Nakchadi(A SwaRagini Fan Fiction) Chapter 19

I don’t know how I missed this. Actually I thought I had published the 19 part here.

This is the 19 th part which you people might have missed.

Raj stood near Supriya’s room as she did not step out of it for the rest of the day. Rajesh sat on the sofa outside in deep thoughts. He did not knew how to tackle this situation. He did not knew how his Gudiya will react to this.

“Hello Pathi” Ragini hugged Raj who was lost in his thoughts and cutting the vegetables. He smiled at her softly and she placed her head on his shoulder. Even though he did not speak she could sense that something was wrong with him.

“Raj” she hugged him more tightly. “Hmmm” he just hummed. “What happened?” asked she looking at him. He did wanted to share it with her but he wasn’t sure if he should share it with her. He thought better to talk to Supriya before revealing what he saw to Ragini.

“Nothing Jaan” he held her hand and kissed it. “Then where are you lost?” asked she. He dragged her and made her face him. “Where else am I gonna lost other than your dreams” he winked at her and she blushed lowering her head. She hit his chest playfully and tried walking out but he held her wrist.

“Raj” she whispered as he dragged her and back hugged. “Hmm” he nuzzled his nose against her cheeks sending shivers down her spine.

“Someone will come” she whispered. “Let them come” he kissed her cheek which turned crimson immediately. “Ohho Romeo Chef. You haven’t finished cooking yet. If maa saw na then today’s husband wife time will be cut” she pushed him and walked out before he could catch her. He blushed caressing his neck.


It was the dinner time. All gathered at the dining table. “Where is maa?” asked Ragini. Rajesh did not knew what to answer which did not go unnoticed by  Raj. “Wo actually MIL is doing Jaap. Tomorrow is Ekadashi right so she said she will have food later” Raj covered the truth. Rajesh looked at him confused.

“Oh” said Ragini and all of them had the dinner and headed to their respective rooms. “Thank you Raj” said Rajesh when Raj was re arranging the kitchen. “That’s okay Chachu” he said smiling at him. “You wont ask me why Bhabi is behaving strange?” asked Rajesh.

“If it is necessary for me to know you will say it to me I have that confidence Chachu” said he smiling. He held the tray and started walking out of the kitchen. “What’s this?” asked Rajesh. “Sasu mom’s food” said he. “You think she will eat?” asked he. “Let me try” said he and walked.

“By the way how do you know tomorrow is Ekadashi?” asked Rajesh. “Oh tomorrow is really Ekadashi. Maine tho bass tukka maara tha” said he giving a sheepish smile. Rajesh nodded his head smiling and walked to his room.

“Saasu mom” he entered the room and Supriya turned her face and wiped her tears. “Why have you come here. I told na I’m not hungry” she said stiffly. “Because mere kaam sirf khana banana nahi balki khana khilana bhi hai” he placed the tray in front of her. She looked at him confused.

“Waise this fasting doesn’t suit your age. You will have stomach problems. Then you will fall sick….” he was talking and Supriya just stared him. “You know Ladoo says same” she smiled looking at him. “Wo tho she will tell. After all who has trained her. The great Raj” said he proud. “Badmash” she hit him on his head and he bit his tongue. He smiled looking at her smile.

She had the food and Raj watched her smiling. “Raj” she stopped him when he was at the door.

“Thank you” she said as he turned. “Mention not MIL” he bent his head and walked out closing the door.

“Bhabi” Rajesh entered the room and saw Supriya lost in her thoughts. “I can’t believe you had the food” said he surprised. “He made me eat with his cute antics just like how Lado does. How could I refuse” she smiled at him. “Then why don’t you forgive him Bhabi” his question made her smile fade.

Ragini’s struggle her pain flashed in front of her. And the pain she went through also flashed in her mind. “And what if he leaves my daughter like that man left me?” asked she painfully. “For god sake don’t compare Raj with that spineless man Bhabi” Rajesh spoke with anger.

“I’m ashamed to call him as my brother. He was nothing but a black mark on our family” Rajesh spoke painfully. “Raj is no where comparable to him. He left his luxurious life style for our Lado. Whatever happened in the past was just due to misunderstandings. He doesn’t deserve such big punishment for a mistake which he did not even commit” said Rajesh.

“Don’t forget he left her also on her request where as he never wanted to be away from her. If he wanted he could have started a new life Bhabi. But he did not break this marriage. He came back also just for her when she herself couldn’t stay without him; when he realized she was hurting herself in the process of staying away from him” Rajesh looked at her.

“In all means Raj deserves our Ragini Bhabi. He is the Gudda I had dream of marrying my Gudiya to. Though the world is against our Gudiya you will find him just beside her holding her in all her battles” said Rajesh as he stood near the door. “More than this I can’t make you understand” said he and walked away leaving Supriya in thoughts.

What does a mother wishes for her daughter – a good life partner who will not let her down. But the past where he had let her down was again and again flashing in front of her. Her heart broken daughter’s image blurred the reality. The reality which proved that there was no one better than Raj for her daughter.


The day had begun and nobody was aware what was the new day had in store. Simi walked around the house making the early morning arrangements for the Puja. “Raj” she called and he brought a thal filled of fruits. She took it and arranged it.

He rushed inside again to get one more thal and stood stumbling as Ragini blocked his way. “Ohho Pati ji. I missed you so much. You did not come yesterday” she said pouting. He stopped her showing his palm. “First thing take bath and come Biwi ji and yesterday I got a bit late and you fell asleep. So did not wanted to disturb you. Sorry baccha” said he. She huffed and walked back to her room. He smiled looking at her.

The neighbors started arriving for the puja. The family welcomed them and the Pandit started doing the Puja. Ragini walked out of her room wearing a sunshine yellow anarkali which made Raj breathless for a moment. He held his heart and left a deep breath and she blushed.

As the Puja was over Raj and Ragini served the Prasad. Raj made her eat the prasad when her hand was holding the thal. This was observed by an old lady.

“Seriously now a days for kids no shame only. Look how Supriya’s daughter is behaving with the servant” said she in a lady’s ear. “You know night her boss leaves her till home. She has really grown out of limits” said the other lady.

“What the hell are you people talking. Aunty if you don’t know the full thing don’t simply blabber” said Nia who was walking near by.

“They can do nonsense and we can’t talk also?” she twisted her lips. “Be in your limits” said Nia a bit loud. “Teach that to your sister in law who is behaving shameless giggling around with a man” she said with a stiff face. Before Nia could respond Raj screamed “Enough is enough” Ragini who was a bit away looked at him confused.

“You don’t have any rights to speak about Ragini like that” said he showing his index finger at the lady. “Arrey my mouth I will say whatever I want. Who are you to ask?” asked she.

“I’m the husband about whom your talking bad things or accusing” he screamed at the top of his voice. Ragini neared him and asked him what happened.

He held her by her shoulders and took out the mangalsutra in her neck. “This is tied by me. Did you get that? She is my wife” he said proudly. Supriya watched him with tears of pride in her eyes.

The lady stood shocked. She looked at Supriya. She walked to them wiping her tears. “And he isn’t the servant of this house but my Jamatha” she placed her hand on his shoulder and looked at the lady. Ragini and Raj looked at her shocked. Rajesh smiled through his tears looking at her. He mouthed her a thank you and she smiled at him.

After all the guest left Rajesh sat in front of Supriya along with Simi. “Bhabi I did not knew you will accept him so soon” said Rajesh. “He finally convinced me to accept him Rajesh. When he can do so much for my daughter’s happiness can’t I keep aside my ego and forgive him?” asked she and he smiled nodding his head.

“Finally your Gudiya’s bidayi time has come. Start the preparations” said she and he chuckled and burst into a cry. “Awww” said Supriya and Simi looking at him.


Ragini was packing her bags. She was a bit sad. “What happened Jaan?” asked Raj back hugging her. She held his hand. “I don’t know Raj I feel I’m not leaving this home but my soul” she said. He turned her and cupped her face.

“Your soul will be always here Biwi. Let it stay here. But your heart has to be with me” he said and kissed her forehead and she smiled closing her eyes. “And nothing gonna change this home is still your first priority” said he. She hugged him with a weird feeling of emptiness in her heart.

He patted her head and they stood there for sometime lost in each other.


Ragini and Raj stood at the hall. She had been holding her tears. “Naku” Ravi kissed her forehead and she hugged him and then moved to Nia. Ravi looked at Raj. “Still my warning is intact” said he glaring and Raj smiled at him weakly gulping in.

“Meeshu” Ragini walked to Ranjit and held Mishal. “You will not forget me na?” asked she. “Will the kid will forget his mother ever Lado?” asked Ranjit caressing her hair. She hugged him. “I will miss you both” said she in a cracking voice. “Like seriously you will not miss me?” asked Nikit placing his hands on his hips.

“Aww chotu how can I not miss you” she said bending to his height. “Ragu dee don’t call me na that. Meeshu is there na now chotu?” asked he annoyed. “Chorry” she pouted at him and he kissed her cheek smiling.

Raj stood beside her and Nikit pulled his pant and he looked down. “And my warning is same to same as Ravi bhai and is intact still” said he and Raj nodded his head nervous. “Tumne bhai pale hai ya bodyguards?” whispered he in Ragini’s ears and she chuckled hearing him.

“Chachu?” asked Ragini when she dragged herself away from Simi and Supriya whom she hugged together. “You know this day is his nightmare” Simi smiled through her tears. Ragini rushed to his room.

“Chachu” she entered his room. Rajesh wiped his tears and smiled at her saying “Gudiya” “Why didn’t you come out?” asked she. “And watch you leaving this home?” asked he painfully. She hugged him in a bone crushing hug.

“Then don’t let me go” she said in a cracking voice. “I can’t be selfish na Gudiya. As you spread your aura here Raj and his family needs you more than us” said he caressing her hair and she nodded her head controlling her tears. “Take this” he forwarded a small box. She wiped her tears and took it.

As she opened it she found a small anklet. She looked at Rajesh. “This was the first ornament I bought for you an it is your first ornament too” said he with twinkling eyes.

“When you will have chotu si Lado in your life make her wear this” said he and kissed her head. “Come” said he and walked outside with her. She walked till the door with him. She gave him a painful look as she walked out of the house and he controlled his emotions as she disappeared of his sight.


Sunita welcomed Ragini with all the rituals. Raj was all smiles looking his family after so many days. “Mom” he hugged Sunita who placed the thal on the table after she welcomed Ragini.

“Raj” she whined. He felt he was away from her for ages. He couldn’t define how he felt that time. Ragini looked at them and it reminded her that she had just left her family and her emotions were at the edge.

“And this is your family too beta” Sanjay caressed her hair and she wondered how he guessed what she was thinking. He nodded his head and she hugged him warmly. When she bent to take blessings from Dadaji he stopped her and hugged her.  “Hamare yeha ladkiya pair nahi chuti” said he and she smiled at him.

Raj looked at her smiling. He had been waited for this day from years without even expecting it to arrive. He never knew it will come in his life or not.


She sat in their room lost and Raj entered the room. She jerked due to the sound of the door. She wiped her face and started arranging her luggage. He held her hand and stopped her. “Raj” she looked at him confused. He dragged her into a bear hug.

“Raj” “Shhh” he said rocking her. “You can let out your emotions without hesitation” he said and she burst out into a bitter cry. “I don’t know who made this rule that girls should leave their families after marriage but trust me I understood the pain only when I have to live away from my family” said he and she chuckled a bit.

“Someone Khadus idiot like you” said she. “Ohho” he said dragging her out of the hug. She jerked him and ran across the room.

He finally held her and dragged her near to him. As he neared her lips she closed her eyes and the twinkling moon at the window covered as they moved close to each other.


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