naksh’s love (os)


Hi guys ,this is an os on naksh and his love . a special thanks to jasmine Rahul who suggested me to write on naksh and his love . since this is an os it will have only one episode . pls comment
Naira understands akshara and forgives her . naira says forgive me mumma , I misunderstood u . akshara says its ok naira and hugs her . naitik hugs naira and akshara . naksh says mujhe bhi mila lo , and they have a family hug . naksh says papa I am going to hotel ok . naitik says ok naksh . akshara says now everything is settled in our life naitik , except naksh . naitik says han akshara we should get him married soon . akshara hugs naitik , she says naitik ,already naksh is broken by his first marriage . now we should find such a girl who is caring

In some hospital
A girl is doing surgery to somebody , her face is shown , she looks beautiful . she comes out . the relatives of the patient come rushing to her and say doctor how is my daughter . the girl says the operation was successful . another doctor says don’t worry , aastha has done this surgery , she is very talented , if she is involved, the work will be successful . the patient’s mother smiles .
akshara says I have already informed my friends to look for some good girl , who is suitable for our naksh . naitik says tho , sheela aur vani marriage contractors ban gaye . akshara laughs .
naksh is in the restaurant , he is working . he gets a call . it was aastha on the other line . aastha says shall I talk to mr. dubey pls . naksh gets happy hearing her sweet voice . he says u have a very beautiful voice . aastha gets annoyed, she says who r u , r u not mr. dubey, sorry wrong number and cuts the call . naksh says what a sweet voice , she has then he remembers how tara had betrayed him , he thinks , even tara’s voice was sweet . naksh continues his work .
after some days
aastha is at her home . a man comes there . he says aastha tomorrow don’t go to hospital na . aastha asks why papa . the man , mr. kapoor says because , the boy’s family is coming tomorrow to meet u .aastha asks boy? Mr.kapoor says the boy who is going to marry u . aastha says papa I always listen to ur words , I have faith in u . mr.kapoor says I am so happy that I got such a daughter like u who is soo humble , inspite of ur intelligence and smartness .
akshara says naksh tomorrow we r going to see a girl , if u like the girl it is okay , even if u don’t like her , u tell us . naksh says ok ma , but I am not agreeing for marriage but I am only agreeing to see the girl ok . akshara hugs naksh .
. akshara and the family come to kapoor mansion , they see mr . kapoor . mr.kapoor says Namaste akshara ji , akshara says radhe krishn . mr.kapoor says my wife died when aastha was thirteen , after that astha only took care of sara and our house . she is a doctor . naksh says in akshara’s ears ma , I am getting late , my client will be waiting . mr.kapoor sees this and says sara(aastha’s sis ) aastha ko bulana . aastha comes there in a beautiful salwar . she says can I talk wid naksh . akshara says sure . naksh says hi I am naksh . aastha says I know , I am aastha . I am ready to marry u because I know my father decides the best for me ,naksh says mumma also decides the best for me . so u r ok wid the marriage . aastha says yes .

After some days aastha and naksh get married . they get married only for their family . it was totally a arranged marriage
Aastha says ma mein hospital ke liye nikalthi hun and goes out . naksh also comes the same way , he collides wid aastha . aastha is about to fall down when naksh holds her . they get lost in each other’s eyes . aastha gets up and says bye naksh and goes . naksh sees her (yeh rishta kya plays).aastha is in hospital . she treats a man , she sees naksh in him , just then she realises it was not naksh but somebody else . she realises she was always thinking about naksh . she says yeh kya ho gaya mujhe (jadoo yeh kya chal gaya plays) . next another patient comes , he too appears to be naksh to aastha . she asks what is the problem that u have . it was really naksh , naksh says aastha it is me , I am not patient , I have come to pick u up . aastha thinks so this is really naksh , and pinches herself . she goes wid naksh to home .
Naksh is in his room , he sees aastha in his phone , he says u look so beautiful aastha , I married u only for mumma but now I really love u how will I tell u this . aastha has been listening all this . naksh gets shocked , he says voh . aastha says naksh u r my husband u r reacting as if . within aastha could complete her sentence naksh hugs her . he asks do u love me . aastha says yes naksh and kisses naksh on his cheek and runs away from there blushing . naksh smiles (yeh rishta…. plays ) .
After some days
Naksh is getting ready to go to restuarant , his shirt button falls down . aastha says naksh aap ko time nahi hai na , I will stitch it like this itself and stitches the button . naksh and aastha have a eye lock . naksh says I am getting late bye and kisses on her cheeks and goes . aastha says iska time hai . naksh says hann and goes . aastha smiles . akshara comes there ,and says lo aastha ur lunch and gives her a box . aastha says ma u know I lost my mother at the age of thirteen , but I got a new mother at the age of twenty three . akshara says ya I too got a daughter . I have three children now , that is u , naira and naksh . aastha hugs akshara .

After one month
Aastha calls naksh , she says naksh I am pregnant
Naksh gets excited . he says wow mein papa bannewala hoon and kisses aastha over phone , he says I am coming now . aastha says naksh one more thing , I am bearing twins . naksh says wow .
Naksh comes home , he sees aastha and hugs her , he says thank u so much aastha , I am so happy that I married u , ours marriage was a arranged one , we did not know much about each other , I cant believe that we became so close . I love u so much . I knew it mumma’s choice would be good . aastha says I knew my papa’s choice would be good . naksh says my mumma , aastha says my papa’s . aastha says naksh we r going to become parents soon and we r fighting like babies . naksh says u r a baby to me and lifts her . aastha says naksh codiya mujhe . akshara comes there wid nairaand naitik , she says sorry I came at the wrong time and goes out . aastha says maa rukiye , aap dadi banne vali hai . akshara is surprised , she says really . aastha says dho dho bacchon ke liye . akshara hugs naitik , she says aap dada aur mein dadi . naksh hugs aastha and says mein papa aur yeh ma . aastha smiles seeing naksh so happy
They r blessed wid a baby boy and girl . they live happily ever after wid akshara , naitik and naira

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  1. bahut bahut acchi actually i was very angry on the daily serial (yrkkh) for making naksh a side character
    after reading this os im very happy and delighted
    im waiing for such scenes in the daily serial
    anyhow thanks for posting such a nice os
    im so thankful to u
    but instead of os u can write ff bcauz ur ideas thoughts and story line was awwwsssoooommmmmm belle

    1. u r right , I too don’t like naksh being a single and a side character , they should give him a pair on the show . thank u for the comment

  2. I forgot to tell that aasthas role is played by shrenu parikh

  3. Sarayumane

    such a wonderful ff, and astha is the best choice for naksh

    1. thank u

  4. Jigaysa

    It was lovely and not like the boring track of the serial

    1. thank u

  5. Sethidisha002

    osam and lovely muah

    1. thank u

  6. Jasmine rahul

    Thank you so much for this os.naksh aastha 1st meeting was nice.they married 4 their family n unknowingly they fell in luv.fall scene, button scene, aastha seeing naksh in d patient, confession scene n pregnancy revelation scene were romantic. They had twins too.liked d short scene of aastha akshara bonding too.motherless aastha got a mother like akshara.
    I asked u 4 this os bcz I wanted s season2 of ur ye rishta ff with naksh aastha n naira n her luv interest. Since u r busy I just wanted an os n im very happy 4 this romantic os.

  7. Jasmine rahul

    Please write an os on samar’s luv story. Plz choose a famous actress as monica.plz try to do it in 2 days.
    Somebody started a combined ff on ishra n ashlok. But after part one it got discontinued. So when u get time plz write a story on ishra n ashlok.just 2 or 3 parts r enough.dont 4get to continue ur ishra rivanya ff too

    1. I will write and os on samar and monica , but sorry dear I cant write on ashlok because I have never seen the show , so I don’t know anything about them , really sorry , thank u for the comment

      1. Jasmine rahul

        No problem. I thought u know ashlok as u chose aastha.When will you continue ur ishra rivanya ff? Which r the serials u have watched?

  8. i watch this serial only for gayu(avni).. and they made her side character,very disappointing. and i dnt like nayra… they took not a right girl for nayra’s character..she is not like previous nayra
    … so i left this serial..

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