Natik and Akshara love blooms part 1


Varsha: ” mujhe kal Mumbai ke sab se bare businessman ka interview liye jana hai….Mr. Singhania ka…bari mushkil se appointment mili hai”
A: ” Mr. Singhania…wohi jinke 100 + hotels hai India mein haina??”
Varsha: ” han…newspaper ke liye unka interview lina hai..i m so excited…suna hai bohut cute hai…adami mein kuch toh hai”
A: ” kal dekh lina aesa kya hai uss mein”
the girls stop their bicycle near a goll gappa shop
they enjoy the roadside food and then leave for home
at night
V calls A
” sab theek hai na Varsha….it’s 1 am”
V cries
” bol na kya howa??”
” yar meri tabiyaat kaharb hogi hai…i can’t go to take N’s interview tomorrow…my boss will fire me now…please can u help me A?”
A: ” 1st stop crying….and then tell me how can i help u?”
V: ” yar kal kya tum Varsha ban kar Singhania sir ka interview linana?”
A: ” kya mein..yar mein kese ja saathi ho…mujhe toh pata bhi nai hai ke kya questions poochne hai….kese mein kese karo ki yar..”
V: ” mein tujhe questions email karti ho per please tum kal jali jana meri jaka….Singhania sir Hotel 9 Star mein stay kar rahe hain….goll gappo ki wajah se mein toh bemarr hogi na please yar”
A agrees
A reaches Hotel 9 Star
she knocks at ROOM NO. 470
the room service opens the door
A asks him
” does Singhania sir staying here?”
he answers
” yes madam”
A: ” tell him….miss Varsha has come from Youth Business Newspaper”
N comes out to see
A adjusts her hair
” Hello sir”
N: ” who r u??”
A: ” Aks….Varsha…i m Varsha”
N: ” Kon Varsha??”
A: ” oh sorry..i mean i m from Youth Business Newspaper…we had an appointment today”
N: ” did we??”
A nodes
N: ” i might forget it….work pressure…anyways come”
N sends d room service man
N was a well dressed…young guy about 23 or 24 years
N asks A to sit
A: ” sir how do u feel being so young and having so much frame”
N: ” one is never too young to be famous”
A looks on confused and says in her heart
” yeh kesa jawab tha”
she smiles and asks again
A: ” sir i asked u how do u feel being so young and still so famous”
N: ” i think i have answered u Varsha”
A: ” oh yes u have”
A writes his answer on d writing pad
N: ” next question please”
A: ” u r single and girls are crazy for u…how do u feel..will u accept a proposal by any of ur female fan”
N: ” it is my personal life….i think u shouldn’t have any business with that….Next Question please”
A: ” okay sir…so who is ur inspiration?”
N: ” my family”
A: ” who is ur weakness??”
N: ” my family”
A: ” and ur strength?”
N: ” well…my family again”
A smiles
and thinks
” har question ka ek hi answer de raha tha”
N asks her
” kuch bola”
” nahi sir…”
A: ” we heard that u r starting a hotel in it true?”
N: ” yes it is…..i will be completed till March”
A writes down d answers
A stands up
” thank u sir…”
N: ” ur welcome…now i should leave…..i have an important meeting”
A nodes and forwards her hand
N just says ” good day”
without shaking hands
A lowers her hand
” same 2 u sir”
N and A hold d door knob together
N looks at A
A leaves d knob….
N pushes d door and moves out
the door hits her nose and she screams
N goes without even turning once
A rubs her nose
” Gosh these rich people r so….”
she goes

A gives Varsha the answer pad
V thanks her and goes to summit her boss
her boss tells her to bring some photographs of Singhania as well….to make d interview more interesting
Varsha thinks she forgot to tell A to click some pictures
Boss: ” pictures??”
V: ” i forget them at home..i will bring tomorrow”
Boss: ” make sure..u don’t forget again”
V calls A
A: ” mein wapis N ke pass nai jao ki….and now u r fine…go take d pics urself”
V: ” i can’t go…he thinks u r Varsha… u have to go..if my boss found out i didn’t went to take N’s interview…he will kill me,…please yar one last me”
A agrees
next day
she reaches N’s hotel again
N opens d door….he was shirtless
A’s eyes pop out….she turns around
N quickly closes d door
N: ” tum?”
A: ” kal mein apki photos nai li pai thi ”
N quickly wears a shirt and opens d door
A: ” sir”
N: ” i m not free to daily deal with u..kal appointment di thi…kal sab karna tha….i m too busy today…..meri meeting hai..i have to go”
A: ” i know sir…i m sorry…per yeh Varsha she didn’t tell me ke pictures bhi lini hai”
N: ” varsha didn’t told u?? u r urself varsha”
A: ” han na…..i mean my brain didn’t reminded me..i m sorry sir.,..just 2 to 3 snaps sir”
N: ” kal ana….aaj time nai hai”
A: ” agar kal bhi ap free na hue toh”
N gives her number
” call me and ask me tomorrow before coming”
N wears his sunglasses and leaves d room
A: ” kesa ajeeb insaan hai….he acts as if he’s d prime minister of India”
N turns and hears her
A froze
N: ” i m d prime minister of all d hotels of India….understand..u better understand”
he points a finger at A
he leaves

N and A meet at a coffee shop

Credit to: Kiran

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