Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 7

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Let’s begin
Next day kartik went to his home with his luggage
Trisha:I’m so happy now u will stay with us
Jai:yes kartik but now Trisha is going
Kartik was confused
Jai:actually today boy’s family is coming to see her
Kartik:wow di that great finally you moved on
Jai:ok kartik now intake rest
Kartik:ok dad
Then jai leaves
Kartik:what happen di why r u sad r u not happy.
Trisha:kartik u know it’s very difficult for me to forget his betrayal I’m meeting this boy only for dad
Kartik:ok but u will not take any decision under pressure ok
Trisha:ok baba waise how is my sister in law
Trisha:yes naira I know u love her
Kartik:what how
Trisha:duffer I’m your sis and know u very well I can see in your eyes how much you love her
Kartik:hmm but she doesn’t love me
Trisha:don’t worry kartik everything will be perfect
And they share a sibling hug
On the other side Maura talk to naksh
Naira:I’m glad bhai that I r moving on
Naksh:no naira I can’t whenever I think of moving on Tara’s face comes in front of me her betrayal how mumma papa cried for me how everyone was sad bcuz of me that’d why I’m meeting this girl
Naira:bhai I’m happy that I r meeting the girl and I’m feeling that this girl Will nlbe perfect for u
Naksh:hmm hope so
And they smile

In the evening singhania’s reach the girls house and naksh is shocked to see that it is Trisha house

They enters the house and jaideep and kartik welcomed them (everyone knew kartik’s past)

Everyone sat down
Jai:kartik go bring Trisha
Kartik:yes dad
Naira:uncle if you don’t mind can I bring Trisha di
Jai:sure beta kartik take her to Trisha’s room
Kartik:yes dad
Kartik takes her to Trisha room
She knocks the door
Trisha:come in
Kaira enter the room
Trisha:arre naira u
Naira:why can’t I come
Trisha:of course u can but what r u doing here
Naira:kartik u didn’t tell her that naksh Bhai is the boy who is coming to see her
Kartik:no actually I was going to tell her but ashna called me so afterwards I forgot to tell her
Naira(monologue):huh ashna called him so he forgot to tell her from the time ashna came he didn’t even look at me once only ashna ashna
Trisha observed her and smiled
Naira:come let’s go everyone is waiting
Kaira bring Trisha and make her sit
Trisha serves them tea and snacks
Then she sit besides naksh

Jai:well I think the children should talk alone
Naitik:yes why not
Jai:Trisha take naksh to your room
Trisha nods and then they both go to Trisha room
The environment was awkward
Trisha:naksh I want to tell u something I’m ready for this marriage bcuz my dad wants it I have seen hope in his eyes that this time I’ll say yes I know about your past and I’m sure dad told you that my marriage broke bcuz the boy I loved he loved my money And on the marriage day he left me I was broken and I think that all boys are same
Naksh:hmm I know and I have also gone through the same past so I’m also ready to marry u but I’m sorry I need time for this relationship
Trisha:I also but can we at least pretend that we’re happy bcuz our parents have lot of hopes

Then they go to the hall and tell everybody that are ready for the marriage
Everyone was very happy
They decided that the engagement will happen after 2 days and marriage will be after one month as naksha kundli was matched and they were made for eo

After 2 days it was engagement day
In these 2days naira’s jealousy topped levels bcuz kartik refused to come with her to shopping and went with ashna then he hugged ashna saying she was looking beautiful then he gave her white rose and then he went to dinner with her
Naira was frustrated as to why kartik was ignoring her

It was evening and people began to come for the engagement
Gayu and naira brought Trisha down
All the three were looking stunning and for a moment naksh was drowned in trishas beauty
Here kartik was mesmerized seeing naira and raj was going crazy seeing gayu
Then naksha exchanged rings everyone was enjoying

Naira goes to kartik and sees him talking with ashna
Naira:kartik I want to talk to u alone pls
Kartik signal ashna to go
Kartik:what happen naira
Naira:why r u ignoring me
Kartik:no I’m not
Naira:then why whenever I call u you r busy when ever I come to talk u r busy first everything was fine then why This now
Kartik:u want to know the truth then listen I’m maintaining distance from u bcuz I know if I am around u I won’t be able to control my feeling and naira u must be happy bcuz now no one is irritating listen naira I’m not angry on you it’s just u don’t want my love and that why I’m going away from u so that u r happy
And he goes
While naira stands there shocked ,confused and hurt she straight went to her room


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