Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 13

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Let’s begin
In the morning everyone is having breakfast in singhania mansion
Bhabhimaa:munna bahu we have lots of work to do naksh’s wedding is coming near
The youungsters to heard this teased naksh
Naksh:accha naira you’re teasing me now wait when your time comes I’ll also tease you
Naira:that we’ll see but now it’s my turn
All are happy and the elders are happy seeing the children happy
Trisha enters teh home
Trisha:Namaste aunty Namaste uncle
She greets everyone and takes their blessings
Akshara:Trisha from now on you’ll also call me maa ok
Naitik:and me papa
Trisha became teary eyed
And she hugs akshara
Trisha:I miss my mom a lot but I’m thankful to God that he gave me a mother in law in whom I can see my mom
Akshara:yes beta you naira mishti gayu all are same for us
Then they talk about random things
After sometime
Naksh:Trisha shall we leave
Trisha:yes maa now I’ll take your leave we have a very important meeting
Akshara:sure beta bye
And then naksha leave
Trisha:with whom do we have meeting
Naksh:with some sharma industrial
They have their meeting after sometime it ends
They are alone in naksh cabin
Naksh:I must say your business skills are very good from our first meeting I thought that you’re a carefree girl who doesn’t think about what is coming forth in life
Trisha:yes I’m carefree but also mature but I
think that you’re very mature I’ve seen that you are very reserved and you don’t enjoy life naksh we live only once so if we waste our time in only work then life is waste naksh I hope that you
change yourself for yourself only I don’t want you to think that I want to change you it’s just that I can’t spend my life with a boring person like you
Naksh :what boring and me no chance I’m very fun loving ok
Trisha:yeah I know
Naksh:I’ll definitely show you that I’m not boring
Trisha:we’ll see

They both go to their respective homes
Naksh thinks how to show Trisha that he isn’t Boring and he gets a idea

On the other side
Kartik comes to pick naira from dance academy
Kartik:hi so now give me my gift
Naira:patience my dear king I’ll surely give you your gift but not here let’s go to some cafe
And they go to cafe there they order coffee
Kartik:at least now give me my gift
Naira:ok close your eyes
Kartik closes his eyes
Naira makes sure that no one is seeing them and kisses kartik on his cheeks
Kartik opens his eyes in shock
Naira:so did you like your gift
Kartik:yes of course but I would love more if you would kiss somewhere else and he points to his lips
Naira blushes
Naira:you’re so shameless
Kartik:arre what shame in this I’m asking kiss from my love
Naira:you’ll surely get it but only after marriage

Precap:naira shocks kartik naksh’s idea

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