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Hello guys, my name is ________. I know if i don’t tell u my name u will just see whom has this article be credited to. But guys you know what today i am not a fan who has written this article but a girl, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a voice… inner voice. Lyk all of u i am also telly updates follower. I surf this site maybe more than i do anything- eating, sleeping, studying and even blinking…. now tu has bcome an integral part of my life….. Today i am not writing any fan fiction or episodic analysis because i am not a fan i am that voice which need to be raised. I have seen many of u writing ffs on pairs like: Swara-Sanskar; Ragini-Lakshya;Ishita-Raman;Twinkle-Kunj;Twinkle-Yuvraj;Nandini-Manik;survi-Karthik;Thapki-Bihaan;Aarushi-Vihaan;Simar-prem; Arjun-Rashika;Neil-Samaira;Neil-Ragini;Abhi-Pragya;and many more. These ffs are on love birds and ppl who have 2 bodies but 1 soul right. And i also write ffs on my favourite pair[that i won’t reveal] but today i will not write on any pair but i will share my views as a girl what i feel and what would we all feel when we bcome woman. So here i go……………………………………;

Hello guys, i have already told u my intention of writing this. Guys before proceeding, just have a look at this poem….
Maa mai hun tumhari pari [mom, i am ur fairy] Duniya mai nhi hun abhi [i am not in this world ] Aaungi kuch palon mai [i will come within sometime] Tab dekhenge sabhi [then everybody will see] Papa ki dulari mai banungi [ i will become my father’s sweet daughter] Didi ke kapde mai pehnungi [i will wear my sis’s old clothes] Bhaiya ki daat bhi sahlungi [i will bear my brother’s scolding] Dadi ke bhajan bhi keh lungi [ i will also sing dadi’s bhajan] Bas apne durna karna [just don’t separate me from urself] Oh….maa….ma……. [oh mother…..oh mother]

Guys this is a song an unborn girl child has sung for her family. She is ready to sacrifice all her happiness only for her family’s love. This is what a girl can do…….. we all come from different households that have different values and different morals. Some may belong to modern households while some may belong to modern households whereas some to traditional. Changes are prevailing in all. Women are given equal respect and opportunities. But still our society doubt on women power and have confusion if we are capable for handling ourselves. I ask who said we are not. We often see in films and serials that some goons are teasing some heroine and a hero comes and saves her. I ask what is need of that hero??? It is just the woman’s ill spirit which makes her think that she needs someone but we should become our own hero so that tomorrow no one can say that we are not capable of be safe. And most amazing fact that does not appeals me is that it is some or other woman who discourages today’s girls to be independent and modern. How can a woman do this. They should not forget that they have also been there in their mother’s womb for 9 months. What if their mothers had killed them…..what if their mothers had also been equally merciless…..but their mother knew that for them society doesnot matter but child does…….
And more amazing is our spirit. We as girls and women step back when we need to raise our voice only due to this fear that what will society say.

But we should remember that if we succeed in raising our voice then society won’t say anything but if we fail they will make 10, 100,1000. 1000000 stories out of it because it is long back habit of society to frame people and question them but when we have not done anything wrong why should we be concerned about it??? We, in influence of people feel ashamed of being a girl of being a woman……..why should we? But we should all feel privileged to be a woman…….we bring smile on 100 faces when we smile, we bring pain on 1000 faces when one tear falls from our eyes, we keep child for 9 months in our womb, we bear the pain and still child is named after his father, we are married then only we leave our house and change our surname……i feel privileged to be such a creation of god who knows only to sacrifice, who has heart and mind but only her heart works, she sacrifices everything ……i salute all women of world …….i salute all girls…..and i salute those pplwho really fight and work for girls……i am proud to be a woman……and i am more proud to write about woman…..COME,on this occasion of women’s day let us pledge to make our country a safe, secure and simple country where woman are no inferior than men……lets make india the abode of goddess which we believe to be in woman……


Credit to: An Woman

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  1. hey dear , i totally agree with you …..HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY….

    1. Hey piya plssssss update ur ff Fanah fast yaa. Eagerly waiting 4 it

  2. it’s amazing.. you are right. we don’t need anyone to help us . we should become self-independent that’s how we can stop society’s bad impact on girls. and yeah proud to be a woman.

  3. Nice yaaar. I totally agree with u. V women can achieve anything in our life. Happy women’s day

  4. wow doesn’t matter who u is the voice of a women i respect that…i completely agree wid u..and the poem was beautiful..happy belated women’s day..

  5. thank u all of u for ur support…..!!!!

  6. thank u all of u for ur support…..!!!! happy belated women’s day…..

  7. thank u all of u for ur support…..!!!! happy belated women’s day….. 🙂

  8. this is the spirit of woman thanku (writer) happy belated woman’s day . hats off to you 🙂


  10. awesome i was releived when i know there is many woman who think of their privilege but this society doesnt value us we are the light of this society all women should stand together to raise their voice for their rights belated happy womens day to all my friends and my sisters thank u for writing this much valued essay

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