Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 2

Hi guys I’m very happy bcuz of your overwhelming comments
According to the votes Tanya sharma will be paired with naksh

Lets begin
The singhania family is leaving
Kartik looks at naira
And naira avoids his gaze on her
Gayu is teary eyed seeing kartiks love for naira
Then the singhania leaves
Kartik straight goes to his room
Kartik removes naira picture from his cupboard and hugs the picture
Kartik:naira I love you a lot pls accept me naira I promise that I will treat you as my queen
And he cries miserably he keeps his head on the bed and sits on the floor
Je keeps crying while hugging naira photo

Meanwhile the singhanias reach home
All go to their respective rooms
Naira goes to her room and remembers kartik proposal how she rejected him how today he told that his love is not weak all their good memories are going on in her mind
She cries
Naira:I don’t know what to do I don’t know what I feel for kartik I never thought of him more than a friend
She also cries and sleeps while Thinking about kartik

In gayu room
Gayu was thinking how kartik told that he loves naira she was heartbroken she cried her heart out but decided something
Screen shows kartik naira crying face and gayu crying yet determined face

Next morning
Kartik comes to the hall
Rashri:arre kartik come have food
Kartik:no aunty I’m not hungry bye I’m going to office
Rashri:ok but eat something in office
Kartik:yes aunty
Kartik goes out
Kuhu comes to him and tells
Kuhu:I know kartik bro why you are not eating
Kartik:why I’m not eating
Kuhu:bcuz you are fasting for naira di
Kartik:see everyone can see my love for naira except her
Kuhu:don’t worry bro di will understand soon
And he goes to office

Meanwhile naksh is travelling in car
He had gone somewhere for work and was returning
He saw a girl standing on the bridge railing
Trying to commit suicide
He ran towards her and pulled her
The girl landed on his chest naksh was mesmerized by seeing her beauty
Girl:what the hell how dare you pull me you idiot
Naksh:excuse me I saved you from committing a big mistake and you are shouting on me only all girls are the same
Girl:oh hello how you saved me haa
Naksh:you were committing suicide
Girl:what are you crazy I wasn’t committing suicide I was standing here for inhaling cool breeze
Naksh:what are you mad who stands here for inhaling cool breeze
Girl:excuse me how dare you call me mad don’t you know who I am
Naksh:well I think you are you are oh my god
Girl smirks:yes tell
Naksh:you are a mad girl
And he starts laughing
Girl:urgh shut up all boys are same only know to laugh on girls and use them as toys

Naksh becomes serious
Naksh:no it’s not boys but girls who are betrayers
Girl:well after listening to you I think you have gone through a bad past with girls
Naksh:hmm well same goes for you
Girl:yes waise I’m trisha sinha
Naksh:hi I’m naksh singhania
And it ends on their smiling face

So friends pls tell me did you like this part
And naksha ( naksh +trisha )first meet pls comment

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  1. keep it up i like u episode a lot

    1. Summaya

      Thank you so much yami dear

  2. nice liked the first meeting of naksha

    1. Summaya

      Thanks ruby dear

  3. Ruchitha

    it’s a nice episode……..

    1. Summaya

      Thanks ruchita dear

  4. plz write more of kaira..plzzzzz

    1. Summaya

      Thanks queen

  5. You have a amazing imagination wonderful ff can’t wait for next episode

    1. Summaya

      Thank you so much kiran for your overwhelming comment

  6. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Nice… But plz make naira realize her love.. I want more naira scenes

    1. Summaya

      Sure keerthi dear naira will realize her love soon

  7. Sethidisha002

    pls dont seperate kaira and gayu should not come in between lovebirds

    1. Summaya

      Don’t worry sethidisha gayu will play a very interesting role in kaira love story

  8. Renee

    nice one summaya

    1. Summaya

      Thanks renee dear

  9. Plz make more kaira scenes and make naira realise her love for kartik.
    It was awesome update.
    Naksha was also very good.
    Post the next update very soon.

    1. Summaya

      Thanks namrata dear

  10. Awesome episode

  11. Avishi

    Good epispde and meet was nice

    1. Avishi

      Sorry episode

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