Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 11


Let’s begin

Naksha get shocked seeing someone
Naksha then see towards eo
Naksh:Trisha why r u shocked
Trisha:naksh that boy he is karan my ex
Naksh:that girl she is tara my ex

Then taran (Tara +karan) with a baby come towards Naksha
Waiter comes
Waiter:sir mam can you pls adjust and let them sit actually there is no place and here you ‘ll can
sit comfortably
Naksh looks at Tara and then at Trisha
Trisha nods

Then karan sits besides Trisha and naksh notices that she is not comfortable
And Tara with the baby sits with naksh
Naksh:excuse me mr can you pls sit here
Karna:I’m karan mehra
Naksh:I’m naksh singhania and she is (points towards Trisha)to be Mrs naksh singhania
Taran looks on
Then they exchange seats
Naksha sit together
Karan:she is tara my wife and she tanvi our
Tara smiles
Naksh closes his fist in anger
Trisha holds his hand he looks at her she signs him to be calm

Karan:by the way naksh you must be knowing that Trisha was my ex
Naksh:yes and you must also be knowing that Tara is my ex
Karan:I think Trisha that he will also leave you in mandap
Naksh couldn’t control
Naksh:enough karan everyone is not like you I will never leave Trisha she is my fiance I’m not like you and your wife to run from marriage
Tara:oh pls naksh I had a reason
naksh :I know your reason
And he was cut by Trisha
And she faints

Naksh panics
Naksh:Trisha what happen Trisha
And he picks her up in his arms
Naksh doesn’t listen and takes Trisha to the car and drives to hospital

In the other side
Naira gets ready in a beautiful black color simple yet elegant gown
She comes down
Akshara:naira you r looking very pretty
Gayu:yes mami kartik will faint seeing naira’s beauty
Naira blushes and runs outside
Akshara goes
Raj:gayu you are very good

Gayu:huh why
Raj:bcuz you are sacrificing your love for naira
Gayu is shocked
Raj:don’t be shocked I know that you love kartik
Gayu:correction raj I loved kartik not love now kartik is brother in law kartik doesn’t love me so if we be together none bof us will be happy
May be God has planned something else for me
Raj:wow gayu you are amazing and I saw your designs they are beautiful
Gayu:thank you
Raj:would you like to join my company
Gayu:your company
Raj:yes purohit industry it’s famous for jewellery production and I’m sure your design will make us more famous
Gayu thinks
Gayu:nice I don’t have any problem I’ll ask mama mami once
And they keep on talking in between raj keeps looking at gayu

Outside kartik comes
Kartik:sorry queen I got late
Naira:it’s ok
Kartik:come let’s go
Then they go to the car kartik opens the door for her
Naira get in
Then kartik starts driving
Naira:kartik tell no what surprise
Kartik:it’s a surprise naira

Then after one hour they reach a garden which is far from the city

Kartik:naira you go inside I’ll come
Naira:area but
Kartik:naita go I’m coming

Naira goes inside she walks a little and sees a arrow signalling to go left
She followed the arrow and she saw a beautiful collage of kaira their first meet their fights etc
She goes near the collage and touches try pictures
Suddenly rose petals falls on her
She gets delighted and teary eyed
Kartik comes from behind
Kartik:the day I met you my heart started to beat for you and only you I guess my heart knew that he got a soul mate naira I never thought that I’ll fall in love but I did I don’t know when and how but I did I love you and will always love you

Naira turns to see Kartik and runs and hugs him tightly
They keep hugging
Naira:I love you too kartik

For now this much for knowing why Trisha fainted and kartik’s further surprise pls comment

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  4. Good one

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    Kaira was lovely… n naksha scene specially supporting each other in front of karan n tara was amazing…cant wait to know wat happened to trisha

  7. Naksha scenes were really nice and as always kaira are awesome.

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    So good

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