Namkaran- AvNeil (just enjoy it) – CHARACTER SKETCH

Hi guys I am a big fan of namkaran and wanted to write a ff on it but in a funny way (I am a big fan of comedy Bollywood movies) so I am going to write a ff on namkaran with same characters but with a different plot!!!!


Neil khanna-The young and handsome ACP Neil khanna is the ‘super hot cop’ as called by the girls.. He is very intelligent smart and clever cop.. He is expert at shooting

Avni desai-The hot and clever girl she dreams of becoming a supermodel one day but for now she is a con artists.. She is orphan and lives with her best buddies Ali and chinki.. She is expert at changing her looks and fooling people she is also an expert bike rider

Swehta khanna-Mother of Neil she is a very loving and caring mother. She has only one dream of geeting her son married to a nice girl .. Whenever she sees any single girl she start dreaming about her and Neils marriage

Raj khanna-He is the famous and rich industrialist and owner of the khanna industry he too is a loving and caring father and husband but he is little angry at Neil as he wanted Neil to join him in his business but Neil wanted to do something on his own and so decided to become a cop. Though raj is very rich he is also very miser

Riya mehta-Granddaughter of dayawanti mehta like swehta days too wants to get her GD married to a nice family but Riya loves Ali

Ali- Avni and chinkis best buddy and owner of AAC (avni Ali chinki) cafe he is the want with whom avni shares everything Ali also knows that she is the one who is fooling people and taking lots of money from themthem

There are all the characters but I wrote about a few as I will try to make this ff a comedy one with some drama.. Hope u all like it
And one more thing I am adding nia in place of Aditi as nia is my favourite but if u all have problem with this then let me know..

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  1. aditi is way better than Nia

  2. aditi is betterthan nia.. i like adiza

  3. Aditi is best…plz dont replace her wid anybody

  4. Plz take Aditi?i want AdiZa??

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    plz aditi. and yah update soon bcoz comedy will be fun. good luck

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    Thank u so much lilianalieben

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