Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 14


Hi guys I’m sooo sorryyyy for late update but I was really very busy so couldn’t update

Let’s begin
Kaira were going to sm
On their way naira shouted
Kartik got tensed
Kartik:what happen naira
Naira:wo I want ice cream
She said innocently
Kartik gave her an unbelievable look
Kartik:what you shouted fro this
Naira nods childishly

Kartik:ok let’s go
Kaira go to have ice cream and both order the same flavor
Kartik:let’s sit in the car and have it
Naira nods
They are about to sit in the car but naira’s ice cream fall’s down
Naira looks at kartik
Naira:kartik I love you so much

Kartik:naira I’m not going to share my ice cream with you
Naira:go katti
And she sits in car
Kartik then offers her his ice cream she eats it but doesn’t talk to him
Kartik:come on naira I’m sorry na
Naira:no you’re lier
Kartik:but I never lied to you
Naira:no you said to me that day that I’ve right on all your things then why you refuse to Give me your ice cream
Kartik starts laughing
Naira:see you’re laughing on me go ill not talk to you now
They reach sm and naira immediately goes insiide
Kartik also goes inside wishes everyone and goes to naira’s room by giving some excuse
He sees that naira is seeing something on her phone and smiling he goes closer and sees rishikesh ashram’s children photo’s and think that naira misses them a lot
Kartik back hugs her
Naira:pls kartik leave me

Kartik:how did you know it’s me
Naira:I can feel it
Kartik:sorry na
Naira turns her face
Kartik:you give me any punishment but pls talk to me otherwise I’ll die
Naira doesn’t let him complete
Naira:what is this every time dying and dying I told you not to say it but no how will I stay without my jai without my king

And she hugs him tightly
They break the hug after sometime
Kartik:naira you have right on me and all my things except ice cream
And he laughs
Naira makes facces
Naira:you also have right on me and all my things except chocolate
And they both laugh on their silly fight

On the other side someone calls Trisha and tells her that naksh has been kidnapped and she should come to xyz place Ann not inform anybody
Trisha was very scared and tensed for naksh
She immediately went to the place and enters the place it was all dark she got scared

Ptecap:kartik shocks naira naksh’s idea

Sorry for small updates but I promise next one will be very long

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  1. Hales

    Nyc one …m waiting for the next long epi ?

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      Thanks hales

  2. Awwsm but write a long episode.

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    1. Summaya

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