Narenkita -A new beginning (Epi 1)


Its morning , Ankita is sleeping in her house with her brother and sisters. At Naren’s house . Naren is sleeping peacefully and suddenly a beautiful wind blows from his window. At Ankita’s house Ankita wakes up and realizes she is late from her usual time.She makes tiffin for Sonali. She wakes Mansi up and tells her that today is a special day for Pranav and we have to do prep. Mansi is sleepy and nods yes. Just then at karmarkar house Naren wakes up with a smile and thinks its something different today . His mom comes to his room with tea . She tells him that did u forget or i should tell u . Your dad is coming from london today.You have to go to pick him. He says yes mom. At deshmukh house Ankita gets ready.

She meets Shashank and says she is nervous for her new job . She says she doesn’t know how her boss is going to be . Shashank says just calm down your boss won’t eat you up.I am sure your boss won’t be that bad. She reaches her new office and is sitting in her boss’es cabin.And her boss has not yet arrived. Just then her boss enters. Its Naren and she is given the post of a manager. Naren is mesmirized seeing her beauty. He has slight smile on his face. He tell her that his dad is going to come today and she has to arrange his cabin . She agrees.

Precap: Archana is shown . Naren’s dad comes and Naren picks him up and takes him to office and tells him about Ankita and how he likes her.

Credit to: Ishveeran

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  1. Guys if you are intrested I may write the next epi

  2. guess. who am I?

    Yes. Please continue

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Thanks a lot 4 writing on Naren Ankita.Special thx 2 u.I always wanted 2 read on Naren Ankita.But no one writes on them.One writer had started one n discontinued it.I request u not 2 discontinue this ff.I will b reading this.plz update regularly.
    Ankita in her new office with Naren as her boss.Naren has fallen 4 her at 1st wait 2 read more

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