Nakchadi chapter 16

Ragini when landed in reality shrank her eye brows asking him what the hell was he doing at her home. He again winked at her and she fumed in taking a deep breath and looked at Supriya who was still standing unmoved. “What the hell are you doing here?” Ravi grabbed his collar and was about to push him out but was stopped when he heard a voice.

“Ravi…” Rajesh screamed approaching them and Ravi closed his eyes fuming. “Is this the way to treat the son in law of the house?” Rajesh jerked Ravi’s hands who looked at Raj who gave him a wide smile. “Dad but” Ravi was interrupted by Rajesh who showed him his palm to stop.

Supriya finally was out of shock. “What are you talking Rajesh, he is no son in law of this house. I told you na I don’t believe in this marriage” Supriya looked at Rajesh.

“Bhabi you believe or not the one who should believe in this has not stopped hoping even for a second these years” he signed at Ragini. Her eyes moved to Ragini who bowed her head and Supriya’s gaze reached her mangalsutra.


“What was the need to beat him like that Ravi” Rajesh shook him holding his collar. “You know he is been admitted in hospital due to fatal injuries. If it was not Mr. Khurana you would have been in jail for attempt to murder case” he turned jerking when he heard a vessel noise.

“No” Ragini gasped. She ran like a maniac out of the house. “Gudiya” Rajesh tried stopping her but she was in no state to hear to anyone. She stood at the corner of the highway looking left and right not able to think which way to go. She felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Gudiya” She hugged Rajesh and burst out crying like a small kid. “Ch… Chachu… R… Raj” she fumbled to talk. He wiped her tears and stopped an auto and they rushed to the hospital where Raj was admitted. And she ran inside and asked the receptionist about the room and ward and ran wiping her face.

“No dad I’m fine” Raj tried getting up but again fell on the bed. Ragini who was standing at the door worried and walked in and Raj, Sanjay and Dadaji’s gaze moved to her. Raj and Ragini’s eyes locked into a painful eye lock. Sanjay and Dadaji walked out giving them privacy. The nurse checked him and handed the medicine to Ragini.

“Please once listen to me” Ragini wiped her tears sitting beside him on his hospital bed and fed him the medicines. “Still you think I’m just playing aren’t you?” his painful voice made her stop for a moment. “If I could think Raj. If I could.. You have made my mind numb” she looked at him. She got up to leave but he held her wrist. “Please” he spoke in a cracking voice.

She closed her eyes painfully. “Please Raj” she turned to him. He loosened his grip on her wrist when her pain was intolerable for him. Rajesh was watching all this standing outside through the glass wall. He could see the pain in Raj’s eyes when he left her hand. Ragini walked out of the room wiping her tears.

She collapsed on a bench outside the hospital. Rajesh who followed her and sat beside her and caressed her hair. She immediately turned and hugged him. “I love him Chachu. I can’t even imagine anyone in his place. If I do so I will die Chachu.” he dragged her out of the hug and placed his finger on her lips signing her to be quite and she looked at him painfully.

“Then why are you stopping yourself Gudiya?” he cupped her face wiping her tears. “Because I love my family more than him. For my newly found love I cannot ignore my family, I cannot ignore maa. I can’t let her go through all that she went through all these years. I cannot give her this” she choked. “And what will you do all your life then?” he looked at her painfully.

“Live with a hope Chachu that one day we will be united with mom and all our family members’ consent.” she smiled through her tears. “And you think this is gonna happen?” he nodded his head. “Hope Chachu. You say na hope is the base of our life. I will spend my life with the same hope” she hugged him to hide her pain but has she succeed till now? He looked at her painfully as his head moved up he found Raj peeping out of the window and staring Ragini.

“What are talking Rajesh?” Supriya’s voice brought him to reality and he looked at her. “That’s the truth Bhabi. He is our son in law you agree or not when Gudiya has accepted this marriage he automatically becomes one” Rajesh looked at her.

“Exactly Saasu maa” Raj stood beside him. She fumed and stared at him. “Don’t you dare to call me that” she warned him.

“But you are my Biwi ji’s mom na so I have to call you that only right? Or wait oh yaa I know you are my modern saasu maa na so you must be expecting MIL short form of Mother in Law?” he winked at her. Ragini opened her mouth shocked and looked around scared of Supriya’s reaction.

Supriya glared him now with more intensity. “Waise saasu mom oopsi sorry MIL you look more cuter than my Nakchadi wife when you get angry” he held her chin. Ragini panicked looking at his dare to behave that way with Supriya.

“Oye how dare you” Ravi walked like a wrestler ready to crush Raj but he was stopped by Raj’s hand which was on his chest. “Relax Saale saab. I’m talking to my MIL not yours so finger on your lips” he signed with the other hand. Ragini hit her head and Ravi who was fuming was about to attack Raj but Nia stood in front of him stopping him and pleading him to be calm. “Thank you Behna(sister)” Raj gave her a tight smile.

Supriya huffed and walked inside. Simi stood at the kitchen door looking at her worried. Her eyes met with Rajesh who signed her everything will be fine and she smiled at him weakly. Ravi looked at Nia and stormed to his room angry. Nia hit her head with her palm and walked behind him.

“Come Raj beta” Rajesh placed his hand on Raj’s shoulder and he smiled looking at him. “Rajesh” he heard Supriya’s voice and stumbled. “I will just come. Gudiya help him to settle” he signed her and walked to Supriya’s room. Ragini was giving him death glares. Simi walked inside the kitchen nodding her head.

He neared her and encircled his hands around her waist and dragged her near to him and she landed on his chest. “R…Raj” she struggled in his hold. “No Biwi ji. After so many years you are finally in my life how can I let you go” he spoke in her ears making her shiver.

She smirked and stamped his leg. He left her and winced in pain holding his leg. “Ouch Nakchadi” he looked at her annoyed. She smirked rubbing her shoulder feeling proud. Rajesh who looked at her smiled finding Ragini coming back to life slowly.

She twisted her lips and walked inside the room. Raj was about to enter the room then his eyes moved to Swara’s portrait which was hung on the wall. “Thank you Shona. I think if I wouldn’t have met I would have not known Ragini’s importance in my life” he smiled looking at her.

“And she is the sole reason that I thought of giving you a chance. It was her last wish” he found Ranjit standing beside him and staring Swara’s photo. “I know BS ji(Bade Saale)” Raj smiled at him. “Shhh. Nobody should know we are helping you” Rajesh signed him standing beside Ranjit. “Oops” Raj signed mouth zipped. He signed Raj to walk to room and he nodded his head and walked inside.


Raj turned after he sent Ragini with Mishal inside the Mandir and found Rajesh and Ranjit standing with crossed arms. “Wo… Uncle” he fumbled to reply. Rajesh who was glaring him smiled and hugged him. “I’m so glad you returned” Raj sighed hearing Rajesh.

As he came out of the embrace Ranjit warned him “Dare you hurt my baby sister again you know I’m dangerous than Ravi” Raj gulped in scared. “But what to do now?” asked he worried. “Wah no plan still you assured Ragu that you will make everything fine” Ranjit teased him.

“Wo BS ji it was just the dialogue that every hero says to calm the heroine” he stared ground pouting. “No doubt he is exact copy of Shona” Ranjit smiled through his tears. “I’m sorry” Raj looked up at Ranjit and Rajesh placed hand on his shoulder and tried consoling him.

“So cool uncle” Raj smiled at Rajesh who narrated the plan. “Call me chachu the way my Gudiya calls and only here. When you reach home tomorrow don’t behave like we are in this okay” Rajesh smiled at him and he nodded his head and said “Yes Chachu”


Rajesh placed his hand across Ranjit’s neck. “You think this is gonna work chachu?” Ranjit bent his head. “As far as I know Bhabi.” he thought for sometime. “No” he gave high five to Ranjit who looked at him amused.

“And what about Raj?” Ranjit looked at him worried. “Bali ka bakra” they both bust out laughing. “Arrey my Gudiya has cried so much I have to take revenge for it right and don’t worry I will convince Bhabi by then” He assured Ranjit.

“Till when Chachu?” Ranjit looked at him. “Till Bhabi don’t get convinced” he looked at Ranjit helplessly. He sighed looking away and nodded his head.

“Where are you going?” Raj stopped holding Ragini from her wrist. She turned and gave him a tight smile. “Me and Michu are shifting to Maa’s room as per her orders” she released her hands and picked Mishal in her arms.

“That’s not fair Biwi ji. Today only I have come to my Sasural and today only I’m being avoided. No Son in law should get such fate. Haaye meri futi kismat” he hit his forehead with his wrist. “Oye daily soap ki Bahu cum Jamai stop this drama” she showed him her palm.

He held her hand and dragged her to him. “At least one kissi Biwi ji” he pleaded her. Mishal hit his head with his palm. “Chorry baby” Raj pleaded Mishal and closed Mishal’s eyes with his hand and stood waiting for Ragini to kiss.

She held his chin and kissed his cheek and he opened his eyes still waiting for her kiss on his lips. “What was that?” he held his cheek. “Kissi is Kissi Pathi ji” she winked at him and ran out of the room. He blushed caressing his neck.

His phone ringed and he received the call. “Hello Raj..” “Mom” he responded. “How are you beta? Did they hit you?” Sunita queried worried. “Relax mom. Nothing like that happened okay and stop panicking” he pleaded her.

“What else I can do…” before she could continue Sanjay snatched the phone from her hand and spoke “Listen you moron. Dare you even think of returning without my Bahu this time I will not send you to London branch but to Rajasthan Branch got it” Raj smiled hearing his dad like olden times.

“Sanjay” Sunita glared him snatching the phone back. She placed the phone on her ear. “Don’t be scared beta. I know my son will get his wife back for sure” she smiled through her tears.

“mom mom no dropping tears” Raj warned her. “Arrey these are happy tears. Finally you are trying to get my bahu back at least I can keep my anger aside and help you” she smiled and wiped her tears.


A/N: A small surprise for the birthday girl Greeshma. Greeshu love you , wish you many many happy returns of the day and may God bless you with all the happiness you deserve. Keep smiling.

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