…..”
A: ” sorry”
Meher goes to wash her skirt
A moves a seat closer to N
where Meher was sitting previously
A holds his hand….
N moves his hand away
N to himself: ” i have to be away from A….whenever i m near to her, i can’t control myself…i automatically become wild when she’s around me..sorry Akshara i can’t enforce my husband rights on u until i figure out what’s happening to me……this attraction can’t be love man…..i just met A, how can i love her so much in just a month….”
N moves a seat away from her
A feels sad
Meher comes back and sits between N and A
A: ” excuse me….”
She goes
A pours out ice cream in d kitchen and look at N and Meher
A had never seen N so happy before
he was so comfortable with Meher
A touches her sindoor
” our marriage is just a sacrifice, which a son made for his mother. We have no relation except a gifted certificate of being married…i cruse that day when i went with u to see ur mom…i wish i didn’t”
BM calls her on mobile
she takes d call
BM hears Meher’s voice
” is she Meher??”
” yes, how did u know??”
” i know her since N was 5, she’s like my daughter…give her d phone..i wanna talk 2 her”
” jee BM”
Meher talks to BM
A realize Meher knows BM and N very well
in bed at night
A: ” Naitik u forgot something…”
N: ” what Akshara??”
he asked while making d boundary
A holds his hand stopping him from putting d next pillow in d boundary
A: ” u said, u will talk 2 my family….regarding our marriage”
N hits his hand with d pillow
” i forgot…i promise i will, hmmm, tomorrow…remind me tomorrow”
A: ” u need a reminder to remember my needs but u still remember what Meher likes”
N: ” Akshara…??”
A lies down
A: ” switch off d lights, i m too sleepy…i had been making food since morning for ur friend”
N gets out of d bed….
A turns to see him leaving d room
”’ where r u going??”
” to bring ur favourite ice cream”
” apko flavor yaad hai??”
” Raspberry”
A smiles
N brings ice cream for her
A: ” where is ur ice cream cone??”
N: ” i think, i will try some raspberry today”
A offers him her cone
he licks the icing
A laughs
N: ” what?”
A: ” ur nose… cream lag gai hai”
she removes the ice cream by her finger and licks it
N puts some ice cream on her nose too
” Naitik…!!”
N: ” i swear i will call ur family tomorrow”
A nodes and eats the cone

N praises A in front of meher and praises meher in front of A

Credit to: aHTAYYAB

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  1. I like too much your episode but please also make family live with them this will inspire and teach aksara the prefect meaning of wife

  2. and due to this she will not be alone at home if you agree kiran than please reply !!!!!!

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