The Name Written in my Tears (Episode 6)

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the epi starts
background music plays ranvi keep watching her . then her face turns towards him . he wad mismerised by her beauty . then he starts to dance for the song . he forgots himself and dance . when the line oru alagi ulaga alagi he opens his hands towards ish and dances . he then turns back and sees ishu walking towards him in blue and yellow saree with heavy jew. she laughs seeing him and walks further . ranu sees her and shakes his head and again sees her . she laughs . he too laughs and goes towards – runing . he then looks her eyes . then again the same line is repeated ( the song plays in the fm near his room ) . he picks a red rose from the pot nearby ( ishu loves red rose -matsh ) and kneels down and gives it to her . she picks it with hesitation and with shock . then he rounds her and dances . he gets her hand pulls her and forces her to dance with him . he too dances witha hugggge happiness . he then comes back and hugs her . she was stunned . and then he says i love u . i love u till my last breath. u r my world dear . my sunny . ( she dont know who is that ) she asks who is that ? ranu with a shocked tone dont u know ?how many times u have beaten me . as i teased u with that name . pls dont joke . i am not in that mood and sees her naughtly . she asks me aaaaaa ….. and thinks deeply with a confusion . she looks the ground and thinks again . then ranu holds her face and says leave that . i love u . but u didnt said anything for that . she then says i love u too pa . he asks what ? pa va …and again mumers , if ask something then it will belike that sunny topic . should i waste my time ?nooooo . never . and smiles . he hugs her tightly and says finally u said me that 3 magical words . and kisses her lovely . she starts to screm . amba rushs there andasks what happened laxshimi ?
ranvi lax…..shi…mi…aaaa. he sees her who is soooo near to her and gets shock .cha….chi…and they share an eyelock . amba shakes lax.but no response they she calls ranvi . shakes him .he gains knowledge and screms by having his hand on his mouth ( like a girl ) and the song ends .

sudden silence
then ranvi runs towards his room like a child with several jumps and with his full speed . he then looks ishu room where she sleeps happily . he then looks her angirly ( fake ) . like a child who didnt get a chocolate . she rushes to his room and looks it .

in corridor
amba asks parul ( do./lax ) to bring a cup of water . she shouts .then par. rushes there and hands over the cup. she springle it on lax face . she gains her sense . but doesnt respond to anyone . par. asks what happened ?
amba says how i know ? . she says 1st u only ce here . but she says i too dont know .

in room
ranvi goes to bed and tries to sleep again as it is just 5 . am . but again and again lax. face came infriont of his eyes . she looks exactly like a ghost in zoom . he gets terrified due to that and shouts in sleep. he walks here and there . but his thought was same . he gets an idea. he rushes towards god’s photo grabs it and again rushes towards bed . he hugs the photo and closes his eyes forcefully and sleeps.

precap … ishu tries to kiss ranu . but he rejects her ..and cries .lol…(nothing serious )

hope it is sooo funny . ….

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  2. Mind boggling bro

  3. Awesome episode darling! I loved the twist!! Pls update soon dear!

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb Amrita sissy! Very funny…waiting for next.


    Hey dii…….its really funny yaar……I mean its just mind blowing loved it…….hope ishu will make him normal after that incident… !!!!!

  6. Yes rookey dr…..its a funny episode

  7. Very funny

  8. Superb episode Amritha dear it was tooo funny it was really really awesome pls update the next soon ?

  9. Suuueprb job amritha dr. … epi is sooooo funny… I loved it… pls update soon…

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