Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 12

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Let’s begin.
Naksh brings Trisha to hospital
Dr checks her and says
Dr:nothing to worry it’s just bcuz of stress I’ll give some medicine she is very weak
Naksh nods
After sometime Trisha gains consciousness
Naksh:Trisha are you fine
Then they come out of the hospital
Naksh gives her the medicine
Naksh:Trisha here are your medicines
Trisha:thank you
Then naksh drops her to sinha mansion
Naksh:take care and have your medicines on time
Trisha smiles at his care and nods

Scene shifts to kaira
Kaira are hugging eo
They break the hug
Kartik:so did you like the surprise
Naira:I love it kartik
Kartik:ok but more is left first let’s have lunch
They go to the other part of the garden
It’s decorated beautifully and in between a table and two chairs are there
Kartik pushes teh chair for naira
Then they have the food everything naira’s favorite

They roam around the garden hand in hand
Kartik gives naira a summer dress
Naira:wow dis is beautiful
Kartik:so go wear it
Naira:but how can I wear it here
Kartik:there is washroom pls go and change
Naira agrees and comes wearing the dress

Kartik was mesmerized by seeing her
Teh dress was floral and sleeveless perfect for going to a beach

Then kartik again takes her in the car and This time he stops in front of a beach
A part of the beach was decorated beautifully with naira favorite orchids
Naira:wow kartik this is awesome I love you so much
Kartik:I love you too
Then kartik picks her in the arm and goes towards the water
They’re having a deep eye lock
Then he keeps her down
Naira splashes water on kartik
An he also splashed water on her
Like this they consider playing
It becomes time for sunset
They both are sitting on the sand and seeing the sunset
Naira’s head is on kartik’s shoulder
The sun sets and it looks beautiful
Kartik:naira isn’t it beautiful
Kartik turns and sees that naira slept so he picks her up in his arms without disturbing her
He makes her sit on the car seat and drives back home
They reach the home after sometime
Kartik wakes naira
They hug and kartik leaves for Sinha mansion

Naira enters home and rayu and ashna tease her for her date with kartik
Naira blushes

After dinner all leave for their respective rooms
Naksh calls Trisha
Trisha is surprised to see his name on the caller id
She picks the phone
Trisha:hi so any special reason for calling
Naksh:yes actually I wnates to ask you if you had your medicines
Trisha bites her lower lips
Trisha:actually no
Naksh :and why
Trisha:its taste is bitter
Naksh smiles at her childish excuse
Naksh:if you’ll not eat them and how will your health be good so pls have it
Trisha:ok I’ll have it
Naksh:so bye take care
After keeping the phone both feel good and happy that someone other than family is there for them
And they sleep while thinking of eo

Other side naira calls kartik
Naira:hi naira’s king
Kartik:hello kartik’s queen
And they laughed
Naira:kartik I loved your surprise so much so
Kartik:so what
Naira:I’ve decided to give you a gift
Kartik:and what is that
Naira:I’ll tell tomorrow when you come to pick me at dance academy from office
Kartik:oh no I’ve to wait for my gift for so long
And they keep on talking and while talking only they both sleep

Precap:naira’s gift and naksha meeting

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