Nari hai per abala nahi (1st Episode)


Start of the story

Sun rises in the early morning a girl is seen from behind doing jogging in a beach.
She went to her house after jogging her mother(sushma) comes and gives her morning tea
After having tea she went for fresh up and go to near a girls photo which is having garland she lits the lamp and prays the girls face will be revealed the girl in photo and the girl who is praying same ..(shockz)
A person comes in a wheel chair and calls her komali are u ready for your interview

Komali turns back and says to the person
Dad(rajendra) today prerana and my birthday how u forgot ..

Rajendra says I don’t want to upset u r mom by taking preranas name on today as it is a special day for u also .Go attend the interview and give me a sweet news

Sushma comes and wishes her happy birthday and feeds her curd with sugar and wish her all the best

Komali comes outside the house and takes her scooty when her friend Sheela calls her
And the both go together to the interview.
(Sheela is the childhood friend of our twin sisters whose father is the teacher of karate and marshallods)

At the company interview is going on Sheela and komali are seen giving their interviews in respective rooms both got selected for same company they both are very happy and goes to inform their parents

At komali comes happily to home and reveals that she got a job and shares that our problems will now reduced maa

At Sheela house ..
Sheela come to house and sees her father teaching karate to girls comes to him and informs that she got job (Sheela’s mom passed away when she is in college)
Her father is very happy and ask her to learn some karate now because u r going out and this is for u r safety only but she says she u r there with me what will happen to me dad
Lets go out and celebrates todays special moment..
Komali is seen having a dinner with her parents where as sheela and her father are in restaurant
Both girls are enjoying the day..

After dinner komali went to her room seeing her sisters pic tells that I missing u and sleeps cryingly..

Komali and Sheela goes to office on komali bike and starts their first day in office their boss will come both komali and boss are having surprise look on their faces to see each other..

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  1.’s a great start..epic..awesome..can you check out new story “music sheet” by bella..hope you will like it..bye love you

  2. Are..i m so shocked n confused!! U said about Prerna the story is dn hw she dead or c hs bn md a dead by hr mom??

    1. Have some patience u will get u r answer

      I am sure it will not disappoint u

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