Namkaran- AvNeil (just enjoy it) Chapter-1

As u all said not to replace aditi . I am not replacing her.

A boy is shown running behind a man as the man was running the boy shoots him from behind in the man’s leg and he falls down. The boy comes he is ACP Neil Khanna

Neil-Raghu bhai 15 murder, 18 kidnapping, 30 robbery you even Killed two of my officers and gave me open challenge to catch u within 24 hours but see caught u within 12hours all of your partners are caught and your works are known by everyone and ya one more thing more 12 hours are left. So what should I do with u (he glares at raghu pointing gun then he calls DD)
DD-Yes sir
Neil-DD take this bhai to our home and serve him some delicious food and drinks
DD- Yes sir
( After Neil and dd had put raghu in jail)
DD-Sir as we have now finished this case . Are u thinking of taking a break?
(As Neil was about to answer his phone rang)
Neil-Yes sir. DD no time for break there is a big fraud case. Let’s go.

(Outside an office there is a long queue and one of the person asked a man standing in the queue)
Man1-Is there any shooting going on here?
Man2- No, not shooting but more than that we all are here waiting for Roshni Ma
Man1-Who is roshni ma?
Man2-She is a women who have magical rings with her. If she gives a ring to someone that person becomes successful within 24 hours. Earlier she was in Bengaluru and have resently shifted to Mumbai for sometime.
(Man1 too gets in the queue)

(A car comes and everybody starts cheering the name roshni ma! roshni ma! A girl dressed up in pink saree with sleeveless blouse and long plain hair (avni in disguise) gets down and waves at the people along with her assistant rani (chinki in disguise) And as they wear going a boy comes running (hired by avni) and touches roshni’s feet
The boy-Thank u roshni ma ! Thank u ! My son was not getting job anywhere but because of u he got job and that too in MD’s post
(Everybody again starts taking her name)
Avni/roshni-Plz don’t touch my feet I am so happy my ring turned out to be useful go and support your son.
(A person comes to her and says I want to become a footballer but I am not selected in even state level matches )
Avni-Don’t worry take the ring it will help u and also practice harder stay confident and my ring is with u only so pay 24thousand and see the result within 24hours.
(And as avni and chinki had all their rings saledsaled and had changed their look and were counting there money avni notice chinki was worried )
Avni-Chinki why are u so worried
Chinki- Avni u remember u told me that in bengaluru one of the customer saw ur real face and heard ur conversation with Ali
Avni-Yes so
Chinki-What if he complains to police
Avni-(laughing) Chinki no need to get scared so much see I know he saw my real face but he doesn’t know anything else about me he even doesn’t know where am I right now and the best thing is he can’t complain to police as people have registered complain against him only
Chinki-So we are completely save
They both laugh and give HI5

Precap- Neil is explained about the fraud case. Avni chinki and Ali go somewhere.

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