I am Nandini,yes nand vansh Mahan samrat Mahapadmanand putri,chief consort of chakravarty samrat Maharaja chandra gupta maurya.I am here to disclose my life’s all ups and down,pleasures and sorrows…..May be I am the only princess of history who love her father and brothers killer.

I was the youngest daughter of Maharaja Mahapadmanand,as usually I was his dearest…..
My father had not give me less importance anyday,as I was a girl………he trained me equally with my all elder brothers….

Then I was only seventeen,my father had decided to give my marriage with any veer Prince of bharat barsh.
I was not fully ready for then marriage,I want to read more,but not to hurt my dear pita maharaj I agreed to do marriage….but in one deal……my father have to say my would be to parsue my study after my father agreed.
I have to tell you all one more thing,I was not aware of my father all evility.Then i only knew that my father was belongs to a barbar lineage…but by his skills,tallent and love for his motherland he get the throne of Magadh..I was then very proud of my father..

So,the preparations of my swaemvar was going on in full stream,I was also busy to making the swaemvar question paper,what I will ask the princess in the sweamvar sava.First they have to defeat our head armies of Magadh in first round,then I will ask them questions….

The list of the princess was not too short.Parvatak raj Malayketu,chedi raj Hanshpal,Avanti Prince sushim,kalinga raj sudvarma and many other princess and kings all were my handwisher..

Every thing was going well..but Destiny had written anything else for me..

Precap:I met chandra first time

Author’s note:Please give your valuable comments on my fan fiction either positive or negative.


    • NABANITA626



      Thank you very much chandrinikrishna.
      I was also a viewer and fan of kasam serial,but now I have not got time to see the serial😭😭😭

  1. अरुण

    Interesting….I like mixup language of English and Hindi. Good to know the names of rajkumars and their kingdom. Keep it up…

    • NABANITA626



      Thank you very much yasmin sis..I have already submitted by next episode,soon it will be publshed.
      And yes I am neet exam preparation is going on.what about you?

  2. Raji

    It’s not like other stories.I’m waiting to read the next episode.because I searched what happened to you in the end. (Like did you lived with chandra)

  3. Jayani


    |Registered Member

    M sooooooooooooo ary for nt commenting b4… I read it last friday nd m commenting only dis saturday… Useless me😞… Anyways, abt d ff… I didn’t lyk it even a bit… Coz I luved it sooooo much… No wuds for dis piece… M luvin’ it😍😍😍… Will comment in d other epis too..

    Jai Siya Ram

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