Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 3

Lets begin
Naksh:hmm so bye
And both go to their respective cars
Naksh while driving
Naksh(monologue):Trisha nice name
Huh what am I thinking no she is not good in fact all girls are same they don’t care about anyone’s feelings
Trisha car
Trisha(monologue):naksh is a sweet boy but all boys are same first sweet and then they show their true colors
Both naksha reach their respective home

It was karwachaut
Everyone was busy in doing preparation Naira was standing on the stool and putting some flowers
Gayu came that way and saw naira putting flower and she pushed the stool a little bit and went from there
Naira was about to fall on the floor but as faith would have it she fell in kartiks arms
Kaira had an eyelock
Kartik made her stand
Naira:thanks kartik
Kartik:it’s ok naira and I did it for myself only
Kartik:yes if you would fall then I will feel the pain no
Naira:kartik pls
Kartik:Whts pls naira I told you yesterday that I can never stop loving you ok leave all this tell me how is your day going
Gayu came there
Gayu:kartik you

Kartik:hi gayu
Gayu:hi come have food
Kartik:like this only
Someone calls gayu and she goes
Now kaira are alone
Kartik:so naira are you fasting
Kartik:and for whom
Naira:for a good husband
Kartik:then you don’t need to fast bcuz you already have a very good future husband
Naira:very funny
And naira goes
Kartik:I hope naira understand my love soon
Gayu:don’t worry kartik Maura will accept your love
Kartik:arre gayu you
Gayu:hmm waise I must say naira is very lucky bcuz you are fasting for her
Kartik:how you know
Gayu:I just guessed but now it’s confirmed
Kartik:ok see you I’ve to show these files to sir
Gayu: -ok (monologue)I know kartik that you love naira a lot and I’m sure naira will also accept you I don’t want to come in between you both but I hope that you both remanin happy always my love isn’t selfish

In evening
Moon is seen and all the women break their fast
Gayu also breaks her fast
Suddenly naira falls unconscious
Everyone panics
Kartik rushes to her
Kartik:naira get up naira
Naira opens her eyes and her sight falls on ten moon and then on kartik
Gayu gives kartik glass of water
Kartik makes naira drink the water and makes her stand up
Akshara:what happened naira
Naitik:are you fine beta
Naira:don’t worry mumma papa I’m fine
Everyone go inside the house except kaira
Kartik feels weakness and stumbles a little
Naira :what happen kartik and makes him drink water
Naira:who told you to fast for me haan when you know that you can’t
Kartik:how you know that I’m fasting
Naira:don’t change the topic ok
Kartik:why do you care naira if anything happens to me if I die also
Naira keeps her hand on his mouth
Naira(teary eyed):never tell like this
Kaira have an intense eyelock

So guys did you like this update of how kaira broke each others fast unknowingly
Pls comment and let me know
Sorry for less naksha scenes

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  1. u know who.........

    i loved it . so nice keep writing more and fast

    1. Summaya

      Thanks dear

  2. Sarayumane

    I like this

    1. Summaya

      Thanks sarayumane

  3. nice bt write long kaira scenes..plzz its short

    1. Summaya

      Thanks and I’ll try to give more kaira scenes

  4. Hales

    Loved it …pata nhi in reality kaira together kab dekhne ko millega..

    1. Summaya

      Thanks hales

    1. Summaya

      Thanks tina dear

  5. Lovely dear keep it going
    Kaira milan write it more intense dear like accident jealousy
    as we dont see it coming in tv sacrificing drama starts there
    thank u

    1. Summaya

      Thanks anu and kaira union will be dhamakedar

  6. It’s really awesome I loved it can u show Naira accepting Karthiks love ❤️❤️
    I wrote a ff but it’s not getting published only
    What to do ??
    Btw anybody on watt pad writing on kaira ??

    1. Summaya

      Thanks virat and in upcoming updates you’ll get kaira

  7. I like it but its too short

    1. Summaya

      I’ll try to update long and thanks yami dear

  8. Summaya

    Thanks sethidisha

  9. Avishi

    Whoo soo cute well done?

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