The Name Written in my Tears (Episode 1)

thax reena,juliana,prince,ritu,sumi,tanvee,neelam,shalini
it is a bright day,the sun;s rays falls on a diary is shown which is
kept at a bench,many people r walking
around it,then we came to know it is a railway station( platform ) .
there one man is smoking,
other is holding phone in his hand,a girl walks,a child plays,
a women sits near the diary
but doesnt bothered abt it,many r going inside the train,
finally a family enters
RAMAN – SWARA pls be fast,ISHITHA where r u ?

train will be moved if u come late .
and murmursthat these ladies r always lazy . then swara
and ishitha was shown with 2 children,
they r kushi ( girl )and atharna ( boy ), they runs here and there .
suddenly the wind blows fast,the diary
is focused , 1st page of the diary is shown,there is an
ISHVEER ‘S paniting , which is sooo beautiful.
then atharkush came there and saw that diary,athar thought
of taking that,suddenly kush took that,
they fight for that and the 1st page was tore . the paper flies in
air and reached the floor,camera was shown up,
where the board indicates that the train is moving to megalaya .
then swara calls them both,suddenly they
both had a innocent smile and comes there and hides the diary
with them . swara calls them to come inside the train.

PRECAP the 1st page of the diary hits swara’s face .

sry for a short epi , but com. both good & bad so that , i can impore , its my
1st attempt to write a story lol…

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  1. Dear.. This was a great episode and you dont have to worry that this is your first time writing a story because you are doing AWESOME!! I liked this episode.. I love how you incorporated YHM and Swaragini into the story.. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode.. Anyway.. How are you?

  2. Rookers dr oh happy to see u as a ff writer.really really u did an wonderfull job dr.dnt worry for feedback just rocking r u dr..U know onething dr when i read tis epi scenes are flowing in my mind its a wonderfull experiance.ur way of writting is different so keep tis way throughout the whole episodes dr.all the best my sweet sissy

  3. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ohh my sweety..u done very great job dr…and whr is intro dr…i can’t see tat…

  4. Hi sissy u have done an awesome job ur writing skills are awesome waiting for next

  5. Hi dear story is going in a good flow and it is interesting I eagerly wants to know that what had happened to ishveer pls update the next soon

  6. Wowwwwwww….. I just loved it…… Suuuuuuperb…… U r a fabulous writer…. I loved ur way of writing….. And epi is suuuuuperb….. Everything I loved….. It’s soooo interesting….. Pls pls pls update soon….

  7. Interesting ff. Eagerly waiting for next.

  8. No worries. Don’t worry about short or long. … it was really good that you got such a talent to write a ff.
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    oh god , really i am flying , am i have these many talents ? nass akka it will be 4th or 5th page akka , pls see that akka , sathya v akka , v stands for what ? viswanathan mama va ? akka what romantic jodi ? kalakunga kalakunga …. thax for all others i am happy that even silent readers r com. here after 20th may i will update daily 3 epi. so no worries . i hope , i don’t want to thax u all , as there should be no thax or sry bt frnds .

    prince bro , where r u ? tanvee chlm , juliana akka ,my ff will never stand before ur ffs , even i now that dears … dont appreciate me more . k. ( kalaikathega pa )

    sumi , neelam , where r u guys from ? as i dont know abt u much !

    shalani di and reena di , so sweet of u , shalini nega trichy tha na and reena akka what abt u ?

    mou thax dear , for ur com. r u a silent reader ?

    ritu where r u ?

    1. Hey dear I am from Lucknow,U.P and where are you from and what is your real name as I also don’t know about you,can I??

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