The Name Written in my Tears (Episode 2)


SWARA asks the children to climb up then ishu foolows, when swara was abt to climb up fully the 1st page flies & hits her face , she was suprised & shocked, then she removes it & sees ishveer pic. she stares it then she comes back to the world, then she says that if people took photos or portrays them like a romantic couple , surely it is not true , they should live like that , they should sacrifice themselves for eachother , but these fellows don’t know even the meaning of true love ,

just then a news paper boy holds an article based on movies , so she thought that it came from his basket and thinks even medias do the same , making foolish of love and viewers , she became frustrated and angry , with the same she crushes that page and finds a place to put it , she saw a bin near her and moves towards that , just then raman shouts her name , she rushes there and got shock ……

PRECAP – A man helps swara to get in the running train ( guess whom ) and she still has that crushed page in her hand .

Credit to: Rookey Rookers ( forever lover of ranvi )

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  1. Great episode dear.. I liked the Swara’s dialogues.. EAGERLY waiting for your next episode! I am super excited with this ff!!

  2. Dear the episode was good I think that the man who helped swara was ranveer and then she match the of ranveer with the face of that crushed page


    Hii Amritha Di….sorry for not to comment actually I’m again admitted in hospital due to blood deficiency from last 3 days today,…..but yap I read all 3 episode it surely one of the storyline for which I was waiting……really brilliant work Di….and today’s episode was lovely liked the way ishveer PIC came on her face…..

    1. Hey dear Dhruva what happened to you my dear just cheer up yourself I think from a long time you fell down to your health just get well soon ? may god bless you?

    2. Hi tiya Di please take care sissy I am praying for you only and I know soon u will recover and soon u will discharge and sissy take caredear bye love u??

    3. Dhuruva dr what happen to u dr.pls take care of ur health get well soon dr

  4. Hi amritha Di how r u I guess u r busy with your studies and superb writing skills and I guess man is RV if wrong don’t scold me

  5. Rookers dr wow superb flow of writting.really ur way is somewhat different.keep going dr.but very short update pls make it long becoz i Want more to read wishes is always wid u dr.just rocking..and dr before mrge also my initial was v,after that it remains the same dr becoz ur mama name is viswanathana,iam really happy after mrge also my initial is v dr

  6. Nice work di…
    I think that the guy will b sanky…
    Get well soon dhruva di..

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hi Amrita sissy.u also started writing ff.happy to see it.really nice.

  8. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    happy for u sathya akka , neelam dear my name is amirtha , and i am from trippur , tamil nadu .
    what abt others ? ritu , sumi , shalini , mou etc…

    thax radhika for com. , hope u love it .

    durva dear pls take care dear , hope will be fine soon , i will pray for u . pls update ur ff , if u can dear

    nass akkk, i am waiting for ur com. , prince bro pls com. fast .

    reena akka , ur r special for me , from the intro , u r the 1 to com. first akka …. love u …

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    i will not scold u tanvee chlm , how can i hurt myself ? u r my chlm sissy right ?

    and guys sry , it is not ranvi ….nor sanky …. lol….

    pls think , out of the box . i hope u not get the ans. then as a writer , i will win ……

  10. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    i hope u will not , sry for typical error ….

  11. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    sana dear , happy to see u dear

  12. Wow day by day u r increasing my excitement. Pls make a bit long episode. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

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