Nakchadi Ch 9 (SwaRagini)

Ragini reached early to office excited and with new energy. As soon as she entered the cabin. She looked at Rajbeer’s chair. She felt him sitting there and started walking slowly and smiling. She neared his chair and touched it and blushed. Rajbeer just entered the cabin and looked at her confused. Ragini jerked and composed herself. He walked and sat on his chair and looked at her who was giving him a sweet smile. “Something is wrong with this Nakchadi today” said he as he looked at her confused. “Ragini” he called but she did not respond. “Ragini” he said a bit loud. She landed in real world jerked. “You wanted something?” asked he. “You” said she lost. He choked as he was drinking the water. “What?” he asked confused. “You I mean you have to finalize the presentation for Monday’s meeting” said Ragini. “Monday is today Nakchadi and you are telling me now?” asked he horrified. “I also came to know in the morning only I’m sorry” said she apologizing. “Are you okay?” asked he and she looked at him confused. “No not like that. You never ask sorry even if you are at fault now you are asking sorry for the thing you did not do” said he and looked at her who was fuming looking at him. “Now will you help me in preparing the presentation maatha?” asked he folding his hands. She burst out laughing and nodded her head. “So shall we move to conference room?” asked he. “We can make it here no problem” said she sitting on the chair in front of him with a bright smile which made him shiver a bit.

“So as per the market prices…” Rajbeer stopped his narration when he looked at Ragini. The fan moved in her direction and made her hair fly and she was tucking them behind her ear. When she felt hair falling over her lips she pressed her pink lips and he lost himself in a magical spell. He remembered how he kissed her on her birthday and he was lost in that moment. His throat dried and he gulped the water in the glass. When Ragini looked up at him his eyes locked with hers. The glass in his hand was empty and he was still trying to grab every drop left out. “Sir” Ragini called him bringing him out to reality. “The glass is empty” said she signing him to look at his glass. He looked at her and then at the glass then realized he was sucking the empty glass and felt embarrassed. He composed himself placing the glass back on the table. He was wondering what is wrong with him. Why is she affecting him so much.
“Ranju” called Swara to Ranjit who was walking out of the room. He looked at her confused. “Help me to wear this na” said she and he neared her and put the hook of the chain near her neck. When she smiled putting her hair back his eyes fell on the mangal sutra she was wearing. “Swara…” he was about to say something. She turned and hugged him. “Swara?” he said as he held her shoulders. “I love you” said she and he stood numb not moving. After few seconds he composed himself and dragged her out of the hug and looked at her confused. “What I’m not joking Pati dev” said she and encircled her hands around his neck. “Swara” said he as he tried removing her hands. She dragged him close and placed her lips on his lips. He widened his eyes shocked. She broke the kiss and chuckled looking at his horrified face. “Now you believe me?” she asked biting her lower lip. He dragged her holding her back and placed his lip over her lips and they again lost themselves in the kiss and in each other.

“Oh fish” Ravi who entered their room closed his eyes as soon as he saw them. They departed jerking and stood a bit far. “Ravi nalayak can’t you knock before entering” said Ranjit and he opened his mouth shocked. “OMG first kiss me ithna power. You forgot your bro only” said he. “Shameless” said Swara running from there blushing. Ravi chuckled looking at her. “OMG with one kiss only tune sudhar diya chipkali ko” he said looking at Ranjit who was glaring him and was ready to chase. Ravi ran out from there and Ranjit chased him. “Bhai mistake was yours you should have latched the door” screamed Ravi and hid behind Supriya who looked at them confused. “What happened?” asked she. Ravi smirked looking at Ranjit and he looked around embarrassed. He glared back at Ravi when he said “Wo badi maa” Ravi chuckled looking at his condition. “Nothing badi maa. Bhai was changing dress without latching the door and Shona” said he. Swara choked as she was drinking water near the dining table. “What Shona?” asked she confused. “She had put all his dress to wash at a time” said he and controlled his laugh looking at flushed faces of Swara and Ranjit. “Hey bhagvan Shona. Who does like that?” asked Simi coming out of kitchen. “Wo chachi. I forgot” said she trying to reason. “And you Nalayak. Can’t you latch the door before changing the clothes” said Supriya hitting Ranjit and walked from there nodding her head. Ravi laughed silently looking at both the love sick puppies.
“So much expenses?” asked Supriya looking at Rajesh who was calculating the expenses for Roka. “They are very rich people Bhabi and we have to match up to their expectations. I don’t want any small mistake in this. After all my Gudiya has wished something for herself for the first time her Gudda. I think I can afford that much and by the way for whom do we earn for our kids only na” said he smiling. Ragini who stopped at his room door had tears in her eyes. “Gudiya” Rajesh called out when he found Ragini standing at door. She ran inside and hugged him. “Mujhe kahi nahi jaana chachu(I don’t want to go anywhere chachu)” she sobbed in his embrace. “Awww mela bacha” said he bringing out of the hug and cupping her face. “Dekha bhabi meri gudiya kitni samajhdar ho gayi hai.(See bhabhi my gudiya has become so smart).
“Haa chachu I’m the smartest na” said she looking up at him. “Isme koi shak hai?(Is there any doubt in that?)” Supriya caressed her hair smiling. Ragini hugged Rajesh and Supriya.
“Oye Ms. Question bank” Ravi called out to the girl who was passing through the corridor. She smirked and turned to him where he was standing placing his elbow on one of his friend’s shoulder. He raised his chin and watched her approaching him. “Oh I did not knew you have short term memory loss problem also?” she rubbed her chin thinking. “What?” Ravi looked at her confused. “You know that’s your name Mr. Question Bank” she smiled fake. Ravi huffed and looked at her. “What? I said truth only” she waved her hand in air. His friends chuckled at his embarrassed face. She bit her cheeks inside looking at his flushed face. He walked from there angry. “Arrey yaar boss tho bura maan gaye” said his friend and she felt bad. “I think I over reacted” she thought within herself looking at his direction. “Nia” she turned when her friend called her. She walked looking back at Ravi. “Attitude huh. That too with me? I will show Ms. Whatever your name is what is attitude. Nakchadi kahi ki” he walked nodding his head. “Nakchadi se yaad aaya Naku. OMG I should have left to Jwellery shop to collect her polished Jwellery. Fish now again I will get scoldings from dad”he bit his nails nervous looking at the watch.
“Mom not this color” said Raj when Sunita was trying a orange color Saree in Mall. “Ohho mera roka nai hai(It isn’t my engagement)” she said narrowing her eyebrows. “So what mom? It’s your only son’s Roka and you should look the best” he held her shoulders. She gave up and pouted looking at him through mirror. “Now you only tell me which color” she gave him a puppy look. He looked around and rubbing his chin and found a olive color Saree and smiled. She brought it and forwarded it to Suni who smiled at his childish behavior nodded her head. She took the Saree and turned to the mirror and tried it. “Wow Jaan you look hot in that color” she heard Sanjay’s voice who walked to them. She widened her eyes and glared him. Then only he realized where are they. He whispered a sorry to her and glared Rajbeer who was controlling his laugh. “Abbey Nalayak. What’s there to laugh ha?” Sanjay hit Raj’s head playfully. Sunita hit Sanjay’s shoulder and Raj laughed and gave high five to Sunita. “My bahu is coming na she will be in my party. Will see you both that time” said he showing his tongue to mother son duo and they continued their shopping
“Abbey Nalayak where is the other necklace?” asked Rajesh hitting Ravi on his head. “Chandu kaaka told it is not yet polished yet and he will give tomorrow” Ravi pouted bowing his head. “And you came back?” asked Rajesh fuming. “Then what I’m supposed to do?” asked he confused. “Ravi nalayak you should have stayed there and told him to finish and give. Tomorrow is Roka and Lado’s necklace you left there and came” said Simi hitting his shoulder. “Ravi bhai you are number one duffer” said Nikit hitting his head with his palm. Ravi glared him and kicked him and he ran and stood behind Supriya. “It’s ok Rajesh. We will make her wear that on marriage day. Not a problem” Supriya caressed Ravi’s hair. “Bhabi she has to look upto their status. If that necklace also we don’t make her wear what their relatives will think that we can’t even afford so much? This small small things only will some times effect the marriage” Rajesh looked at her worried. Supriya opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Ranjit who said “Chachu don’t worry. See I bought new necklace for Lado” Supriya smiled and signed Rajesh to turn. He sighed and turned smiling. “Thank God” he sighed in relief. “Chachu why do you take so much tension” said Ranjit placing his hand around Rajesh’s neck. “I don’t want my Lado’s dream break. I cannot see her in the same state again” said he looking painfully at Ragini’s portrait in the hall. “Awww mela devar kithna emotional hai(My brother in law is so emotional)” said Supriya wiping his tears. “It will not break Papa” Ravi smiled standing on his other side. He smiled nodding his head. Simi placed her chin on Supriya’s shoulder smiling. “I will never let Ragu dee cry” said Nikit standing in front of him. Ranjit lifted him in his arms. “We will never” said he kissing Nikit’s cheek. All of them smiled and had a family hug. “Awww family hug without us not fair” they heard Swara’s voice. All of them turned and found Ragini and Swara who were standing at the door with shopping bag. Rajesh signed them to join and they ran to join the hug
Life is not easy always but a family makes it easy in all situations
“What are you thinking Raj” Sunita caressed Raj’s hair when he was sitting on his bed thinking. He slid and placed his head on her lap. “I’m confused maa” he said worried. “Confused about what?” she stroked his hair. “About love maa” he said. “What is there to get confused about love Raj?” she looked at him confused. “Sometimes I feel I love her but I don’t find that emotional connection with her I don’t know why?” he stared blank. She smiled. “Love is not confusion Raj. It’s the solution to your confusion” she looked at the wall. He looked up at her confused. “Why did you fall in love remember that and all your confusion will be cleared” she smiled at him. “That’s what confuses me maa” he thought in his mind.
“Whenever I close my eyes only face I see is Ragini. I’m going to marry Swara but my mind is full of Ragini. I don’t know why she effects me so much. Why is this attraction feels like love and the love feels like attraction. Tomorrow is Roka and what am I thinking. Uff. I think my life will sort out tomorrow” he closed his eyes and tried sleeping
His life is gonna sort out or mess up more only time will tell.

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