Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 10

Hi guys sorry I couldn’t post yesterday as I was at my relatives house

Let begin
All the youngsters reach home
Kaira are thinking how to tell their family about their relationship
Naira:bhai I’m scared what will family react after we tell them
Naksh:don’t worry naira everything will be perfect
Trisha:and kartik don’t worry dad will be very happy with your choice

Then They go in
Akshara:arre you’ll came so what did you buy
Everyone showed what they brought
Akshara:wow everything is beautiful
Jaideep:ok akshara ji now we’ll take leave
Bhabhimaa:why wht happen beta
Kartik:wo actually actually naira and me me and naira umm
Jaideep:Whts happen kartik tell
Kartik:naira will tell
Akshara:arre what actually actually tell no that you have accepted kartik’s love
Kaira:what how do you know
Gayu:I told them
Naira:thank you so much gayu di
Gayu:anything for you

Jaideep:we don’t have any problem but first you both should establish your courier and then we’ll think of marriage

Kaira blushed at the word marriage
Akshara:for now focus on your siblings marriage
Naksh Trisha you both should go out for lunch ar movie you’ll get to know eo

Naksh:no mumma actually I am busy
Trisha:yes aunty I’m also busy

Jai:Trisha you go I’ll handle the work
Naksha unwillingly agree

Then jai and kartik go to Sinha mansion

Naira goes to her room and calls kartik
Naira:hello kartik
Kartik:hi naira
Naira:everything seems so perfect
Kartik:no it’s not
Kartik:everything will be perfect once we marry
Naira blushes
Naira:Kuch bhi
Kartik:well are you free in the evening
Naira:yes why
Kartik:so be ready I’ll come to pick you
Naira:but why
Kartik:that’s a surprise for kartik’s queen
Naira:ok naira’s king I’ll be ready bye

Scene shifts to naksha
Naksha go a hotel
Trisha:naksh if you what to tell something pls feel free
Naksh:yes actually Trisha I know that every girl expects love from her husband but I don’t think I will be able to
Trisha cuts him in between
Trisha:no naksh don’t feel guilty let’s be friends
Naksh:ok friends
The waiter comes to take the order
Naksha:penne pasta with paprika sauce
They both say at the same time
And look at eo and recall gayu sayind their choice is same
Then the food comes and They eat the food while talking and asking eo likes and dislikes

Suddenly they see someone and get shocked

Precap:so for knowing what surprise kartik has planned for naira and whom did naksha see and get shocked pls comment

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  1. It was nice.
    I think they either have seen kaira or their exes

    1. Summaya

      Thanks namrata and let’s see if your guess is right ?

  2. Anyan

    keep writing

    1. Summaya

      Thanks anyan

  3. Hales

    Awsum epi …both naksha n kaira ??..keep writing

    1. Summaya

      Thanks hales

  4. They have seen kaira

    1. Summaya

      Thanks yami

  5. Good one dear
    Why did they get shocked seeing kaira they know they r a couple na
    anyways looking forward to tomorrow

    1. Summaya

      Thanks shilpa dear

  6. Sethidisha002

    osam keep writing

    1. Summaya

      Thanks sethidisha

  7. Nice part dear

    1. Summaya

      Thanks pia dear

  8. Nice and kaira were the best

    1. Summaya

      Thanks pia

  9. i think naksh saw thara …..that s why he is shocked and not kaira

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