Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 5

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Lets begin
Kartik Trisha and jaideep are shocked seeing eachotger
Trisha goes to kartik with tears in her eyes kartik is also standing with tears in his eyes
Trisha slaps kartik
Everyone is shocked
Kartik:trishu I wo
Trisha:what wo wo haan how could you leave me and go kartik how
Kartik:no trishu I really didn’t want to go to u know how much I loved you and I love you now also trishu
Naira is shocked listening to kartik
Unknowingly tears started flowing through her eyes
Naira(monologue):what but how can kartik love her kartik told me that he loves her no this can’t happen

Trisha:I missed you soo much kartik
And she hugged him
Naksh(monologue):how can she hug kartik and that too in front of me huh what I’m thinking I’ve gone mad I think

Kartik:accha then why you slapped me
Trisha:then what should I do you never came back after that day you know how much we missed you how much dad missed you
Then kartik looks at jaideep standing

He goes towards him and takes his blessings
He extends his hands towards jaideep
Jaideep hugged him
Jaideep:where were you my child
Kartik:I’m sorry dad I should not have left like rthat I’m sorry
Jaideep:it’s ok but now you won’t go anywhere otherwise you know your trishu di anger
Kartik:yes dad
Trishu:haww dad whom will I be angry on ha he is my only bro
Naksh/naira(monologue):what bro it means rehydration are siblings
And they started smiling but they didn’t know why
Everyone were confused as to what was happening
Naitik:kartik Mr sinha can you pls explain what is happening
Jai:yes sure Mr naitik but first let’s begin our meeting

After sometime the meeting is over And it was successful

Jai:Mr naitik is if yoy dont mind can we go to my house and discuss about kartik
Naitik:yes sure

All go to sinha mansion
When they entered the mansion there was a large photo frame of the jai his wife jaya(death)kartik and Trisha

They sat on the sofa
Trisha:uncle what would you have tea coffee juice
Naitik:no no nothing beta its ok
Jai:Mr naitik before six years jaya my wife died on kartik birthday and I blamed kartik for it rant he is bad omen I loved jaya a lot and therefore I was hurt and I said all this in frustration I never meant these words after that kartik left home and told tahtbhe would one day become successful and I know he is successful and happy I know he can never forgive me but Still I want to try

Naitik:hmm I’m sorry for your wife Mr sinha and I’m glad that you shared your past with us
(Sinhas and naitik were old business partners)
Now we shall leave

Kartik:ok dad I’ll also leave
Jai:but kartik
Kartik:dad I Need sometime
Trisha and kartik hugged and kartik went

Kartik reached home and was remembering his childhood memories
Naira and everyone reached home
Naira was lost somewhere
She was thinking about what happened with kartik and felt sad

It’s night everyone went to sleep
Kaira was thinking about eo now it was normal for them bcuz they often think only about eo
In morning naira got up and saw kartik sleeping beside her
She screamed
Kartik:shhh naira don’t scream someone may hear
Naira:what are you doing here
Kartik:oh ho my love I came to meet you but saw that you are sleeping so I also slept
Naira :kartik pls stop this and go from here someone may see
Naksh comes and knocks
Naksh:naira naira open ten door
Naira:pls go kartik
Kartik:I’m in love e so why to get scared
Naira:psl go
Kartik:ok on one condition give me my morning kiss
Naira :what
Naksh:naira open teg door
Naira:yes Bhai
Naira :pls go kartik
Kartik:first you give me my morning kiss Then I’ll go
Naksh:what happened naira are you alright wait I’ll call mumma papa
And he calls them
Naira:ok but only today
Naira closes her eyes and is about to kiss kartik suddenly gayu comes
Gayu:why are you smiling naira get up get up
Fayyad is waking naira
Yes guys it was a dream
Naira gets up shocked
Gayu:what happened naira
Naira:nothing di you go I’ll Coen down
Naira gets ready and is standing in front of the mirror and remembering the dream she blushed hard
Naira:what am I thinking Do I love kartik no no mat be yes but he is my friend urgh it’s so confusing
This is it for today
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