Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 4

Lets begin
Kaira are having and intense eyelock
Naira broke eye contact
Naira:wo umm wo l
Kartik:it’ ok naira you don’t need to explain
Naira:come let’s go everyone will be waiting
She went avoiding further embarrassment
Kartik:I’m so happy today at least I know that naira cares for me and I’m sure she will realize her love soon
Kaira went down

Kartik:ok mam sir I’ll leave now
Naitik:ok kartik but don’t forget tomorrow we have an important meeting
Kartik:yes sir I’ll be there on time
Saying this kartik left
Naira also went out after him giving some excuse
Naira:kartik listen
Kartik:what happen naira
Naira:take care of yourself and have food I’ve packed food for you pls eat it otherwise you will fall ill

Kartik:naira if you will take care of me like this then I’ll be more than happy to be ill all my life
Naira:pls kartik don’t tell these things bye
Naira goes in
Naitik:naira gayu naksh I want you all to attend tomorrow’s meeting
Naira:but papa what will I do there
Naitik:princess I want all my children to attend this meeting it’s very important for our company and naira we are planning to have a factory in rishikesh also so we need your help
Naira:ok papa
All go to sleep

In gayu room
Gayu was crying
Gayu:I’m trying my best to forget kartik and I have bcuz he doesn’t love me but I promise I’ll give my best to unite kaira
Flashback shows
Gayu saw kartik coming so she pushed naira stool so that kartik can save her
Flashback ends
Gayu:naira is perfect for kartik

In naira room she was sleeping on the bed and thinking about kartik and how he kept fast for her and a smile appeared on her face

In kartik room he was thinking about naira concern for him and he smiled widely

In the morning
Naitik kaira naksh and gayu have arrived
Naitik:kartik you bring the files we’re in the conference room
Kartik:yes sir

In conference room
Mr jaideep sinha along with his daughter Trisha sinha enter
Naitik:hello Mr sinha nice to meet you
Jai:same here Mr naitik
Naksha saw each other
Jai:what happened Trisha you know him
Trisha :yes dad he’s the one who stopped me from committing suicide
Naitik:naksh you know her

Naksh:yes papa she’s the one about whom I was telling yesterday
Jai:very good you’ll know eo so let’s begin the meeting
Naira:yes sure once kartik comes with the files we can start
Kartik knocks on the door
Naitik:come in
Kartik enters
Kartik jaideep and Trisha are shocked seeing eo

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