Nakchadi Ch 7 (SwaRagini)

“You know I have to go to Goa with that Nakchadi today” said Raj annoyed. “Is she so bad?” asked Swara innocently. He gave her the next piece of coconut and said “Bad? She is queen of Patal Lok” said Raj nodding his head. “She tortures you so much?” asked she. “Oh hello nobody can torture Mr. Rajbeer Khurana ok” said he proud. “Really Kali prasad used to think same” said Swara. “Who?” asked Raj confused. “Arrey our Gali ka Kutha” said Swara casually.

“Then na on deepawali Lado tied the pataka strand to it’s tail and from then he will always fold it’s tail whenever he sees Ladoo Ravi told me” said Swara and laughed. “Ladoo?” asked Raj confused. “Ha my cousin” said Swara and before she could continue Supriya called “Shona” “Arrey maa is calling bye. Will meet you after two days RB” said Swara and ran from there. “Lado? Strange name. But why am I thinking about her? Yar what is wrong with me other than Swara I think about every other girl. Now I have to concentrate on mission torture Nakchadi” said he and Suni called “Raj” “Aya maa” he said and ran from there
“You will be okay na? Anything just call my friend whose number I have given. I have already informed him. You have to call me as soon as you reach there and every hour” said Ravi cupping Ragini’s face. “You are saying this akashavani from yesterday bhai. I said na I will be careful” said Ragini.

“Maa don’t you think this tom and jerry are acting too weird from some days” said Ranjit placing his hands around Supriya’s neck who just entered home from mandir. “Chup. You all have problem when they behave normal” said she. “From which angle are they looking normal, unless Ravi pulls her nose and Lado calls him bandar they are not normal” said Ranjit. “Chup kar” said she hitting him playfully.
“Swara what are you doing?” asked Ranjit when he saw Swara sucking the coconut shell. She immediately hid the shell behind her and smiled sheepishly. “When will this girl learn. Always munching coconut” said Simi hitting her head. “Chipkali behave like one why do you behave like bandariya?” asked Ravi and pulled her hair. “Maa” screamed Swara and chased him all over the house. “Time please time please” said Rajesh standing between them. “What happened Shona?” asked he.

“He pulled my hair” she cried like a small kid. “Ravi nalayak. Ask her sorry” said Rajesh glaring him. “No ways” said Ravi showing his tongue. “You will ask or I should give you punishment?” asked he glaring. “That’s not fair papa. You always take these two’s side only. At least one day prove me that I’m your son” said Ravi annoyed. “Who told you are chachu and chachi’s son. Bandar you have big misconception really” said Ragini nodding her head sad. “Actually you were picked up from dustbin” said Swara and gave high five to Ragini. And both of them burst out laughing. “Papa now tell them something” complained Ravi. “But actually Ravi beta that’s the sad truth” said Rajesh placing his hand on his shoulder and pouting sadly. “Mummy” cried Ravi and ran to Simmi. “Chup karo. Why are you all torturing my bacha. Ravi you were not picked up from dustbin beta” said she and caressed his cheek. “See let anyone be against me. Maa tho maa hothi hai” said Ravi acting and wiped his fake tears.

“But actually you were picked from kuda” said Simmi and burst out laughing. “Mumma you also” cried Ravi and rubbed his one eye. “Ale le mela bacha” said Supriya caressing his hair and hugged him holding his head. “See na badi maa. All are torturing me” he complained. “No Ravi they are telling lie actually we adopted you from Kachre wali as she was not able to take care of you” said Supriya and all burst out laughing. “Badi maa” cried Ravi and she bit her tongue and said sorry softly. “I hate you all” said he and headed to his room pouting. “But we love you” screamed all of them at a time. “Maa what happened to Ravi bhayya?” asked Nikit standing in front of Simi. “Abbey chotu you did not get ready yet?” asked Simi glaring him. “Maa don’t call me that” said he ran inside stamping his foot and Simi followed him fuming. Supriya smiled nodding her head. “Ravi Jaldi” screamed Ranjit. He came out of his room and twisted his lips and walked out. “One number dramebaaz” said Ragini and gave high five to Swara. “Chalo chalo you are getting late” said Rajesh and both of them headed behind him.

“Chachu I will go from there only okay. I will return tomorrow night or day after tomorrow morning” said Ragini as she climbed the bus. “Okay gudiya. Take care and call me as you reach there okay” said Rajesh waving his hand. “You did not tell me to call every hour like Ravi” said Ragini surprised. “He is worried for you but I trust my sherni gudiya she will handle everything well” said Rajesh standing near the window. Ragini smiled widely and said “Love you chachu. You are the best in the world” “Same pinch” said Swara who was sitting beside her. Ragini and Rajesh smiled at her childish behavior. “Bye” said Rajesh. “Bye chachu have food on time” said Ragini waving her hand. “Chale Ragini mayya?” asked the conductor. “Kaku” cried Ragini. He nodded his head and blew the whistle to sign the driver to move the bus. “You know RB is also going to Goa” said Swara. “Shona I have told you many times don’t talk to me about RB. One Akdu only is enough in my life” said Ragini and placed her head phones in her ears. Swara pouted and sat.
“So Ms. Gadodia all the preparations are done for meeting?” asked Sanjay. “Yes sir” said Ragini smiling at him. “All set dad” said Rajbeer wearing his glasses. “Look at this useless. Do you even know why are glasses worn?” asked Sanjay. He removed his glasses and stood pouting. “Ahaa drama tho you will not stop” said Sanjay nodding his head. Ragini controlled her laugh. “Dad” cried Raj. “Now leave you will miss your flight due to this show off” said Sanjay and Ragini and Raj walked out of the office. Ragini burst out laughing and Raj glared her. “Now you seriously look like a useless” said Ragini. “You” said Raj and chased her and pinned her to the car. Ragini stood breathing heavily. “We are getting late” said Ragini looking at him nervous. He opened the door which was behind her and she shivered to his closeness and in next moment the car door hit her hand. She held her paining hand. He smirked and moved from there. “Arrey Ms. Gadodia. What happened?” asked Sanjay who spotted her holding her hand. Raj gulped scared. “Wo sir I’m okay.
Just got little hurt” said Ragini smiling at him weakly. Raj looked at her shocked. She again saved him. “Be careful Ms. Gadodia. Is it hurt badly?” asked Sanjay approaching her and holding her hand. Ragini smiled at his concern. “No nothing sir” said she hesitant. “Oye useless what are you watching. Get the pain reliever spray” said he looking at Raj. He nodded his head and got the spray from the first aid kit. He stood near them. “Are you blind? Apply it” said Sanjay scolding him. He pouted and applied it to her hand. “It’s okay Ms. Gadodia you need not attend this meeting. Let him attend alone” said Sanjay. “No sir I’m all good. It isn’t paining now” said Ragini. “Okay if you insist so much” he said to Ragini. Then he turned to Raj who stood shocked. “And you useless. Take care of her. Anything happened to her I’m not gonna spare you” said he looking at Raj. He nodded his head scared. He sat in the car and drove the car to airport.

“Tho who is that Junior?” asked Ravi placing his hand around his friends neck. “There she is” said he and Ravi turned to look at her. She was walking and entering the college. He looked at her and lost in her face (Nia Sharma). His elbow slipped from his friend’s shoulder and he looked at her with open mouth. She walked and when she spotted them she walked hesitantly. “Bhai” said his friend shaking him and he came to the world. “Not good” he said nodding his head. “What?” asked his friend. “Nothing concentrate on ragging khajuro” said he hitting him on his head and his friend nodded his head.

“Hello” said Ravi standing in front of the girl who jerked and stood scared looking at him and covering herself with her books. “Which section?” asked Ravi keeping his chin up. “Commerce” said she scared. “Oh Management block too far” said he slowly and the girl bent her head asking what did he say. “Wo nothing. Why did not you choose Science. You are so beautiful…”he said and the girl looked at him shocked. Then he realized what did he say and fumbled. “I mean you look intelligent” said he covering up. “Why should I answer this question?” asked she confused. “Hello Miss. Respect respect he is boss and you should answer his questions” said one of his friend. “Why is he a quiz round that I should answer?” asked she. Everyone burst out laughing. Ravi looked around embarrassed. He glared his friend who cooled the crowd. “Acting smart ha?” asked Ravi folding his sleeves.

“Sorry I need not act I’m already smart” said she and pushed her hair back and walked. As she walked passing Ravi her hair touched his face. “What’s your name?” he asked lost. “Sorry I don’t answer quiz rounds” said she and walked. Ravi held his heart and was about to fall but his friends held him. “Yeh tho gaya” said his friends looking at Ravi who was lost in his dream world
Tu chareri dhoop hai, tu karari shaam
Dil kahe barbaad ho ja…
Leke tera naam
Tu jale toh din chadhe
Tu bhuje toh raat
Dil kare kurbaan karoon
Tujh pe apni jaan
Tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar
Tu hi junoon, tu hi karaar
“Aalthu jalalthu aayi bala ko taal thu…” Ragini said the mantar for the 10th time from the time she sat on her seat in plane. Raj was controlling his laugh looking at her. She opened her one eye and looked around. Raj burst out laughing. “What?” asked Ragini confused. “I mean you behave as if you are very brave and so much scared of flying?” asked he keeping his finger on his lips and controlled his laugh. Ragini fumed looking at him. She was about to say something but suddenly flight took off and started shaking and she forgot everything and hugged his shoulder and buried her face in his chest. Raj was shocked. She was really very close to him. He could hear her loud heart beats. He was loosing himself in her fragrance. His hands moved without his knowledge and he tucked her hair behind her ear and neared her face. “All is okay flight took off” said he softly tickling her.

She slowly lifted her head and looked at him. And he looked into her eyes and they lost in each others eyes for the first time. The air hostess dragged their attention. Ragini jerked and sat straight and closed her eyes tightly to avoid eye contact with anybody. Raj looked other side biting the nail of his thumb finger. She hit her head playfully and blushed looking at the other side. “Raj concentrate on torturing her than losing yourself” thought he and patted his chest to cool his thumping heart.
“Execuse me Miss” said Raj to the receptionist. “Yes Sir how can I help you?” asked she smiling. “Oh actually we have a reservation” said he smiling widely. “Flirt” said Ragini under her breath looking at his behavior. “Can I have your names sir?” asked she smiling. “Haa Mr. Ever Handsome Rajbeer Khurana and Miss Nakchadi Gadodia” said he and Ragini fumed and neared him. She smiled at the receptionist who was looking at him confused. “Actually he has short term memory loss problem. The reservation is actually for Ms. Ragini Gadodia and Mr. Ever Akdu Useless Khurana” said she and looked at Raj smirking. He glared her and was about to tell something but the receptionist understood the situation and said “Okay I got it ma’am. Ms. Gadodia and Mr. Khurana” “Exactly” both said at a time and glared each other. “Before the third world war starts. Search their reservation” said the other lady on the reception and she started searching fast and found it. “Sir here is your keys” said she and handed them the room keys. Both glared at each other and walked in different directions. “Bappa Don’t get these two married. World will end soon” said the receptionist looking up.
“Haa chachu just now I reached” said Ragini talking to Rajesh near her room door. She was struggling to manage the bag and phone and the keys. Her phone was about to drop from her shoulder but Raj held it on time and placed it near her ear and she looked at him and again the time stopped for both of them. “Gudiya” said Rajesh from other side and Ragini moved her eyes and spoke “Haa Chachu. I will call you” said she and took the phone back in her hand and disconnected it. “Thank you” said she when Raj was near his room door. He just walked in without uttering anything. He was getting attracted to her more and more and he felt he is cheating Swara who is his mystery girl. He has to keep himself away from Ragini. He threw his bag and lied on the bed and closed his eyes. Ragini’s every expression flashed in front of his eyes and he opened his eyes horrified. “No no I have to keep myself away from her” said he and headed to washroom to freshen up.

“Why he behaves strange sometimes. Really understanding him is hell difficult. And what is wrong with me? Why should I understand him” said she and headed to washroom.
Raj knocked Ragini’s room door as he freshened up and came out of his room and was heading for dinner. But she did not open the door. He slowly peeped inside and was shocked. Ragini was dancing madly with headphones in her ears. “What the hell is she doing?” said he looking at her with wide open eyes. “Oye Nakchadi” he called but she did not hear and was shaking her head closing her eyes. “Ragini?”

he called still loud but no effect. He huffed and entered the room and neared her and due to her dance she pushed him and he was about to fall but held her and both of them fell on the ground. Ragini screamed and opened her eyes and found herself on Raj. She tried getting up but Raj had held her from her waist. “Leave me” said she and supported her hands on his shoulder and tried getting up but in vain. “Raj” said she helplessly. First time she called him from his name and so calmly. He looked at her. “Leave me” said she. “Hmmm?” asked he lost. “Please” said she as his grip tightened. “Raj” she screamed and he came back to sense and removed his hands and she got up immediately. He got up and brushed his dress. “What are you doing in my room?” asked she. “Wo I came to call you for food” said he looking around and straightening his hair.

“Seriously?” asked she shrinking her eyes. “No I came to rape you” said he and Ragini opened her eyes shocked and closed his mouth with her hand and he looked at her shocked. “Are you mad?” asked Ragini. He murmured something. “What?” asked Ragini. He removed her hand and said “Mental take your leg back you are standing on my leg” screamed he and Ragini jerked and stepped back. He held his leg and winced in pain. “Oh I’m sorry sorry” said Ragini and tried consoling him. “Who wears heals while jumping Nakchadi couldn’t you jump without heels” said he annoyed. Ragini tucked her hair behind her ears and glared him. She helped him to walk to the bed with his hand around her neck. She made him sit on the bed and dialed the intercom and said “Can you send some ice cubes and a first aid box to room number 302” She disconnected the call and sat in front of him and removed his shoes carefully. She tucked her hair behind and looked at his leg concerned.

The room service came and handed her the ice cubes and first aid kit. She applied the ice cubes to his leg. “Ouch” said he as the ice cube touched his leg and he held her shoulder for support. “Is it paining badly?” asked she shrinking her eyes. “No I can win gold for India in olympics now” said he annoyed. “Sorry na” said she. She applied the ointment to his leg and kept the box aside. “I will order the food here only. You take rest” said she and dialed to room service again. The room service brought the food for them. She served him and handed the plate to him. He remembered Sunita and became sad. “What happened?” asked Ragini. “Nothing” said he and started eating the food. She looked at him confused and then continued her food.

“How will you go now?” asked Ragini after they finished food. “Obviously walking from my broken leg” said he sarcastically. “Come I will help you” said she. “No maatha you have helped me a lot. Enough for today” said he folding his hands. “But” said she but he ignored her and started walking but soon stumbled and Ragini held him and looked at him. Her hand was on his chest where his heart was racing due to her closeness. She walked holding him and entered his room. She helped him to lie on the bed and covered him with a bedsheet and walked out. “She is not that bad also” thought Raj in his mind and dozed off closing his eyes.
Sorry for this boring chappy and for being late. Sometimes I will be stuck in story on a point. Hope you people forgive for this. I will be regular but can’t promise the days. Mistake is mine only I shouldn’t have started so many stories without finishing the previous. Sorry again

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