Nari hai per abala nahi (3rd Episode)


The episodes starts with goons misbehaving with Komali when she wants to go away from there goons block her way
They all cover her in a circular form one goon goes to her a pulls her dupatta and throws away which falls on prerana
Komali cryingly tries to run away but they block her way
One goon is about to touch her prerana comes and stand before Komali ..she gives her dupatta and sends her a side

One of the goons says today we got lottery 1 plus 1 offer and places his hand on prerana shoulder
She gives a serious look both goons and prerana are starts fighting she overpower all of the goons

While fighting goons captures the prerana and about to stab with a knife ajju comes and stops the goon and they both resume fighting untill the goons flew away
After that they both are sharing an eye lock and seeing each other ..komali comes and hugs prerana and asks are u fine ..
Komali continuous cries and says don’t know what will happen to me without u and sisters share some light moment
Komali says thank u ajju u came on time to save prerana
Ajju says no need to thanks even if I don’t come also I know prerana will not leave the goons untill they beaten up to pulp and laughs

For this Sheela says off course ajju she will because she won black belt in karate and best student of my dad if I give this news to him he will be more happy
Girls I think we have to leave from here all three say bye to ajju and go to their home

At preranas home
Mom after seeing Komali worriedly asks what happened y r u cryingly please tell something what happened

Here Komali says everything to her mom and there Sheela inform the same to her father
After hearing this Komali ma says thank god u r fine and takes her to room(she not even asks prerana whether she got hurt)

Prerana cryingly stands there itself when her father comes and holds her hand
She kneels down before her father and asks papa did I done any mistake
Father says no beta u r mom is not annoyed with u but with u r dream (police) because what ever happened to me makes her to hate this profession that’s y she is trying to convincing u like this
U made me proud today I will stand beside u untill u fullfill u r dream. Both share a hug..

Prerana is seen learning new techniques from Sheela father

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