Naksh love (yrkkh) OS


Hey guys i am Zai, this is my first story on yrkkh. I really like Rohan aka Naksh and watched only for him. But right now the serial is more focus on kiara and gayu love triangle. So I thought to make an os for Naksh, hope you will like it.

So it starts where the serial showed Kiara, Guyu and Akshara out of the country. Naksh is in India.

At krishna:
The place was crowded. Many people were waiting to give orders. There was only one waiter present at that time. He was quite old and looked confused.
The customers were starting to get angry. One of them started to leave due to the delay.
The waiter request him to give sometimes. A girl saw what was happening. She had long hair, she was wearing a blue skinny jean with a white crop top. She was with her grandmother.
She went to the customer.
Girl:”sir plz wait, i know you are angry but try to understand their situation also. There is lack of staff so plz corporate a bit with them. If you leave then all the others would start to leave too. And the restaurant will face trouble. Give me sometime, i will handle everything”

The customer agreed to stay.
Waiter:”thank you beta… Actually i am the only waiter present.”
Girl:”don’t worry uncle, i will help you. At least the chefs are here right?”
Waiter nodded yes.
Girl:”then you bring the orders out, i will take their orders”
Waiter:”but beta, you are guest…”
Girl:”don’t worry. I will manage”
The waiter went inside while she started to take the orders.

Her grandmother called her:”don’t exhaust yourself Sana…”
Sana:”i know Dids (she called her grandmother like this). But you see they are in problem. I want to help them”
Dids:”ok, go…”
Sana:”love you…”
Sana, to all:”come on, i have taken your orders, maybe i wrongly wrote your table number so i will scream out the orders and you help me to find the table plz.”
They agreed.
Sana:”as it would take some times, why don’t we enjoy a bit.”
She turned the music player on.
Sana:”come on uncle aunty (to an elderly couple) this romantic song is dedicated to you. You have to dance plz. For me”
The couple dance on the song. When it finishes, Sana put another song, kala chashma from baar baar dekho movie.

She made some people dance and danced with them too. She tried to entertain them. While at the same time, giving them their food.
She saw some customers at the door and went to them. They looked foreigners.
Sana:”hello, you want a table for how many people?”
The man:”10…”
Sana:”can you plz give me 5 mins and i will be back.”
She went to the waiter (Shyam) and told him.
Shyam:”these are the French delegates which was supposed to come tomorrow. See put them in that table, i will have to call Naksh sir and inform him.”
Sana nodded yes. She showed them the table and brought menu cards.
The French people couldn’t get what was written. Shyam tried to talk to them but language clash was a big problem.
Sana talked to them in French and explained them the dishes.
They ordered their food.

Singhania mansion:
The family were having dinner. Naksh received a phone call from Shyam informing him of the French delegates.
He got tensed as nothing was prepared and he had to be there. They were really important people.
He informed it to the family and hurriedly left from there.

Sana continued with the dance numbers. She would also dance with the people around.
Dids:”Sana, it’s getting late….”
Sana:”i know Dids but how can i leave now. You go as you need to sleep on time. I will come after helping them”
Dids:”ok, be careful”
Sana nodded yes.

Sana brought the orders of the French delegates and talked to them.
They thought that she works there as she was serving.

Sana was near the door when she saw Naksh. She went to him.
Sana:”may i help you?”
Naksh:”who are you?” And tried to go in. But Sana blocked his way.
Sana:”do you want a table?”
Naksh:”who are you to ask me that? And why are you doing this work?”
Sana:”listen if you don’t tell me anything, then I can’t let you in.”
Naksh:”Shyam uncle… (Loudly) Shyam uncle”
Shyam came there.
Sana:”uncle, he is not telling me…”
Naksh:”who is she?”

Shyam:”she was helping me in serving the customers.”
Naksh:”why? Where are the others? And the French delegates?”
Shyam:”they are there…”
Sana:”how can you let anyone just enter like this?”
Shyam:”beta, he is the owner of the restaurant…”
Sana, shocked:”what? I am really sorry… I didn’t know…” She run inside.
Naksh:”who is she?”
Shyam:”beta, first handle the delegates then i will tell you.”
Naksh went to them. He tried to talk to them but couldn’t.
Shyam brought Sana there for translation. And she did it.

The French delegates really liked the restaurant and the food. They gave Naksh a big contract for food.
Soon they left and there were no one else in the restaurant apart from the chefs, Shyam, Sana and Naksh.
Shyam told everything about Sana, how she helped him. He also thanked her
Sana:”its ok, uncle. But can i ask you something.”
Everyone looked at her curiously.
Sana:”can i have my dinner? I didn’t eat anything.”
Shyam:”sure, what will you eat?”
Shyam:”why khichidi?”
Sana:”i love it. Plz”
Shyam and the chefs went in to bring it for her.
Sana, to Naksh:”welcome…”
Naksh:”what? I didn’t say thank you.”
Sana:”but anyway, welcome.”
Naksh:”why did you help me?”
Sana:”i love helping people.”
Naksh:”falling in love and helping others only lead to betrayal (remembering Tara and Riya)”
Sana:”don’t know about love but what kind of betrayal when you help people. And if they are pretending to need your help, then its their problem. You helped them, you did your duty of humanity. If you help people, then God will also help you, in your own fights, struggles and problems”

Naksh just looked at her.
Sana:”by the way, i am Sana…” She forward her hand to him.
Naksh:”Naksh…” They shakes hands.

Shyam brought her dinner and she had it. Shyam and the others left. Only Naksh was with her.
She finished it and asked him the bill for her and her dadi’s too.
Naksh:”let it, you help me a lot today. I won’t take your money.”
Naksh closed the restaurant and was going towards his car.
Sana:”oh God, how will i go?”
Naksh:”i can drop you if you want.”
She followed him and they entered in the car.
Sana:”thank you, I wouldn’t have get any cab at this time.”
Naksh:”Cab? You mean Rickshaw?”
Sana:”yeah same thing.”
Naksh:”where do you live?”
Sana:”xyz hotel.”
Naksh:”hotel? You are not from here?”
Sana:”no, i am not from India. I was born and lived in London.”
Naksh:”British citizen…”
Naksh:”and how did you learn French?”
Sana:”online courses. I learnt it online”

Naksh turned on the radio and concentrate on driving. He didn’t notice that Sana felt asleep.
They reached the hotel.
Naksh looked at her and she was far asleep. Naksh bend towards her to remove the seat belts. He stared at her and then moved back.
Naksh:”Sana? Sana?” She woke up and saw that they have reached.
Sana:”sorry i felt asleep.”
Naksh:”it’s ok. You go.”
Sana:”bye and thank you for dropping me”
Naksh:”yeah… Thanks too for your help.”

Naksh left from there. Sana went to her room and directly went to sleep as she was really tired.

Next morning:
Naksh went to Krishna as usual. Sana and Dids came there.
Sana:”Dids, seems that you like their food, that you came here again.”
Dids:”yeah they have amazing food. Better than the hotel food.”
Dids ordered for her and Sana.
Sana:”i will go to the washroom and come.”
She went to the washroom. And while coming back, she bumped into Naksh and was about to fall but he caught in time. They have an eyelock.
They composed themselves.
Sana:”sorry I didn’t see you.”
Naksh:”i was not looking either”
Naksh noticed a red mark on her hand.
Naksh:”you are hurt…”
Sana:”no, no i am fine. This is from before. Don’t worry.”
Sana nodded yes.
Sana:”I should go….”

She came back to Dids. They had lunch. Shyam talked to her and told Dids about Naksh.
Dids went to him.
Dids:”beta…” Naksh turned to him.
Naksh:”yes, you need something?”
Dids:”i am her dadi (pointing toward Sana). Sorry of yesterday if she said something wrong to you.”
Naksh:”no dadi, she didn’t. Instead she helped a lot.”
Dids:”yeah, she loves to help people even if they don’t ask for her help.”
Naksh:”yeah, i saw it yesterday.”
Dids left from there and came back to Sana.
Naksh looked at her, she was behaving in really childish way. He was smiling seeing her.

Singhania mansion:
Naksh was playing with Mishti, some women came there to talk to bhabhimaa and Devyani.

They were talking with Karishma, bhabhimaa and Devyani about someone’s marriage in the neighborhood.
One of them talked about Naksh’s marriage.
Naksh got upset remembering Tara. And the wedding day. He angrily left from there.
The family members felt bad for him.
The lady apologized and then left.

Naksh was at Krishna on the terrace. He was staring at the sky. He remembered the moments with Tara.
Sana came there and saw him outside and upset. She came to him.
Sana:”hi…” But he didn’t answer.
Sand, more loudly:”HI….” And waved her hand in front of him.
Sana:”where are you lost?”
Sana:”ok….” She saw some kids playing football on the road in front of Krishna.
Sana:”let’s play with them…”
Naksh:”what? You are no more that age to play.”
Sana:”lets go naa…” She pulled him with her. They played with the children for a long time.
Naksh forgot all his anger and pain in the meantime. He was enjoying playing his favorite game.
Suddenly, Sana slipped and fell down. Naksh came to her.
Naksh:”are you ok?”
Sana tried to get up and He helped her. He held her hand to help her.
Sana couldn’t walk, so Naksh picked her up and carried her inside Krishna.
Sana was looking at him all the while.

Naksh checked her feet and say she has sprain her ankle. She was in much pain and had tears in her eyes.
Naksh:”you know, you are crazy. What was the need to play football? You are completely crazy but cute too. I have not seen a girl like you. You speak nonstop. I don’t know how you dadi bears you…”
Seeing that her attention is diverted, he twist her ankle.
Sana didn’t feel anything as she was just listening to Naksh.
Naksh:”now you can even dance”
She tried and said:”pain is gone. Thank you Naksh.” She hugged him saying so.
He was surprised at first.
Sana realized their position and broke the hug. There was an awkward silence
but then Sana said:”friends…”
Naksh:”friends…” They both smiled at each other.

From that day, Sana came regularly to Krishna and spent lot of time with Naksh. They became close to each other. He had become the mischievous Naksh as before.

One day:
Sana was with Naksh in Krishna. Naksh was about to close the restaurant, Sana noticed water coming out in the kitchen. She informed Naksh. They both tried to stop the water. They both get drenched. And with lots of difficulty, they were able to stop the water.

Naksh:”i have to call the plumber tomorrow”
Sana put her hair on one side to remove the water from her. Naksh was looking at her.
Naksh:”we should go.”
Sana nodded yes. They were about to leave but Sana slipped due to the water on the floor. Naksh tried to catch her but he also lost his balance and fell down. He fell on top of her. They have an eyelock.
Naksh removed her hair from her face. He touched her cheek to wipe the droplets of water. Sana closed her eyes feeling his touch.
He bend towards her and kissed her forehead. He was about to kiss her on her lips but her phone rang. They both composed themselves. She picked up and told Dids that she is coming.

Naksh:”i will drop you.”
In the car:
They both were lost in their thoughts, they were thinking about what happened earlier.
They reached the hotel. Naksh looked at her and saw her lost. He told her that they have reached. Sana came back to senses.
She was removing her seat belts when Naksh noticed a red mark on her hand. He was confused seeing it.
He saw it before but it was not on the same hand. He thought to ask her but till then Sana already was outside the car.

They both wish each other good night and Naksh left.

Naksh’s room:
Naksh, to himself:”what did i do? I shouldn’t have kissed her. She is my friend and i…. Don’t know what she must be thinking about me. I should call her. I will ask her about the red marks on her hands too.”
He called her but she didn’t answer as she felt asleep.
Naksh, to himself:”what are you doing Naksh? It’s midnight, she must be sleeping right now. I will talk to her tomorrow. But those red marks? Why am i worried about her? The red marks maybe mosquito bite, she is not from here that’s why it gets so red. But it might be something else.”
He tried to sleep, work and read something but was not able to concentrate and was restless.
Naksh, to himself:”Oh God, what’s happening? Why am i thinking about her? Why am i so concern? Am i… No Naksh, you loved once and saw the results, you can’t fall in love again and repeat the same mistake. But Sana is different, she will not betray me. No, i should stop thinking about this”
He tried to sleep and after a long time, he finally felt asleep.

Next morning:
Naksh was still sleeping as he slept quite late. His phone rang and it was Sana.
Naksh, in a sleepy mood:”hello…”
Naksh, got up immediately:”hi… How did you call so early?”
Sana:”actually i saw your missed call from last night, i was sleeping so couldn’t answer. Why did you call?”
Naksh:”wo, wo… Actually… I…”
Sana:”listen, we will talk when i will meet you as i have to go with Dids somewhere urgently. Ok?”
Naksh:”yeah, yeah. You go, we will talk later on.”
Sana hung up. And that day, she didn’t come to Krishna at all.
Naksh was tensed thinking about her.

Naksh:”where is she? Why did she not come? Naksh, control. She said she went out with her dadi. So relax. Come get her out of your head and concentrate on your work.”
He called her but she didn’t answer.
Naksh:”she could at least send a message.”

Naksh couldn’t concentrate and left. He went to Maheswari mansion.
He met all of them and they all were surprised seeing him at that time.
Naksh:”so I can’t come here. Ok i will go”
Dadi:”no beta… Come here.”
They feed him a lot and he spent lot of time with them in order to get Sana out of his mind and thoughts. But he couldn’t.

Ananya, who was there, saw him lost.
Ananya:”chiku, i need to talk to you, come.”
Naksh followed her to her room.
Naksh:”what happened di (sis)”
Ananya:”you tell me. You are lost since a long time. Why?”
Naksh:”nothing like that.”
Ananya:”ok… Come on lets play like before.”
Ananya:”yeah come on. Football with everyone.”
Ananya pulled him.
Naksh, laughed:”you are exactly like Sana, she also forced me to play when I don’t want to….” He realized what he said.
Ananya looked at him smilingly.
Ananya:”Sana? Who is she?”
Naksh turned around.
Ananya:”chiku?” With a questioning look.
Naksh:”nothing di, she is a friend.”
Ananya:”friend? So you are lost in her, right?”
Naksh, surprised:”how do you know… I mean no.”
Ananya:”chiku, you love her?”
Naksh:”NO, i won’t fall in love with anyone. I don’t believe in love now. It’s nothing like that.”
Ananya:”you can’t stop your heart from loving someone, Chiku. And i can clearly see that you love her. You are lost in her, and if i am not wrong, you are worried for her.”
Naksh:”yeah i am worried for her but as a friend not love.”
Ananya:”ok you don’t love her. You stay here today, even i am staying, we will have fun like in childhood.”
Naksh:”no i have to go to Krishna, she will come there and i have to see her…”
Ananya:”you were just saying that you don’t love her then?”
Naksh:”i love her?” He was questioning himself.
Naksh:”i need to go…” He left from there.
The family members asked Ananya the reason.
Ananya:”he went for some urgent work.” She smiled thinking about Naksh.

Naksh came there. He remembered all his moments here with Sana. He smiled, Shyam saw him.
Shyam:”Naksh sir, what happened?”
Naksh, smiling:”i love her, i love Sana.”
Shyam:”what? Really?”
He hugged Shyam in happiness.
Shyam:”i am so happy for you. You should tell her. Don’t waste time to tell her your feelings.”
Naksh:”i will plan something.”
He shared his plan with Shyam and asked for his help.

Sana was in her room and looked tired. Dids came there and feed her some food.
Dids:”beta, i have to go for an important meeting, you sleep i will come late.”
Sana:”ok Dids”

Dids left from there.
Sana was about to turn off the lights to sleep when her phone rang.
Naksh:”hi, are you free?”
Sana:”yeah but why?”
Naksh:”i am outside, plz come. I need to talk to you.”
Sana:”what happened?”
Naksh:”plz come.”
He hung up.
Sana was worried, she got up the bed but felt dizzy. And sat down.
She stand up again and rushed out.

Sana, breathless, as she run:”what happened? Are you ok?”
Naksh:”yeah i am fine. I need to talk to you, but why are you so worried?”
Sana:”i thought you were hurt or something like that. As normally you would not tell to come here so urgently”
Naksh:”you were worried for me?”
Naksh looked smilingly at her.

Sana noticed him and signed him what.
Naksh:”come…” He opened the door.
Sana:”where? I thought you wanted to talk”
Naksh:”yes but not here.”
Sana:”but… Ok but we will soon be back. If Dids return before me. I will be dead”
Naksh:”ok, i will drop you soon”

They left.
Naksh took her inside.
Sana:”why is it so dark? There is no customer today?”
Naksh:”no because there is something special.”
Naksh:”wait…” He turned on the lights. Sana was surprised seeing the decorations. There were lots of balloons on the floor. And lights everywhere.

Sana:”wow, it’s so pretty…”
She moved inside among the balloons.
Sana:”what’s going on?”
Naksh:”i want to tell you something.”
Sana:”i know you are telling this to me since 30 minutes”
Naksh came to her and took her hands.

Naksh:”Sana, I don’t know how you will react to it, but i have to tell.”
Sana, was now tensed, and fearing for the worst:”what?”
Naksh:”I don’t know how, when but i have fallen in love with you…”
Sana was shocked.
Naksh continued:”with your childish behavior. I thought it’s only friendship between us but now I realized that i love you. I also remain lost in your thoughts. You know how much i was worried about last night when you didn’t answer my call. Even today, when you didn’t come, i was restless. I just know that i love you and can’t stay without you. I want you in every moment of my life be it happy or sad. I just want you to stay with me forever.”

He kissed her hands. Sana was shocked and was not reacting.
Naksh:”i want to hold your hand forever. And i promise you that I won’t leave it. Sana, you are not my first love but now there will no one apart from you.”
He looked at her waiting for her reply. He didn’t know if she loved him or not. He just wanted to say his feelings and he did it. Now he was looking at her to find any answer. But Sana was too shocked and teary eyed. He couldn’t determine anything.

Sana back off a bit, she removed her hands and run out of there crying.
Naksh was shocked as she left without even answering him.
He followed her outside. Sana left from there in Rickshaw. He followed her in his car. He wanted an answer from her. Even if it was no, he wanted her answer.

Naksh, to himself:”i think i shocked her. But whatever it is, i want my answer. If she says no, i will still be her friend. I can’t lose my friend also.”
They reached the hotel.

Sana was unaware that Naksh was following her. She paid the driver and rum upstairs to her room. Naksh followed her.

She entered her room. Dids was there sitting. Sana went to her and hugged her.
She started to cry bitterly.
Dids, worried:”Sana, what happened?” But she continued crying.

Naksh reached the doorstep and he heard her crying.
Naksh:”may be i should apologize to her if I hurt her”
Dids:”what happened beta?”
Sana, crying:”Naksh…”
Dids:”what happened to Naksh?”
Naksh:”he said that he loves me…”
Dids:”what? And why did you say?”
Sana:”nothing. I run from there.”
Dids:”Sana, you can run from him but what about your feelings? You love him too right? Since you met him, you always talked about him.”
Naksh was shocked hearing that.
Naksh, to himself:”she loves me, but why did she run away?”

Sana:”yes Dids. I love him. I love him a lot. When he was proposing to me, i wanted to hug him and tell him that i love him too…”
Naksh was smiling outside knowing that she loves him too. He was confused also of why she didn’t tell him.

Sana:”but… I can’t love him.”
Naksh was confused.
Sana:”I can’t love him Dids…”
Sana:”I can’t run away from my truth. I can’t hurt him by saying the truth to him.”

Dids:”you know naa, that maybe…”
Sana:”maybe Dids… There is no guarantee. I know he is hurt right now but, this pain will go. The pain he will have when he will know the truth will be bigger.”

Dids hugged her to console her. Sana cried a lot.
Naksh went to his car.
Naksh, to himself:”which truth is she talking about? Why is she rejecting her feelings?”

He went back to Krishna.
Shyam:”beta, are you ok?”
Naksh:”i need to know why is she hiding? Uncle, i need your help”

Sana was sitting on the floor. She was still in pain. She received a call from Shyam informing about Naksh being hurt.
Sana:”what? How? Where is he?”
Shyam:”at Krishna, beta plz come fast”
Sana rushed to Krishna.

Sana, to Shyam:”where is he? Is he hurt?”
Naksh came in front of her.
Sana went to him.
Sana:”are you fine? Uncle said that…”
Naksh:”i told him to call”
Sana:”why did you do that?”
Naksh:”i want some answers from you. You have to answer me.”
Sana:”I don’t want to talk about it. Plz, i am going”
Naksh, holding her hand:”no I won’t let you go.”
Shyam:”sir, you are hurting her”
Naksh:”she is doing the same, she is also hurting me. Tell me Sana, why are you not telling your feelings?”
Sana:”I can’t love you, do you understand”
Naksh:”why? Sana? Why?” He shouted at her.

Sana, loudly:”because i have cancer…. Blood cancer.”
Naksh released her and was shocked.
Sana:”i am dying…. I can’t love anyone even if i want to.” She started to cry.

Naksh and Shyam were shocked at her revelation.
Sana:”you were asking me about those marks right? These are the symptoms of cancer.”
Sana:”yes, cancer.”
She fell down crying. Naksh was shocked. Her words, voice was echoing in his ears. That girl who was so lively, always smiling and childish is suffering from such disease. He couldn’t believe it.
He looked at her on the floor crying.
Naksh bent down and hugged her.

Sana:”i can’t Naksh. I don’t want to give you happiness for sometimes and then give you a lifelong pain.”
Naksh:”shhh.” He hugged her tightly, he didn’t know what to say to her. He just hugged her.

Shyam brought water for once she calmed down. And left from there leaving them alone.
Naksh:”Sana, why didn’t you tell me before?”
Sana:”I didn’t want you to feel pity on me. Everyone whom i told this truth only shows pity except Dids. I didn’t want you…”
Naksh:”you can be treated…”
Sana:”i am under treatment here, that’s the reason i came here, to India”
Naksh:”I don’t know what will happen in future but right now, i will be with you. My love for you will not decrease from this truth. We will talk to doctors, give you the best treatment. But plz Sana, let me be with you. You love me too. Don’t make me far from you.”

Sana:”but Naksh….”
Naksh:”no, you will be fine.” He kissed her forehead and hugged her.
He dropped her at the hotel. He accompanied her to the room.
Dids was there worried. Naksh explained everything.
Dids send Sana to sleep.
Naksh:”dadi, i want to meet her doctor.”
Dids nodded yes and said that he should go with her the next day as she has an appointment.
She told him the time and everything.
Naksh left from there.

At night:
Naksh was thinking about Sana and the time, she said that she has cancer.
He was tensed for her but he knew that he needed to be strong to support her. Naksh promised to himself that he will always be with her whatever happened.

Next morning:
Sana was ready and waiting for Dids to come on for her appointment.
Dids came there.
Sana:”Dids, you are not ready?”
Dids:”someone else is going with you today.”
Naksh came there.
Sana was surprised seeing him. But was smiling.
Dids:”go, and call me when its over”
Sana nodded yes and kissed Dids.
She went with Naksh.

In the hospital:
They went to the doctor, Naksh talked to him. He was asking a lot of questions. Sana was smiling at him when he was questioning the doctor.
Even the doctor smiled seeing his concern.
Naksh saw both of them smiling and asked them.
Sana:”nothing. Thank you Doc.” She pulled him out.
Naksh:”I didn’t finish, i had to ask him more things.”
Sana:”you can ask me, he already told me everything.” She said smiling.
Naksh:”you are still smiling, why?”
Sana:”because you are behaving like my husband, every single detail you want to know”

Naksh:”obviously, i need to be careful.”
She kissed him on his left cheek.
Sana:”thank you for taking care of me”
Naksh:”why are you thanking me? You are mine, and i will always take care of you”

They left from there.

In the car:
Sana saw ice cream vendor and insisted Naksh to eat.
Naksh:”Sana, doctor said no.”
Sana:”only one…”
Naksh:”no… I can’t compromise with your health.”
Sana, with puppy eyes:”half…plz. I will eat half and then you complete it. Plz

Naksh:”ok. You won”
Sana went to the vendor. She asked for chocolate one. She ate it like a child would.
Naksh point to her chocolate on her lips and took her picture to show her. They both laughed seeing the picture.
Sana:”chocolate mustache…” And laughed.
Naksh:”now me…” He took the ice cream and ate it.

He wiped the chocolate on her lips. He paid the vendor and they walked back to the car.

Sana messaged her Dids about the appointment.
Dids replied to her and said that she had to go for an important meeting as she was planning to open a franchisee in India.

Sana:”Dids went out for meeting so i will hang out with you.”
She told him about the plan of franchisee.
Sana:”what shall we do?”
Naksh:”I will take you somewhere. You will like it”
He brought her near park.

They walked a bit further. They reached a garden where there was lots of flowers of different colors. (My imaginary place)
Sana:”it so beautiful…”
She went ahead among the flowers. There lots of butterflies on the flowers. She played with the flowers.
Naksh came next to her and showed her a crown of flowers he made for her.
He put it on her head. Sana smiled at him.
He kissed her cheek.

After some time they left from there. Naksh drove back to the hotel. Sana felt asleep in the car. He didn’t want to wake her up so he carried her in bridal style till her room and put her on the bed. He covered her with the blanket and kissed her forehead. He moved back seeing Dids.
Dids laughed at him.
Naksh:”sorry, actually…”
Dids:”it’s ok… I don’t have a problem your relationship as my baby (Sana) is very happy with you.”
Naksh:”thank you dadi…” He hugged her and left.

Singhania mansion:
Naksh was in his room looking at Sana’s picture which he took with the chocolate mustache. He was smiling looking at it.

Mishti came there informing him that Akshara, Naitik, Karthik, Naira and Gayu came back.
He was happy hearing that Naitik also came.
They went down and he hugged Naitik seeing him after a long time.
Akshara:”ohhh so you miss only your dad…”
He hugged Askhara also.
Naksh:”Papa went for a long time, now he can’t leave us…”
Naitik:”I won’t…”
They spent some time together.

Next day:
The family members planned to go to temple.
Everyone went there.
At temple:
Akshara suddenly bumped with Dids.
Akshara:”sorry, I didn’t see you…”
Dids:”it’s ok beta…”
Askhara looked at her carefully.
Dids looked at her confused.
Akshara:”You are Ravi’s mom, right?”
Dids:”yes, but how do you know?”
Akshara:”i am Akshara, Sonia’s friend. We met during their wedding”

Dids:”yes, now i remember… How are you?”
Dids:”Naitik must also be with you right?”
Akshara:”yes he is…”
She called Naitik.
Naitik recognized Dids as he was Ravi’s friend.
They talked for a while when Sana came there.
Sana:”Dids, lets go…”
Akshara and Naitik looked at her.
Dids:”beta, meet them. They are your parents friends”
Sana:”hello aunty, uncle…”
Dids:”she is Sana, Ravi and Sonia’s daughter”
Akshara:”yeah Sonia was pregnant when you left India…”
Naitik:”aunty, plz come home with us… We will talk there.”
Akshara:”yes aunty… Plz come”
Dids:”ok ok. Let’s go”

The whole family came there, karthik was also there and Naksh was surprised seeing Dids and Sana.
He was further surprised seeing her in Indian dress as she doesn’t wear it usually.

Akshara introduced Naira and Naksh to them.
Sana and Dids were surprised that Naksh was their son.

They all went to Singhania house.
The elders talked a lot with Dids while Sana and Naksh were exchanging glimpses and were talking through their eyes.
Dids and Sana had lunch with them.
Sana, to Dids, whispering:”Dids, i can have this food today, plz. I really want to eat it after so long time”
Dids:”ok but don’t eat lot. Doctors restrict you”
Sana nodded yes.

Akshara:”Sana, what do you do?”
Sana:”actually i studied art and design in college.”
Naira:”and now?”
Sana:”helping Dids…”
They talked a lot during lunch.

Mishti:”tomorrow is my birthday, plz come for the party.”
Karishma:”yes, plz join us…”
Dids:”sure why not?”

Sana:”aunty, can i use the washroom?”
Akshara:”sure… Naira…”
Naksh:”i will take her. I have finished…”
Akshara:”ok Duggu…”
Sana followed him upstairs.

Naksh:”welcome to my room… Our room”
He hold her and pinned her to the wall.
Naksh:”that’s strange coincidence that Dadi know mama papa”
Sana:”yeah you right. I didn’t know about them. And I didn’t know that your name is Duggu…”
Naksh:”actually i have lots of name, pet name”
Naksh:”Only mama call me Duggu, others call me Lalla, except Papa. At nani’s place, everyone call me chiku. You know i was so confused about all these names in childhod”

Sana:”when you were small, you had chubby cheeks…” And pointed to his childhood pic on the wall.
Sana:”so cute…”
Naksh:”cute, thank you.” He came close to her.

A phone started to ring.
Karthik:”aunty, this is Naksh’s phone…”
Akshara:”can you give him? It might be important…”
Karthik:”sure aunty…”
Karthik went up with Naksh’s phone.

Naksh room:
He was very close to Sana.
Sana:”what are you doing?”
He moved forward.
Sana:”Naksh….” They were an inch apart. And Naksh bent down to kiss her but instead of her lips, he kissed her on her cheeks.
Karthik was coming there and the phone rang once again which alert them of someone coming. They both composed themselves and Sana went to the washroom.

Karthik came in the room. He said to Naksh about his phone and left.

Sana came out of the washroom.
Sana:”i told you not to do it if someone saw us?”
Naksh:”we escaped it naa, so relax…”

Sana:”anyway, i need to tell that Doc has called in the morning, my next appointment is in three days. Will you come?”
Naksh:”of course, i will. It’s my responsibility too. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”
They came down.

Sana and Dids left from there after Mishti reminding to come for her birthday the next day.

Next morning:
Naksh came to the hotel to pick them up on Akshara’s saying.
He went to Dids room first. She was wrapping the gift for Mishti.
Dids:”beta, you came.”
Naksh:”you are ready…”
Dids:”i am but Sana I don’t know. Go and check her while I finish wrapping the gift.”
He nodded and went to Sana’s room.

When he entered, he saw her sitting on the bed holding her head. He got worried and rushed to her.
Naksh:”Sana, are you ok?”
Sana:”i was feeling dizzy… When i was in the washroom…”
Naksh:”drink some water…” He made her drink water.

Naksh:”you need to rest, come on…”
Sana:”no i am ok now. I need to get ready also…”
Naksh:”no you are not going anywhere. You will go on bed and rest”
Sana:”but i really want to go to the party, plz. I promise i will take care and if i feel dizzy i will tell you”
Naksh:”ok… I will take your medicines with me”
Sana:”no need, Dids always has my medicines in her bag whenever we go out.”
Naksh:”ok, but in case, i will also take them”
Sana:”ok baba”
Sana went to the dressing table to dry her hair which was wet while Naksh was taking her medicines.
He looked at her and came near her.
Naksh:”close your eyes…”
Sana did so and he put a beautiful blue pendant around her neck. She opened her eyes.
Sana, smiling:”this is so pretty, thank you.” She hugged him.
Naksh;”you liked it…” She nodded yes and smiled at him. She kissed him on his left cheek to thank him.

Singhania house:
Everyone was busy in the preparation for the birthday celebration. Some employees of Krishna and Singhania business employees too.
Maheswari family were also there. All the family memebers were there. Mishti was with her friends, she was looking as a princess.
An employee came to Akshara. He worked for Singhania in business of jewelry.

Akshara:”uncle, do you need something?”
Man:”i wanted to ask if Naksh liked the pendant?”
Man:”yes, he designed a pendant and we were doing it yesterday the whole night. He told me that he will help me in making it but he himself did it. I just gave the final touch. He liked it?”
Akshara:”i didn’t know that Naksh made a pendant… maybe for Mishti. He would gift her. You can ask him once he comes”
Man:”sure…” and he left.

Akshara:”pendant? Maybe this is his gift to Mishti”

After sometimes, Naksh with Dadi and Sana came there. Everyone was looking at Sana as she was wearing a short dress of pink colour. She felt awkward as everyone was staring at her.
Akshara saw the situation and went to Sana.
Akshara:”you are looking so pretty…”
Sana:”thank you aunty.”
They joined the others. Dadi went with Bhabhimaa and others. Sana joined Naira and Gayu.
Karthik also came there and was chatting with them.
Naksh saw them. He signed Sana to come to him while she refused.
He came to them himself, seeing that she started to ignore him.
Naksh:”Karthik, Papa is calling you, go…”
Karthik nodded yes and went.

Naksh:”Gayu, Naira go.”
Naksh:”Mishti was searching for you both”
They both nodded and went away.

He pulled Sana to a corner.
Sana:”Naksh, leave me…”
Naksh:”you will be punish, you didn’t listen to me and come when i was calling you.”
Sana:”ok, what’s the punishment?”
He pointed towards his cheek and she kissed him there. Next he pointed towards his lips.
Sana:”everyone’s here… someone will see us”
Naksh:”you should have think about it before refusing me? If you had follow me, i wouldn’t punish you”
Sana:”ok, ok”
Naksh pull her chin up as she was feeling shy.
He came close to her and kissed her on her lips.

After sometimes, Mishti cut her cake and the family started to dance around them. They were enjoying. Naira brought Sana too for dance. She danced a bit but then got tired and was dizzy. She went aside and try to compose herself.
Akshara saw her and came to her.
Akshara:”Sana, are you fine?”
Sana:”yeah, actually i felt dizzy but i am fine plz carry on. I will be fine in sometimes.”
Akshara:”wait, i will bring water for you.”
She made her drink water. Sana felt as if she will vomit and rushed to the washroom.
Akshara followed her.
Sana:”aunty, plz call Dids. She has my medicines.”
Akshara:”medicines? Ok i will bring it.”
She went to Dids and informed her about Sana and she rushed to Sana.
Akshara stayed back and informed Naitik and told him to call a doctor. He did so. Varsha was also there.
They both went to see her.

Akshara:”aunty, how is she now?”
Sana:”better aunty.”
Varsha:”but what happened? Why did you vomit suddenly?”
Sana and Dids exchanged looks: they knew it was the symptoms of her disease and side effects of the medicines, but couldn’t tell them.

Sana:”aunty, i am sorry because of me you missed the party.”
Akshara:”it ok beta, your health is more important.”
Dids:”we should go out…”
Varsha:”Sana, you can rest here ….”
Sana:”no its ok. I am fine now. We can go out”
The four came out. Naitik informed Akshara that the doctor will there on sometimes.
Akshara:”yeah good, doctor will tell us what happened. She is looking so weak, there is definitely something wrong.”
Naitik:”we will know when doctor come”

They all were dancing and and after that, Mishti received her gifts from everyone. And soon after the guests started to leave.

There was only Maheswari family and Nandini’s in laws.

Mishti was opening her gift of the family members first. Naksh gave her the gift and it was a beautiful bracelet.

Akshara (to herself):”Duggu made a pendant for Mishti but…”
The doctor came there.
The other family members were a bit surprised seeing doctor.
Naitik:”plz come…”
Devyani:”Naitik, why did you call doctor? Is everything ok?”
Naitik:”actually, Sana was not feeling well during the party, she has vomit and was feeling dizzy. That’s why we call him”
Naksh was tensed listening to that. And looked at her. Sana through her eyes signed him that she was fine now.

Doctor checked her while Sana, Dids and Naksh were tensed.
Doctor:”she will have to do blood test so that i can tell you what happened. Right now, i can’t say much.”
Akshara:”ok, you can take the blood…”
Doctor took her blood sample and then said that he will call them once the reports comes. Saying this, he left.

Akshara sat besides Sana:”don’t worry, everything will be fine. It’s just a small test. Maybe you ate something not good.”
Sana thinks:”no aunty, it is not only that…”

Rukmini:”are you pregnant?” Everyone looked at her shocked.
Rukmini:”don’t stare at me like this. This is all symptoms of pregnancy. First she was feeling dizzy then vomit.”
All started to think.
Dids:”no, Sana is not pregnant…”
Rukmini:”i know you won’t believe, but this might be the truth.”
Mohit:”maa, we will get to know when the reports come, stay quiet for now”
Sana:”aunty, i am not pregnant, this is just…”
Akshara:”just a normal thing. I mean to say that she is not from here, maybe she ate something bad which resulted into food poisoning or something like that.”

Rukmini:”that’s what i am saying, she is not from here, there all this before marriage is allowed. She must have done something and now came here to hide this fact.”
Sana:”aunty, you have no rights to comment on any country’s culture or way of living.”
Naksh:”aunty, you can’t say that. She is telling you…”
Rukmini:”i am just saying it. Why are you so tensed?”
Akshara:”aunty, we will know when the reports comes.”

Bhabhimaa:”i think they should stay here tonight, how will she go if she feels dizzy again.”
Naitik:”no aunty, bhabhimaa is right, you should stay.”
Dids agreed.

Akshara:”Naira, Gayu, take her to the guest room.”
They nodded and Ananya also accompanied them.

In the room:
Naira and Gayu was preparing the room and Ananya was with Sana.
Ananya:”so you are Sana…”
Sana looked at her confused.
Ananya:”chiku’s girlfriend…” she said smilingly and whispering so that Naira and Gayu doesn’t hear it.

Sana was surprised that she knows it.
Sana:”you know it… Naksh told you?”
Ananya:”i was the first one to know it. From the first day…”
Sana felt a bit shy.

Dids went to the hotel with Karthik to pick up some clothes for Sana and herself.

Naksh came to meet her in the room when there was no one.
Sana:”what are you doing here?”
Naksh:”i told you to rest in hotel, see all this wouldn’t happen if you listened to me.”
Sana:”sorry, but i am fine now…”
Naksh:”fine? Look at your face. You are looking so pale and weak. I will talk to the doctor and ask him…”

Sana:”yeah, even i have to ask him about vomiting, i mean i never vomit before.”
Naksh:”i will talk to him…”

Sana seeing Naksh worried, hugged him.
Sana:”Naksh, i am fine now. Don’t worry”
Naksh also hugged her tightly.

Rukmini who was passing by the room, saw them hugging each other.
Rukmini:”what’s happening here?”
She left wondering the same.

They broke the hug.
Dids came there with Karthik, with some bags. He was surprised seeing Naksh there, but then think that maybe he was worried.

Sana went to change her clothes. Naksh wanted to talk to Dids but stopped seeing Karthik. Even Karthik noticed that.

Naksh left followed by Karthik. He went directly to his room. He called Sana’s doctor and asked him.
Doctor:”i will have to check her, i mean i don’t know why she is vomiting. Perhaps, the medicines are having side effects on her. Bring her tomorrow, i will check her and yes, don’t give her any heavy food. Make her eat light”

Naksh:”ok, doctor. I will bring her and take care of her food.”
Karthik heard him, he came to tell Naksh that Naitik was asking for him. He knocked at the door. Naksh was a bit surprised seeing him.
Karthik informed him about Naitik.

Karthik was wondering what was happening between Sana and Naksh, as he is worried for the girl who he knows from only 2 days.

After meeting Naitik, Naksh went to the kitchen.
Akshara and the other ladies were there with Naira and Gayu.
Akshara:”Duggu, you want something?”
Gayu gave him.

Naksh:”what are you making for dinner?”
Naira:”why bhai? You will see it on the dinning table”
Naksh:”no, actually i was asking for Sana… i mean to say that she just vomit, if she eats heavy and oily food, she might vomit again. Doctor told me when i dropped him outside. He said that it would be better to give her light food”
Akshara:”yeah, i will make soup for her. That will be fine. You are right, till we don’t get the report she must eat light.”

Naksh, thinks:”we don’t need the report to know that, mama. Anyway she is not allowed to have these foods.”
Gayu:”bhai, what are you thinking?”
Naksh nodded no and left from there.

Naksh came to Sana’s room and noticed that she was sleeping. Dids saw him and told him to come in.
Naksh:”Dadi, i call doctor, he told me to bring Sana tomorrow morning, he will have to check her”
Dids:”i will tell her…”
Naksh:”dadi, don’t worry, she will be fine. We will do all what we can to make her fine.”
Dids:”i am worried for her and scared too. But cannot show it to her.”
Naksh:”dadi, even i am scared, but right now, she needs us the most. She is living on our hopes. We can’t let her down.”
Dids nodded yes. He hugged to comfort her.

During the evening, everyone was downstairs. The men were talking about business, Naksh and Karthik were also with them.
The ladies were also there. Dids and Sana came there. She was wearing shorts with t-shirt. The family members felt quiet weird.

Akshara went to her.
Akshara:”how are you feeling now?”
Sana:”better aunty…”
Akshara:”come…” they also joined the family.
Soon, they went for dinner.
Naksh messaged Sana:”how are you feeling?”
Sana:”better… Dids told me about doctor appointment tomorrow. Don’t worry, i will go with Dids.”
Naksh:”even i am coming with you…”
Sana:”but you have meeting right? With your dad, you were just discussing about it?”
Naksh:”meeting is in the afternoon, we will be back before it.”
Sana:”ok, we will go earlier then”
Naksh:”as you wish… love you”
Sana, smiled at the text:”love you too…”

Akshara noticed her smiling looking at her phone and asked her.
Sana:”nothing, aunty.”
Dids noticed the messages and smiled.
Dids:”nothing, she is reading certain messages.”
Sana lock her phone
Dids:”from her friends. She is missing them a lot”
Sana and Naksh smiled.
Rukmini noticed all that.
(Nandini and her in laws were still there, they went after the dinner)

Dinner was over and everyone went to their room.
At night, Sana was not feeling sleepy. She didn’t know what to do. Naksh came to her room by the window.

He hugged her from behind due to which she startled.
Naksh::”relax, its me…”
Sana:”you scared me”
Naksh:”what happened? No sleep?”
Sana nodded no.
They talked for a while sitting on the couch. Naksh rest on her lap. They kept talking and soon Naksh fell asleep.

Sana smiled at him and let him sleep there. As she was not feeling sleepy, she took out her phone and put the earphones, listening to music and reading online books.

In morning,
Dids woke up and saw Naksh there. She smiled and came to Sana who was still reading.
Sana removed her earphones.
Dids:”you didn’t sleep?”
Sana:”no Dids. I was feeling weird so didn’t”
Dids:”wake him up, before someone comes in.”
And Dids went to the washroom.
Sana woke him up.
Naksh:”i slept here…”
Sana nodded yes.
Naksh:”i should go… mama will check on me in sometimes.”
Sana:”Naksh… doctor?”
Naksh:”ohh yeah. Get ready, we will go in sometimes”
And he left.

After getting ready: they both came down.
Akshara:”Duggu… where are you going so early?”
Naksh:”maa, Krishna’a work. Need to go”
She also asked Sana.
Dids:”she is going to the hotel, she needs to pick up certain things.”
Akshara:”so Duggu, drop her and then you go”
Naksh nodded yes.

At the hospital:
Doctor checked Sana, Naksh was worried outside.
Doctor:”don’t worry, this is all because i changed her medicines. Her body will need time to respond to the new medicines.”
Sana:”but doc, how long the vomiting will continue?”
Doctor:”it will not last for long, once you body is habituated with the medicines, it will stop”
Naksh:”there is nothing to worry doctor?”
Doctor:”no no… nurse, take her for blood test”
Sana went with the nurse.

Doctor:”Naksh, you will really have to take care of her now. Her body is very weak, right now as she is under treatment, the medicines are having effects. She needs rest.”
Naksh:”doctor, but she doesn’t want to rest. I mean even yesterday night she didn’t sleep.”
Doctor:”that’s not good, her body needs rest otherwise she will be so weak that she wouldn’t be able to stand up, she will feel dizzy and felt unconscious very often”

Naksh:”i will take care of her doctor”
Sana came back and they leave from there.

Naksh was worried in the car, Sana noticed it but didn’t ask him. She knows that it will be related to her and she didn’t want to hear about her disease.

They came back to Singhania house. They met Dids outside as she went out for some work. They told her what the doctor said to both of them.

They entered and everyone was present there. Maheswari and Nandini’s in laws.

Naksh:”what happened mama?”
Akshara:”what is Rukmini aunty saying, Duggu?”

Naksh:”what did she say?”
Rukmini:”arey, what happened between you both?”

Rukmini:”doctor called and he said that he will bring the blood reports himself and he needs to talk to us”

Sana:”i know… what he wants to say.”
Rukmini:”so you know… i was saying since yesterday that she must be pregnant…”

Sana:”what? Aunty, i said it yesterday too, i not pregnant.”
Naksh:”yes aunty, she is not pregnant, this is something else.”
Rukmini:”why are so worried, Naksh? You are defending her as if you also know what the doctor wants to say.”

Naksh:”yes, i know what will the doctor say”
Akshara:”Duggu, what do you mean?”
Rukmini:”did you make her pregnant?”

Naksh:”what? There is nothing such”
Rukmini:”there is nothing such? So why were you hugging her last night in the room?”
Everyone were shocked listening to that. Karthik remembered the two together when he came in the room with Dids.

Rukmini:”what were you both doing in the party? I mean behind the pillar?”
Sana and Naksh realized that she saw them kissing.

Rukmini:”let me show it to you…”
She showed everyone the picture of Sana and Naksh kissing during the party.

Dids:”listen, there is nothing wrong in it as they both…”
Rukmini:”nothing wrong? This is against our traditions. This happened maybe in your country but not here. And that too before marriage”

Akshara:”aunty, wait. Duggu, what’s all this?”
Naksh:”mama, yes this happened last night? Whatever Rukmini aunty has said has happened but not in the way she is trying to portray it.”

Rukmini:”you mean that you both didn’t kiss?”
Naksh:”i am not saying that. I am just saying…”
Rukmini:”i am sure she is the one who did everything. Otherwise Naksh wouldn’t do like that. He knows his limits…”

Akshara:”aunty, the video is of them both. Both of them are at fault, it is not only the Sana’s fault. It is Duggu’s fault too.”

Naitik:”yes aunty. Naksh, we are still waiting for an explanation of all this.”
Naksh:”i am trying to give you but she is not even letting me speak…”

Rukmini:”look at him…”
Bhabhimaa:”Rukminiji, we want Lalla to explain all this.”
Rukmini:”all this is wrong…”

Karthik:”I don’t think so. I mean to say that if they both love each other, it’s not wrong.”
Akshara:”Karthik, if they both love each other then this would be different but right now…”

Naksh:”no mama, this is different because Karthik is right. I love her.”

Naitik:”what? In just 3 days, you started loving her?”
Naksh:”not 3 days, i know her from 2 months.”
Everyone was surprised knowing this.

Akshara:”what? 2 months?”
Sana:”yes aunty, 2 months, we met at Krishna. Me and Dids went there for dinner and…”
Rukmini:”and you fell in love?”
Dids:”Akshara, i already knew about their relationship. Sana doesn’t hide anything from me. And i approved of it. At that time i didn’t even know he was your son”

Ananya:”even i knew about them. Chiku told me that he loves her”

Naitik:”why didn’t you tell us Naksh? Why did you hide it?”
Naksh:”I didn’t want to hide it, but you were not here. Neither you nor mama. And when you came, you met her the next day itself then also i wanted to tell you but then the party and she fell ill”

Rukmini:”then, be it you love or not, it is wrong.”
Niara:”we don’t… if they love each other then we don’t consider it wrong.”
Gayu:”right, they didn’t do anything wrong”
Karthik, Niara, Gayu, Ananya, Yash and Rose, all stood by Naksh and Sana’s side.

Rukmini:”see, this is the new generation. Now i am sure that Naksh must have got her pregnant, they already broke the limits, they wouldn’t think about going to the next level.”

Sana:”stop it. Enough aunty. You are elder that doesn’t mean you can say anything to us. We didn’t do anything such. Aunty, if you don’t trust me, no problem, but you trust your son. We didn’t do anything wrong.”
Rukmini:”kiss was also wrong… so getting pregnant will not be wrong for you”

Sana:”how many times should i say that i am not pregnant. These symptoms are not of pregnancy.”
Rukmini:”we know all these symptoms. We already went through it”
Sana:”but my case is different, because i am sick. I have got cancer, all theses are symptoms of cancer.”

Everyone was shocked knowing about her disease.
Akshara:”what? Cancer?”
Sana:”yes aunty. That’s why i said that i already knew what will the doctor say.”

Naitik:”Naksh, you already knew it?”
Naksh nodded yes.
Naksh:”she is under treatment here.”
Dids:”yes, that’s the reason why we came here. For her treatment.”

Sana was crying.
Akshara saw her and hugged her.
Akshara:”she is under treatment right? You will be fine.”

Mohit:”let’s go from here. You already made a lot of scene.”
They left.

Dids took Sana to the room. Naksh also went to his. Naitik followed him

Naksh’s room:
Naitik:”you should have shared it Naksh”
Naksh:”you were not here, none of you was here. I couldn’t talk about this to dadi, dadaji or baadi dadi. Only with Ananya di that i could share it.”

Naitik:”i know, we should have been here. You needed us and we weren’t here. But Naksh, you already knew about her disease when you started to love her or you are just feeling….”

Naksh:”no papa, I didn’t know. The day I proposed to her, she didn’t answer me and then she told me everything. I knew only one thing that I couldn’t leave her alone. I didn’t think about anything just because i want to be with her.”

Akshara came there.
Akshara:”we are really sorry, Duggu. We were not here for you. But right now, i am really proud of you. You are supporting her even after knowing everything, you didn’t leave her. You still love her.”

Naksh hugged her.
Akshara:”what doctor said?”
Naksh:”the medicines are having side effects she needs to rest otherwise she will fall ill. And maybe she will have to start chemotherapeutic sessions.”
Akshara:”she will be fine, she have to be fine”
Naitik:”she will be, don’t worry”
Naksh smiled at them.

Akshara:”we will take good care of her. I should go to her.”
Akshara left from there. Naksh hugged Naitik.

Sana’s room:
She was crying thinking about all the allegations that Rukmini said: pregnancy and all.
Dids:”beta, stop crying. Now everyone know the truth. They won’t say anything.”

Akshara and the other ladies of Singhania and Maheswari came there.
Sana wiped her tears.

They came to her.
Sana:”aunty, i am really sorry, because of me, you…”
Akshara:”chup (quiet) nothing is because of you.”
Karishma:”yeah, Sana, Rukmini aunty has the habit of exaggerating things. This is not the first time”

Niara:”chachi is not wrong. Don’t worry Sana.”
Akshara:”aunty (to dids), now you will have to stat here. No going back to the hotel. We will take care of her at home.”
Dids smiled seeing their concern.

Akshara:”And Sana, don’t worry. You will be fine.”
Sana smiled at them.

At night:
Sana again didn’t want to sleep, Naksh and Dids were tensed.
Naksh went to Akshara.
Naksh:”mama, she doesn’t want to rest and doctor said that of she doesn’t then….”
Akshara:”don’t worry. I will make her sleep.”
They went to the room and saw Sana with her earphones and listening to music. She was walking here and there with her phone in her hands.
Akshara stopped her.
She brought her to bed, Sana tried resisting but Akshara made her sleep.
Dids smiled at Akshara when Sana was asleep.

Days went on like that, Singhania took good care of Sana and her treatment went also well.

They didn’t object to her relationship with Naksh but instead they were happy.

Chemotherapeutic sessions also starts and Akshara and Naksh went with her every time. The other ladies also went with her.
They were taking good care of her.

Her relationship with Naksh grew stronger.
The doctor told them that Sana would have to go through operation of bone narrow.

Everyone was very tensed regarding that as it hurts a lot during this operation. But finally the operation was over, and she got fine after several months.

And finally they got married after so much struggle.

Hope you guys like it and sorry if it was too long.

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