Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 15


Let’s begin
Trisha enters the place and it’s very dark she gets little scared
She hears naksh voice and goes towards that direction and gets shocked seeing Nash lying on the floor with all blood coming from his head
Trisha shouts:naksh
And goes towards him and cries she tries to call akshara but just then naksh gets up laughing
Naksh:see your fave trisha OMG now you know that I’m very fun loving
Trisha was angry
Trisha:wth you mad bcoz of you I got so scared I might die now out of shock
Naksh puts hand on her mouth
Naksh:never say like this
They share an eye lock
They break the eye lock after some time
Trisha:I’ll not talk to you katti
Nash:arre but
Trisha goes from there in her car and naksh goes to his home

On the other hand
Kartik come to sm and calls naira and everyone and asks naira to close her eyes
Naira closes her eyes and opens it and gets shock seeing the scene in front of her all the rishikesh orphanage children are standing there she gets teary eyed and runs towards them and hugs many children one by one she greets everyone
Kartik:so did you like it
Naira:I love it but how come they are here
Kartik:actually papa has started and orphanage here and yesterday I saw you crying so I thought I’ll call them here they can stay here in this orphanage and you’ll be able to meet them
Naira:I’m so happy
Akshara:and lucky also naira bcoz kartik loves u alot
Naira nods
Then all the children stay for sometime and then go to the orphanage with the caretaker
Naksh comes home all tensed thinking how to convince Trisha bcoz she was annoyed with him
He goes towards his room and thinks

Other side all the youngsters were sitting in the garden kaira were sitting beside eo and rayu were sitting beside eo (ashna left bcoz she had some work in Mumbai)
Raj:gayu tomorrow is your first presentation in office r u Ready
Gayu:yes just once you see it
Raj:yes let’s see it now
They go towards gayu’s room and in the room she slips but as faith would have it Raj held her and both had an eyelock
Raj makes her stand
Raj:it’s OK
Raj(monologue):uff if like this only happens them I’ll not be able to control my feeling and I can’t tell her that I love her bcoz she loved kartik and I don’t know if she still does
Gayu:raj where are you dreaming
They do the work and Raj appreciate her work

On the other side kaira were talking and may be fighting over kartik crush in his school
Kartik:come on naira I was 4 std and it was just crush I was a kid
Naira:whatever you had a crush no and u never mentioned it to me such a liar you don’t love me no go to your first crush that riya only huh
She goes from there murmuring first crush hah riya my foot
While kartik sits there and talk to himself
Kartik:oh god in which time did I tell her about my crush now I’ve to convince her and that is going to be vet difficult
Naksh was coming to the garden and saw kartik murmuring
Naksh:what happen kartik
Kartik tells him what happened and asks if he has any suggestions
Naksh:I only need suggestions
Kartik:why what happen
Naksh also tells him everything
Kartik:OK let’s think together

Whereas on the hand Trisha and naira talk on about what naksh and kartik did and decided not to be convinced easily

Precap:kartik and naksh on mission naira and Trisha ko manao mission respectively

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