Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 16

Let’s begin

Kartik:well naksh after what you did I don’t think that di will agree soon
Naksh:hmm so what shall I do
Kartik:we’ll give them their favorite ice-cream and convince them
Naksh:yes and then they both will throw the ice cream on us
Naksh:what do you think that these girls will agree like this no chance even if we bring them moon they’ll not be convinced we have to think something special
Kartik:I’m doing bcoz I love naira why are you doing it
Trisha was coming in sm bcoz naira called her she heard this and thought to hear naksh’s answer
Naksh was speechless

Naksh:mum bcoz we’re going to marry and we should not fight yeah this is the reason
Trisha was sad she didn’t know why she wanted to hear something else
She went in to meet naira
Naira:aree bhabhi you came I was waiting for you
Trisha:OK first tell me what happen
Naira:let’s talk I’m room
Trisha:OK wait I’ll greet veryone and come
Trisha greets everyone and how so naira’s room
Trisha:OK now tell
Naira:you know bhai and kartik are thinking of ways to convince us
Trisha:hmm so
Naira:so I was thinking that we should be convinced only when they do something unexpected bcoz they did very bad that kartik how dare he talk about his crush in front of me
Trisha:yes and naksh also scared me now I’ll not be convinced if he brings moon Also for me
Kartik and nakhs hear this

They go to naksh’s room
Naksh:see I told you they won’t be convinced easily
Naksh:let’s try your ice cream idea

Naksh and naira go to Trisha and naira respectively and take them to ice cream shop they both eat ice cream but don’t get convinced

(Naksha and kaira have gone to different ice cream parlor)
Naira comes out and calls Trisha
Naira:hello bhabhi they think that well get convinced with ice cream
Trisha:yes but they do t know that we’re not dumb to waste this opportunity
And they laugh and keep the phone
On The other hand naksh calls kartik
Naksh:so did naira agree
Kartik:no and Trisha
Naksh:no come let’s meet at home and decide
And they drive to home
On the way kartik sees a flower shop and stops the car he brings a beautiful orchids bouquet for naira
Naira takes it and smiles and keeps it on the back seat and smirks
Kartik sits in car sadly and drives to sm
They go home and see that all are gone to mandir so kartik sends chitti uncle by some excuse

Naksha reach home and see no one
Trisha goe ago naira while kartik goes to naksh and whispers something in his ears and naksh smiles widely
Naksh:wow Kartik good idea but how will we do it
Kartik:yea don’t worry we’ll see
While trisha and naira are confused as to what they are planning

Precap:naksh and kartik finally succeeded in convincing their fiance’s

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