Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 8

Let begin
Naira went to her room crying before anyone could see her
Naira cried a lot
Naira:I know it’s not kartik mistake that he loves me but what to do I don’t love him not then why his ignorance his words hurts me why I’m so confused I don’t understand anything
Gayu knocks on the door
Naira quickly washes her face and opens the door

Gayu:Arre naira what r u doing here come down
Naira:hmm let’s go down
They go down
Naira sees kartik talking with ashna happily and feels bad kartik also sees her they have a small eyelock

Then raj comes to naira and talks with her naira also happily talks with him kartik sees this and gets jealous
Then naira on the stage
Naira:ladies and gentlemen now when we’re here for my bro and to be bhabhi’s engagement so it can’t happen without dance so all the couples are requested to come on the floor

Naitik akshara varsha shourya and all the couple come on teh floor kaira take naksha on the floor
Naksha hesitate to dance but later they dance bcuz they didn’t want to upset their family raj asked naira for dance and she agreed
And on the other hand kartik and ashna go for dance
Kaira were jealous seeing eo dancing with someone else now now it was time to switch partners
Now kaira rayu and ashna naksh and Trisha with some friend
Kaira were dancing gracefully and feeling heavenly with eo both of them didn’t tell anything rayu were also dancing beautifully and now naksha were feeling jealous seeing eo dancing with someone else but they ignored this feeling

Now again everyone was in their original position
Naira saw that a wire was burning and teh flame was coming towards kartik she quickly ran towards him and dragged him from there
Everyone was shocked to see the wire while naira started shouting
Naira:what is this kartik can’t u take care Whts if that wire reached you
Kartik:it’s ok naira see I’m fine
Naira:so what if it would then
Kartik:but it didn’t
Naira was teary eyed

Naitik called the decorated
Naitik:what is this the wire you didn’t put it properly if it would hurt anyone then
Dec:sorry sir
Naitik:what sorry go from here
Naksha ran towards kaira
Trisha:naira r u fine and kartik u
Naksh:naira did u get hurt kartik t u alright
They both said at the same time
Kaira:I’m fine

At night it started raining heavily so akshara requested jaideep Trisha kartik ashna and raj to stay here only tonight

After lot of insistence rehydration agreed
At night naksh and kartik were in the same room and Trisha and naira we’re in the smae room

In naira room
Trisha :naira can I tell u 1 thing
Naira:of course bhabhi
Trisha:naira I know that kartik loves u a lot I never thought that he will love some girl so much he truly loves u naira I know its your life and I’m not forcing you for any decision it’s just that I want to tell u that don’t become late in deciding maybe you will lose him then

Naira:I know what u want to say bhabhi but I’m confused
Trisha:its ok take your time but don’t become too late

Naira:hmm by the way I also wanted to tell you that Bhai is a sweet guy I know that you both are marrying for family but I know that only u can change my Bhai only u can make him the old fun loving guy
Trisha:I’m glad that u love your bro so much and about changing him I’ll try
And they both talk for some more time and sleep

On ten other side
Kartik:naksh Trisha di has gone through a lot I have seen her crying silently in her room she never shows her sadness in front of anyone
From childhood I’ve seen her she always thinks of others I hope rant u take care of her
Naksh:I can understand your worries as a bro kartik and I assure u Trisha will be happy here
And I hope that naira also remains happy with u
Naksh:yes I’ve seen only love for naira in your eyes and I know u will keep her happy
Kartik:I’m very happy naksh that u understood and I hope naira also understand

In naira room
Naira was laying on the bed Trisha words were echoing in her mind of losing kartik unknowingly tears came from her eyes and after deciding something she slept

Precap:socho socho
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