The Name Written in my Tears (Episode 4)


hai frnds . arham prince sana sathya naren reena mou shalini payal vyshu keerthi tanvee mariya juliana cutiepie and all others whom i miss . a spl
thax to silent readers too . love u all . thax for the support . i am confussed can i write this ff or not as the com. are too low . i like to stop it . pls give me a ans and even some neg. com. abt it . as i can improve more ….lets move into the story ..

i hope u all remember the story . ranvi is 68 years old and he wroye a diary . now it is in raman’s children control . swara was helped by lucky . if u cant regain pls refer my previous epi … sry for the very very late update . i am hurted by a kasam fan … sry . i dont like to say it to ishveer fans . i.e our family as it hurts u too…its k. so only i didnt updated my ff and didnt com. in any ff including naren bro ff…. sry all if i hurted u … if i hurted anyone , i am really sry .

lucky gives his hand , swara runs and gets his hand . then swara comes inside the train .
lucky – hai . i am lucky . what’s ur name ? swara didnt reply .
cant u even thax me ? swara sees him angrily . lucky was mismerised by her beautiful eyes … he says u r so beautiful . u r eyes are .. swara stops him by saying . dont try to flirt with me and goes into her apartment angirly . lucky sees her and says she has a lorry full of ego . what a girl and goes inside . suddenly he remembers something that happened in platform . fb shown with a black and white background like clips … a boy and a girl have some chat and romance . a unknown smiles comes without any invitation in luck.

swara goes inside and widens her eyes . camara turns …
raman hugs ishra from back and keeps his chin on her shoulders . he says u r the beautiful girl i ever saw … she says . not only u . ram asks that means ? in shock . dont worry mr . raman . i meant that , mrs. ishra raman is the beautiful lady in this world so whomever who saw me would have the same feeling ! he smiles in relaxation . ish continues ii means not only that . i might have some other bf too who had the same feeling and said the same to me . raman makes his face like a pug puppy and says i know my wife is not like that in a low sad voice . she says if u want something spl. from me u can get it and sees him in her corner of eyes . he kisses her in cheeks … swara gets shock and blinks like a child and clears her voice and hums to gain their attention . ishra gets shock and moves away with shy . swara asks for children . ishra gets shock and says they r .. they r and with a confussed voice says they r here only . raman aaks if they r here then how could we .. and stops at once . swara continues do romance … they both looks at each other . swara asks them to search them and comes out . lucky and swara hits and rolls in ground . ishra sees them and laugh screen freeezes ..

precap …. ishveer intro …

what happened to kushi and atharna ?

Credit to: Rookey rookers

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  1. Hey Amritha pls continue your ff it is interesting and the episode was good waiting for the next

  2. Pls continue rookey rookers… don’t stop it. It’s interesting. Waiting for the intro of IshVeer

  3. rookey rookers

    thax neelam and sumi
    sry i left ur names . really sry …

  4. awesome………….

  5. rookey rookers

    thax soujanya . whose fan are u ?

  6. Greet episode Rookey Rookers!! Pls don’t end this ff!! It is different and I want to see what happens!

  7. Please don’t end it at least for me I am requesting you with puppy eyes and pout lips in this look no one can regret me so don’t end it because it is having different story line

  8. Pls dmt end tis ff

  9. Marvelous dude

  10. Very interesting. Eagerly wait for ishveer intro

  11. rookey rookers

    k. tanvee kutty reena and rithu dear but pls do com. then only i will get some energy to write the ff . pls do com. even neg . no prblm . but u didnt com. then i dont have any other option to stop this . sry . if i hurt any one . but i will update next for u guys . love u all . ….

  12. rookey rookers

    thax prince my cuttiest bro . i am very happy to get ur com. dear .

    shaloma what is ur real name dear . and where r u from ? i am too from tn dear

  13. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    It was nice Amrita sissy…and waiting for ishveer intro.

  14. Rookey rookers now only i read all ur ffs…..its interesting dr….so pls dont end this …….

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