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Nameless Love Story… Teaser….KKB


Voice-over says :Welcome to the world of love where you will experience the childhood:
A playground is shown with 2 kids, The boy comes and aims gun at girl and says you are under arrest! Girl turns to him and slaps him, the gun falls down the girl says leave this game! Boy says one day for sure i will kill you in childish way the girl says let’s see!

Voice-over says Welcome to the world of love where you will experience the real love:

A girl is shown whose eyes are tied up by black cloth, a boy on his knees is shown with red and white background! Boy unties the black cloth and seeing the decorations the girl hugs him tightly!

Voice-over says welcome to the world of love where you will experience the betrayal:

A boy is shown sharing hi fi with a girl, he says Love my foot she has to pay for what she did with my sister the girl hugs him and says I love you abhi, the boy says I love you too tanu!

Voice-over says This world of love contains Love and hatred, It contains unintentional mistake which ruined everything:

A girl is shown running at road, a boy is following him, suddenly the girl meets with accident and boy screams Pragyaaaaa!

Voice-over says here you will not only experience love and hatred but Care too!

A girl is shown in hospital room with very bad condition! A boy is walking restlessly in to and fro motion! Doctor comes and says we saved her Mister Abhi but……

Voice over says This world is full of love, full of hatred ,full of unintentional mistakes ,full of Care but still the world is incomplete what makes it incomplete?

A grand Marrige hall is shown with a grand board on which it’s written Abhi weds pragya! Two persons are shown taking rounds , boy thinks What i did wasn’t right but i love you and i hope we will also completely forget what happend! Girl thinks I m marrying you only because of my family , for me it’s a curse to marry the person like you i won’t ever forget what you did with me!

Voice-over says What he did with her? Why the girl has so much hatred towards the boy? Why can’t she accept this marrige by herself ,what makes this love incomplete? If you all want to know wait for End of July ! So finally i welcome you to the world of love, To the world of hatred! To the world of Unintentional mistakes! To the world of Care! To the world of Incomplete Love! Let’s see how will this love story be completed?

Hey Guys This is…….. Can’t tell my real name but i can tell you all my nickname and that’s Sanju! I will start this story if i will get comments and i will get comments if I really deserve! If you guys want me to continue this story do comment i will be glad, i will start this story by end of july only if you guys permit me! I m not new, already i had written many one shots and ff too! So Thank you guys and please do comment!

Stay Blessed ?

Credit to: Sanju..

  1. Krish

    Awesomeeeeeee teaser yaarr sanju i liked it u can continue it fr sure………..

  2. Don’t mention girl boy juz mention they name…anyway good 1 ff..

  3. Prathi

    Continue Yaar awesome Teaser

  4. Nice one. Keep going….!!

  5. It’s really interesting n amazing way of writing yaar in eagerly waiting for ur ff… Really to say it’s superb teaser…

  6. Very nice…keep going…..

  7. Awesome teaser… How we will wait till end of July.. Anyway we will wait for the next update…

  8. Please keep it going

  9. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwssssoooommmeee teaser yaar bt i can’t wait till the end of july its too long yaar pls try to upload soon

  10. nice one

  11. Riyashri

    Awesome Teaser !!! Actually loved it !!! U can surely star….And i would always support u !!
    Hmm…….your nick name is Sanju ……. This is your new name as your nick name is something else…..Becoz I guessed who u r …But not very sure !!! But anyways Keep Rocking in your Updates !!! All The Best Sanju Di !!!

  12. Super pls start soon can’t wait Sanju….

  13. Awesome Sanju…..I love it yaar..u just rocked in ur trailer. ..waiting for ur trailer..
    ALL THE BEST. .Sanju dear

  14. It was really awesome plzzzzzzz 1000 times plz continue this plz plz I loved it

  15. Gud start so many suspenses waitung fd nxt part☺

  16. Sharaya

    This teaser was so awesome!! Pls do continue sanju dear!

  17. Maya

    Very interesting Sanju! ??

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