Nari hai per abala nahi (2nd Episode)

Episode starts with Komali and boss seeing each other in a surprise look both are happy and steps forward to each other Komali says ajju (Ajay) u and here what a surprise…ajju says wow prerana this is my company and u r asking me what I am doing here ..
Komali says ajju I am not prerana I am Komali ..prerana is no more now she died..
Ajju is shocked to hear that what how but and when ..
Komali says it was an accident ..
Both ajju and Komali are seeing each other with a teary eyed a flashback is shown
A college is shown where our three girls are going to class one boy comes chasing the other one and clashes with Komali and she fells down this angers prerana and gives a tight slap to boy (ajju).and gives a warning and goes to classroom with Komali and Sheela
Ajju is still holding his cheek and stands there itself and then smiles and says at least u r hand touch me in this way (ajju is loving prerana from many years but he did not convey it to her)
Ajju goes to Komali and prerana and tells sorry Komali forgives him and asks why u r chasing that boy .. Ajju says he is misbehaving with girls that’s y I got anger and gone to beat him ..

I can’t tolerate anyone misbehaving with girls . After listening to all this prerana hearts melts and asks friends by forwarding her hand ..

Ajju is super happy and says friends all three goes to class ..
Days are passing on all three are enjoying their friendship even prerana has positive feeling towards ajju but she is not sure about her love

One day after college Sheela Komali and prerana are going to home in between they stop for pani Puri .
Sheela and prerana are competing in panipuri competition komali went to buy some books in near stall

Some goons come and starts misbehaving with Komali

When goons are try to touch Komali prerana comes and stands between goons and Komali..prerana is seriously looking at thugs and Komali hides behind prerana In a fear..

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