Namkaran- AvNeil (just enjoy it) Chapter-3

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Avni-U know what u just stop watching serials then all this nonsense will not come in your mind

Chinki-But avni trust me you should at lest check for once

Avni-No I won’t and u also stop doubting him without any reason because I won’t

Chinki-(shouts) avni look front

Avni-What oh no
She hits her car with someone else car avni’s car hits the other persons cars headlight both of them gets down he is Raj

Raj-(puts his hand in his heart) Oye blind girl what did u just do if u don’t know how to drive which side u should drive then why do u drive and do other peoples loss
Avni-Listen uncle

Raj-What listen n why should I listen u just broke my baby’s head wait u just wait I will call my son right now he will put u in jail in crime of drink n drive
or I have one more option pay the money
Avni gives the money n drives off
She was in a very angry mood

Chinki-(thinks) Oh no all this happened because of me she see ice-cream vendor and says wow only this is the single thing in the entire world which can calm down avni

Chinki-Avni let’s have ice-cream

Avni-No I don’t want to have
Chinki somehow managed to convince her
Dd and Neil were also there

DD-Sirji we got to know the office is here only where that fraud gang sold their rings

Neil-Perfect dd

Chinki-Two butterscotch. Avni are u OK

Avni-Yes but next time I will surely sell the ring to that man n that too on triple Price.. How come he took double money from me that too for one single scratch in the headlight

Chinki-Avni u are still very angry

Avni-Angry u know how I felt ,I felt like (she picks up a cone) to throw this cone in his face.. The cone falls on someones face

Chinki-Ok but where is the cone now

Avni-Cone… she sees Neil with butterscotch ice-cream all over his face. Oh no! Again him
Neil stares at avni with anger this time

DD-Sirji this is the same girl because of whom you were not able to show your face to anyone
They both stare DD
DD-I mean threw black coffee at your face and
Avni-Sorry I really was not throwing at your face but…..

Neil-What is your problem miss. Are u normal??


Neil-Yes because two times u threwed things at my face.. And if throwing things is your hobby than why don’t u use dustbin.. U know what if one more time u reapeat this I will put u in jail
Avni was fuming in anger before only but after neil said her about putting in jail she exploded like volcano

Avni- Really (picks up one more cone and throws in Neils face) I did this one more time what will u do.. U know what I am just not scared by what u just said… What U will put me in jail before that I will put u in this box (points towards the ice-cream van) and will make kulfi out of you got it


Avni-Yes and one more thing u said to use dustbin if I have to throw anything right of course I am using dustbin because u are a moving dustbin Mr.. You look like a broken dustbin (She steps in his foot and goes away)
While neil looks on with expressionless face cleaning the ice-cream from his face

DD-Sirji now I am dam sure that in previous life you broke this girls heart while having beverage thats why she took rebirth and is taking her revenge by throwing different-different things at your face… Sirji my advise is go and say sorry to her

Neil-Shut up dd

A person comes running to a man and says Boss I got the information where the girl lives.. Boss(laughs) perfect what she thought that she will fool me and will live happily relaxing somewhere

Goon1-Boss that means u accepted that u are fooled
Boss-Shut up
Goon2-But boss I am not getting one point why are so much after that girl I mean its only about 24,000 which isn’t a very big amount for you
Boss-(catches his collar) the money is not the reason I am searching her after my partners got to know that a single girl fooled me they started making fun of me the people who used to get fever hearing the name Kachara Bhai now don’t even look at me and all this happened because of that girl so I will bring that girl here and will make her ask forgiveness from me in front of my partners and then will kill her than my position will become No.1
Goon3-Got it boss
Kachara-Now tell me where she is, what is her name, what she does everything…
Goon3-But boss I only got to know where she lives and nothing else
Kachara-I will kill u now always does half work OK tell me this much only for now
Goon3-Boss lives in Mumbai
Boss-Perfect rest I will find out after reaching Mumbai.. Make arrangement of going to Mumbai
OK boss.

Precap-Ali informs avni that she has been selected for ‘Supermodel of the year 2017’ contest.. Avni breaks someone’s cars window..

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  1. Laddo

    Your ff is really very interesting… The best part of today ff was avni throw ice cream and there fight… But DD advice was really entertaining… I laughed alot by the imagination of the scene… Fab episode… Plz update next part soon??

  2. And a big smile came in my face when I saw your comment
    Thank you really means a lot

  3. Lillianalieben

    i really loved it. its damm funny. i coulfn’t control my laughter when avni exploded on neil. plz update soon and all the best

  4. It’s really nice.and I can’t stop my laughter while reading this. Keep updating

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