Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 1

Hi guys this is my first yrkkh ff
This ff is based on the current track from the episode that was aired on 21oct
Let’s begin
Karthik :I’m sorry sir but I can’t do this
Naitik:but why karthik
Karthik:sir this is my resignation letter pls accept it
Everyone is shocked

Akshara:what happened suddenly kartik
Gayu:yes kartik why u are leaving the job
Naira :I’ll tell why he is doing this
He is doing this because he wants revenge from me
Gayu:what are you telling naira
Naira:yes di he proposed me yesterday and she told them whatever happened

Everyone were shocked
Naksh:see mumma I told you this kartik is a betrayer
Gayu was shocked tear was coming from her eyes she was thinking that kartik whom she loved madly loved her sister
Kartik:pls naksh I know I don’t deserve your trust but still I don’t think that I did wrong by loving naira and naira I’m not quitting this job to take any revenge I’m quitting this job bcuz I know if I work with naitik sir then I will see you many times and I’m afraid I will not be able to control my feeling
Naitik:kartik I never expected this from you
Akshara:yes kartik we all trusted you so much
Kartik:I’m sorry mam and sir but now everything will be over bcuz I’m leaving this job
Naitik:who said you are leaving this job I haven’t signed you resignation

Kartik was confused
Akshara:yes kartik whatever you did for our family cannot be overlooked and I hope that you don’t mix personal and professional life
Kartik:but mam naira
Naira:I know kartik and mumma is right let’s forget everything
Kartik:I’m sorry naira my love isn’t so weak to forget you but yes I’ll try not to ruin our friendship
Kartik:naksh I know that you love your sister very much and you are possessive for them but don’t worry as I told I’ll try not to ruin our relationship
Naksh:hope so
And he smiles
Everyone smiles and enjoys the festival

Precap:maybe naksh’s lady love’s entry

Guys pls comment and let me know should I continue or no
Suggestions and criticisms all welcome so plzzz comment

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  1. Whats this?
    kaira should be together.
    Dont make them away and giving their relation a friendship name.
    I hope in future update u make.them one

    1. Summaya

      Sure namrata dear In Future updates I’ll unite them

    2. Summaya

      Sure dear I’ll try to unite them soon

  2. Summaya

    Guys pls tell me which actress would you like to see opposite naksh
    Tanya sharma aka meera of sns
    Yukti kapoor aka urmila of skr
    Swadheenta of dehleez
    Ishana of ishqbaaz
    Tejaswi wayankar aka ragini of swaragini
    These names are in my mind pls tell me your opinion and if you have any other actress in your mind then pls share it

  3. awesome start dear . i think swadheenta , ishana and tejaswi will look a little elder to naksh . take tanya sharma or yukti kapoor , it will be good . update next epi soon . eagerly waiting for next episode . please bring a love interest of gayu too .

    1. Summaya

      Thanks for appreciation dear and I’ll see who gets more votes that actress will be opposite naksh and for time being I’m focusing on naksh and kaira love story so for gayu I’ll think later

      1. yes concentrate more on naksha nd kaira itself but introduce a love interest for gayu too , later or whenever u want . that is what i wanted to say . rock on dear

    1. Summaya

      Thanks avishi

  4. Swadeentha

    1. Summaya

      Thanks such

  5. Dear ur ff is good but karthik n naira character are out of place from serial
    karthik will never be able to be friends with a girl whom he has proposed and loves unconditional but as it’s ff I guess ita okay
    plzz continue dear will want to see ur side how u continue to get them together. may be some jealousy track to make naira realise

    opp to naksh I like yukti as rohan n yukti had acted together in uvaa movie she is good

    1. Summaya

      Thanks anu dear for your appreciation and don’t worry kartik still loves naira and thanks for the jealousy track idea

  6. Sarayumane

    tanya sharma, she is perfect match for naksh

    1. Summaya

      Thanks for suggestion sarayumane dear

  7. Ye do carry on I loved every word of your ff btw when u writing the next episode

    1. Summaya

      Thanks kiran for your overwhelming comment

  8. Mr.AVINASH. S. (A.S.)

    I think you have to continue KARTIK & NAIRA’S love story, and make it more interesting. ***

    1. Summaya

      Thanks avinash for suggestion

  9. Joylin

    cute story dear

    1. Summaya

      Thanks joylin

  10. Sethidisha002

    osam pls continue

    1. Summaya

      Thanks sethidisha

  11. Lover19763

    Amazing , I loved it . From my opinion , i think u should put Tanya Sharma with Naksh .

    1. Summaya

      Thanks lover for your comment and suggestion

  12. I thin karthik n naira should must be in relsn…..n evry one accpct dy relsn….

  13. Dy must be in relsn…n vry one should accpt dy relsn

    1. Summaya

      Thanks Rakhi dear

  14. We love Kartik and naira as a couple. We want to see together as soon as possible. Enough time to take meet both of them. Now ,you will start Kartik and naira love story………..pls……..pls…….both luks osam…..

    1. Summaya

      Sure heena dear you will get to see kaira soon

  15. saatiya's fan

    Put ishana with naksh

    1. Summaya

      Will see dear

    1. Summaya

      Thanks yami dear

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