Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 6

Hi guys I’m glad that youbr liking my ff

Let’s begin
Naira comes down
Akshara:arre naira u came come sit for breakfast u know today raj and ashna are coming they were your childhood friend in cape town
Naira:oh yes mumma I remember I’m so happy that they are coming

Naitik:ok naira gayu let’s go to office
Nayu:yes papa/mama ji
They reach the office
Kartik:good morning sir hi gayu
Naitik:good morning
Naira was sad that kartik didn’t talk to her

At lunch time
Nayu naitik and kartik were discussing something and eating
They heard a knock
Naitik:come in
Then a girl and a boy entered the cabin
Seeing them kaira were delighted
Naira:raj ashna u came
Rajna :naira we’re so happy to meet you Ayer long time
Ashna:and kartik what r u doing here
Kartik:I’m working here
Ashna:oh ok
Saying this ashna goes and hugs kartik and raj goes and.hugs naira
Both kaira were jealous seeing the other hugging

Then the guys and girls hugged
Maura introduces them to naitik and gayu
Naitik:Naira u go and njoy with friends and gayu u also go
Gayu:but mama ji what will. I do they’re friends
Naira:oh come on di pls

They go for sight seeing and the in the evening they went for coffee

In cafe they were sitting in this order naira ,kartik,ashna,raj,gayu
Kartik:ok so guys tell me what will you’ll take I’ll give the order and come
Gayu:for me also cappuccino
Naira:black tea
Kartik:ok I’ll give the order and come
Naira:aree u didn’t ask ashna
Kartik smiled at ashna and said
Kartik:yes bcuz I know her very well and I know what she wanna have
Ashna:so sweet of you kartik
Kartik went to give order
Naira (monologue):huh I know her very well my foot how dare he flirt with her that too in front of me but why do I care
Gayu :naira what are you thinking
Naira:nothing gayu di

Then she saw that raj was staring lovingly at gayu so she started to tease him
Naira:gayu di I’m not thinking anything but I guess raj is something something haan
Raj understood her intention
Raj:oh so naira sweet heart has become intelligent not bad
Kartik came and heard him calling naira sweet heart
Kartik(monologue):as it is naira is not accepting me and this raj has become enemy of my love
Kartik:here are your orders everyone
Everyone drinkks the beverages

Ashna:so sweet kartik you still remember my favorite flavor
Kartik just smiled and noticed naira’s face which was burning with jealousy so he decided to tease her more
Kartik:of course ashu how can I forget your favorite things after all we know eo since so long and you haven’t changed yet
Saying this he removed his handkerchief and wiped the coffee from her face
Kartik:till now also you have this habit and I’m here to wipe your face
And they kept talking

Naira:ok guys let go it’s getting late
Raj:yes let’s go
And they came out of the cafe
Raj and ashna were staying in hotel so they’re going to hotel directly
Naira hugged rajna and bid them bye
Then they went

Kartik:come Maura gayu I’ll leave you’ll to home
Naira:no need you go and leave ashna only at her hotel don’t come with me
Kartik:gayu can you smell something is burning
Gayu:yes kartik I thing not something but the whole naira is only burning due to jealousy
And they laughed

Naira made faces
Naira:huh I’m not jealous ok
Kartik:yes we know
And they again started laughing

After sometime they reached home and kartik went from the door only

Naira went to her room and closed the door
Naira:huh I’m not jealous
She remembers how kartik and ashna were talking and laughing how ashna called him sweet heart and an unknown fear conquered her heart of losing kartik
She went to sleep but she couldn’t her mind was only about kartik

In naksh room akshara and naituk entered and said something which shocked naksh
Akshara:naksh I want u to get married move on beta we can’t see u like this
Naksh:but mumma what if the girl is a betrayed like her
Naitik:naksh all are not same beta and final decision will be yours but pls once meet the girl she is very nice and we want you to settle down
Naksh:ok papa I’ll meet her
Naitik:very good tomorrow evening we’re going to the girls house
Then they left his room and naksh went to sleep

Other side in Trisha house her dad also said the same thing to her and she agreed on his insistence

That it for today
Guys pls comment and let me know your views on this
Raj role is played by mishkat verma
Ashna role is played by vrushika aka ishaana of ishqbaaz

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  10. what is the meaning of maura

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