Namkaran- AvNeil (just enjoy it) Chapter-2

Sir-Neil come in. I called u here in order to say u about the case ‘Magic Ring’. We got the information that this group does fraud business of rings and takes lots of money from people in the name that this ring are magical. They went to many places til now n this time there target is Mumbai
Many complaints have been registered against them till now but no one ever got to know who they are really. So, I want u to investigate the matter.

Neil-Yes sir

On the other side avni chinki n Ali are in car going somewhere.

Ali-Avni u know what whenever I go there I feel like I am at home n at to with my mothermother

Avni-Yes I know but u know what becoming a top model was my only dream but now I have one more dream to make this place bigger and increase the facilities

And as they were talking they reached the place avni happily rushes inside followed by Ali and chinki.. Its an NGO for old people who are left out from the house by their children and other family members. Avni touches someone’s feet.

Sarla-May God give u all the happiness. So how are u??

Avni-I am super good ma

Sarla-You know whenever you call me ma I feel really happy

Avni-Oh no! ma again emotional.. Plz save this teares for Namkaran series

Sarla-Laughs and goes

Ali-So avni u made her laugh but ur only crying.. Why?

Avni-Ali some people are so selfish and doesn’t have any thing called heart there own parents who took care of them gave cloths to them food to them looked after their every small and big need always made them smile but see what they did in exchange of all this love care and support threw them out of the house when they turned old, we trio lost our parents but see they have their parents but still they don’t have

Ali-I know avni that’s why u did started this NGO and named it ‘Umeed’ n u want to increase it but for now plz stop crying and let’s distribute the gifts

Avni-Smiles and nods yes

DD-Sirji one thing I wanted to ask how will u slove this case. We don’t know how they look what are their names. We even don’t know where they are now at the moment

While avni and chinki arrive at ali ‘s cafe

DD-Only the thing that we know about them is the gang is of girls but how many girls and that they are in Mumbai but for how many days

They too reach Ali cafe

DD-Lets have some coffee here only they sit next to avni’s table


DD-This case have been registered against them for 20 times but non of the officers were able to catch her and ultimately the case were closed

Neil-I don’t know about others but I know this much that I will have to slove this case as soon as possible

Waiter-Maam order

Avni-2 black coffee n 2 sandwich

While the waiter both the order avni and chinki were fighting chinki was trying to see the photo of someone in avni’s phone but she was not ready to show and while fighting avni threw the cup of coffee in Neils face

Avni-O God I am so sorry I will clean it
She saw a cloth in a table and rub it in Neils face as she removed the cloth everyone starts giggling including DD

Avni-Oh no! I am so so sorry I…

Neil-Its OK he goes to clean his face while avni and chinki leaves

Avni-This all happened because of u I told u I will show u the photo when he will say but..

Chinki-But avni isn’t this little vierd like he loves u but doesn’t want ur n his photo to be seen by anyone. Or he never came to meet u he doesn’t call or text u only he shows interest in u when u are with him n the time he proposed u

Avni-Thats the reason I was avoiding to tell u anything again u started thinking nonsense he stays busy so he doesn’t meet me n I trust him completely its his wish he calls me or not

As they again started to argue avni didn’t realized that she took the car in the wrong side..

Precap-Neil avni cute fighting.. A person comes running and says BOSS I got to know where the girl is? Boss starts laughing..

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  1. Its really cute and funny..loved it…plz update next asap…m eager to read it

  2. fanofsomeone

    Thank u so much ada n I I didn’t replace Aditi
    So its on adiza

  3. Why not keep it to Neela and prakash instead is starla and raj it gets very confusing but well done

  4. fanofsomeone

    Thanks Aisha
    And no need to get confused because sarla leaves in avni’s NGO and prakash/raj is same its just that I don’t like the name prakash so I gave raj and I didn’ add neela till now

    Hope u are no more confused

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