Nakchadi Ch 6 (SwaRagini)

“Rajeev please listen to me once. Please don’t leave us like this. How will we live? How will Ranjit live? He needs you. And our kid which is still unborn what about it?” asked Supriya holding Rajeev’s hand who was walking furiously and trying to get out of her hold. “Leave me Supriya there is nothing left in our relationship. I have already moved on in my life you also move on I don’t have any complains” said Rajeev furiously and pushed Supriya who stumbled and hit the wall near the door. “Maa” screamed Supriya holding her baby bump. “Bhabi…” screamed Rajesh and neared Supriya and held her. “Simi you stay at home with kids. I’m taking Bhabi to hospital” said Rajesh heading out lifting Supriya and heading out.

“We have placed the baby in incubator as it delivered 2 months earlier than due date. And Supriya ji has been shifted to normal ward. She is still weak. Congrats it’s a girl” said the doctor to Rajesh who was waiting outside the operation theater. “Girl?” said Rajesh smiling through his tears. “Can I see her just once doctor” said he pleading. The doctor nodded her head and instructed the nurse to take him to Neuro ICU. Rajesh entered the ICU and the baby moved its hand a bit as if it felt his presence. Rajesh neared the glass cubicle and stood watching the little bundle of joy. The baby moved and he felt his world started spinning again. He left a lump of breath and touched the glass cubicle placing his hand parallel to the baby’s hand and it moved again. “Awww” said Rajesh looking at it and tears flew from his eyes.

“Happy birthday Gudiya” said Rajesh entering Ragini’s room. She woke up and smiled widely looking at her chachu who was standing at her room door with balloons. “Chachu” screeched Ragini hugging Rajesh. “Now get ready fast. This is your special birthday as it is 10th birthday of my Gudiya” said Rajesh hugging her. “What am I getting this birthday?” asked Ragini widening her eyes surprised. “Hmmm let me think” said Rajesh. “Chachu” complained Ragini. “Has your chachu forgotten your gift any year. He waits for this all year” said Simi entering smiling. “Happy birthday Princess” said Simi caressing her hair as Ragini hugged her.
“What are you doing chachu” said Ragini when Rajesh took her out closing her eyes. “Relax Naku” said Ravi walking beside Rajesh and chuckling. “Tan da da” said Rajesh taking his hands back. Ragini opened her eyes and found a bycycle standing in front of her. “Wowww this is mine?” asked Ragini jumping. “Yup” said Rajesh smiling. “Thank you thank you thank you Chachu. You are the best. I love you” said Ragini hugging him and jumping and kissing his cheek.
“Again maa did not come out of her room on my birthday” said Ragini sad looking at Supriya’s room door which was closed. Supriya closed her eyes painfully letting her tears behind the door of her room. “Koi ni Gudiya Bhabi is just unwell. Come let’s cut the cake” said Rajesh dragging her. Ragini looked back at her mom’s door upset and walked with Rajesh uninterested.

“Bhabi forget about that incident. You have to live your life for your kids” said Rajesh consoling Supriya. “How Rajesh. How will I forget him. How will I forget today he left me. He just disowned like us we are some garbage” said Supriya sobbing and sat on her bed. “No bhabi. You have to forget him. I know it’s difficult. But you have to try to get out of it. Have you ever imagined if Ragu came to know that her dad disowned her mom and his kids today on her birthday how will she feel. For her atleast…” said Rajes kneeling in front of Supriya but stopped as they heard glass breaking noise and both jerked and looked at the door where Ragini was standing blank and the plate with cake in her hand was lying on the ground broken. “No…” said Ragini controlling her scream. “No…” said Ragini and started walking backward. She ran to her room. Rajesh and Supriya worried and ran behind her wiping their tears.
“Ragu… Open the door” said Rajesh banging the door. Ragini was screaming from inside the room. She was breaking everything and pulling everything which came in her hand. She opened her room door and walked furious and neared her cycle. She took the rod and started hitting it and broke it into pieces. Rajesh tried stopping her but Simi held him and said “Let her take her frustration out Ji.” and looked at Ragini painfully. At last she was tired and collapsed on the floor sobbing. Rajesh neared her and caressed her hair. “I hate myself Chachu. Why did I came in this world why” said Ragini hugging Rajesh. “To make my life wonderful” said Rajesh cupping her face. “I hate this Chachu. I hate my birthday. The day which snatched my maa’s happiness” said Ragini sobbing. “I will never celebrate it I will never” said Ragini and hugged him more tightly.
“What happened ji?” asked Simi as she woke up from her sleep as she sensed Rajesh jerked and got up from sleep. “Just remembered the past Simi ji” said he looking at Simi painfully. “I know you get this dream this day every year.” said Simi consoling him.”How much ever I try I cannot forget Ragu’s sobs though she grew very strong after that but still she did not come out of it Simiji. So much she suffers inside. It has been 10 years that she celebrated her birthday. Every girl will be waiting for this day but our Gudiya just hates this day” said Rajesh sad. “Everyone takes their own time to come out ji. You think from her perspective. How can she celebrate the day which left her mom all her life in sorrows?” said Simi.

“But Simi ji I have been telling Bhabi that life is not only about marriage. A woman doesn’t need a man all her life. She can fight the world alone. She still gets upset that her husband left her instead of moving on in life” said Rajesh worried. “We cannot do anything about that ji because we girls are grown up like that. We were made to believe all are life that Pati Parameshwar hai. We have to be always tied to our husbands and depend on them. Our world should revolve around them. This she has been told all her life. How will she come out of it?” asked Simi. “That is why I want Swara and Ragini to be strong and independent. I told Bhabi while Swara’s Dadi died not to hurry for her marriage. She can stay with us without her marriage with Ranjit. She is very small for all this. She did not listen to me at all. Now how their relationship will grow I have no idea” said Rajesh worried. “Ohho Rajesh ji you need just reason to worry about Swara and Ragini. Everything will be fine. Some things we have to leave on time also” said Simi getting up from the bed tying her hair and rushed out of the room. “What to do both are my eyes Simi ji. I cannot tolerate any one of them in pain. Though Swara came recently in our life she is equally important to me like Ragini. She stopped celebrating her birthday after Ragini stopped celebrating her birthday. Both are just glued together. I will pray to Bhagvan ji to not to separate them ever” said Rajesh and lied back on the bed.
“Arrey Swara beta. You came alone today?” asked Sunita spotting Swara. “No Aunty Ladoo is thre na with me. Maa was not feeling well so she did not come” said Swara. “Ladoo?” asked Sunita. “Haa my cousin..” before Swara could say anything Ragini started her singing.
“Oh Palan hare…. Nijgun aur nyare….
Tumre bin hamra koi nahi…..”
“This voice” said Sunita surprised. “Ladoo is singing Aunty” said Swara. “Matlab that day Swara wasn’t singing” said Sunita herself. “Aunty where is Raj? He did not come today?” asked Swara bringing her out of her thoughts. “No beta he has gone to office today. His dad has come instead” said Sunita. “Hitler?” asked Swara surprised. “What?” asked Sunita. “Haa Raj calls him like that only” said Swara biting the coconut piece. Sunita smiled and nodded her head. She just wondered how Swara and Rajbeer mingled so well in such short time. “Shona” called Ragini disturbing them. “Ladoo here” said Swara waving her hand to Ragini who was searching her in the mandir. Ragini spotted her and walked to her. “Shona we come to Mandir to pray not to eat coconut pieces” said Ragini glaring Swara. Swara’s face fell and she pouted and said “Sorry” She turned to Sunita and said smiling “Ladoo you remember maa told you about Sunita aunty. She is Sunita aunty” Ragini bent and touched her feet to take blessings and Sunita was impressed by her action and blessed her smiling. “Namastey Aunty” said Ragini smiling. Sunita caressed her cheek smiling. “She is really the best choice for my Raj” thought Sunita. Ragini looked at her confused and suddenly Raj’s face flashed in her mind but she brushed her thoughts immediately. Sunita’s phone ringed bringing her out of her thoughts. “Hello haa ji. Coming” said Sunita over the phone. She disconnected the call and spoke “Oh sorry beta. Your uncle is getting late we will talk some other day. Bye. Tell Supriya ji that I said Namaste and wished her to get well soon” said Sunita. “Okay Aunty” said Ragini nodding her smiling.

Sunita walked from there to her car. “RB was right hitler never lets anyone live peacefully” said Swara huffing. “Hitler?” asked Ragini. “Haa RB’s dad” said Swara. “Shona. You should not say like that he is elder than you na?” said Ragini glaring Swara. “But RB calls him that only” said Swara pouting. “Your RB is half mental. From yesterday you are talking about him only. Shona he is not good he is misguiding you” said Ragini. “No Ladoo he is very cool. You remember that day someone hit our scooty. He only was driving” said Swara but Ragini interrupted her and said “See I told you na he is not good and blind driver also” Suddenly Raj and her first meet flashed in front of her. “Ahhhh what is wrong with me. Why I’m thinking about that Akdu” thought Ragini. “Today I will throw the resignation paper on his face and get out from there” she thought and walked with Swara. Swara was talking continuously but Ragini was not able to concentrate what she was saying. Somewhere her heart doesn’t wanted to go away from him. And she was confused why. She sighed and continued walking to home.

“Why hasn’t your nalayak son hasn’t accompanied you today?” asked Sanjay driving the car. “He said he has some work in office so he wanted to go early” said Sunita and he stopped the car with a jerk and asked “What?” “Sanjay what is wrong with you?” asked Sunita straightening herself. “What is wrong with me? What is wrong with your son he is giving me new shocks” said he widening his eyes. “Oh please Sanjay whatever he does you have problem” said Sunita folding her hands. “Because I know him and he cannot change” said Sanjay and continued driving. Sunita nodded her head. How much ever she tried she could never fix their relation.

“Perfect” said Raj placing the cake on Ragini’s table. And he looked around the cabin which was fully decorated with balloons. There was a banner behind Ragini’s chair which had “Happy Birthday Ragini” written on it. “Will she like the cake?” said Raj. “It’s chocolate cake. Every girl likes it. Even this Nakchadi will like” said he smiling. Again she rubbing her nose flashed in front of him. And he smiled caressing his neck. “What is wrong with me. I even missed meeting Swara for her. Ahhhh” said he frustrated. “Anyways I will ask her sorry today and after this surprise of mine she will surely forgive me. I can meet Swara tomorrow also” he said to himself sitting on his chair. “Where is this girl” said he looking at the clock and waiting for Ragini.
“Ravi…” screamed Ranjit standing at the door. “He has special class today so went early” said Simi coming out of kitchen. “Okay chachi. I’m leaving” said Ranjit smiling and turned to leave. “Ranju” screeched Swara coming out of her room. Ranjit stopped and smiled. “Can you drop me to college today? Ragu tho already gone with chachu” said Swara standing in front of him. “Okay come” said Ranjit and handed her helmet and headed out.

“Swara” said Ranjit stopping Swara who was struggling to fix her helmet. He moved her hands and held the strands of helmet and started fixing it. Swara kept staring at him. She felt something strange today. “What happened?” asked Ranjit looking at her and bringing her to reality. First time she blushed to his gaze and lowered her head nodding. Ranjit turned and started his bike and said Swara to sit. Swara sat on it and kept her hand on his shoulder and looked at him lost. “Dadu what is love?” asked Swara to her Dadi. “Love is when you think about other person before yourself” said her Dadi caressing her cheek.

She remembered and realized how Ranjit always placed her needs and her happiness before his own. She smiled widely realizing her feelings for the first time as Ranjit continued driving.
“Oh she is coming? Okay thank you Stella” said Raj over the intercom and placed the receiver back. He rubbed his hands excited and stood and waited for Ragini to open the door. “Surprise” screamed Raj as soon as he spotted Ragini entering the cabin. Ragini jerked and looked around the decorated cabin. “Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday too you… Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Nakchadi oh I’m sorry Ragini. Happy birthday to you” sang Raj moving out from his table and clapping his hands happy.
Supriya’s sobs her pain flashed in front of her mind and she stood numb. Raj looked at her and smiled widely. “I knew she will astonished. Yes” said Raj to himself and looked at Ragini. He held Ragini’s hand and took her near her table. Ragini blindly followed him. He lifted the cake and held it in front of her and smiled. “You liked it? How was my surprise?” asked Raj. Ragini closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She held the cake from it’s bottom and in next second the cake was pasted on Raj’s face. Ragini fumed and pulled all the decorations. “Ahhhh” she screamed holding her head. Raj opened his face wiping the cream on his eye lashes. “How dare you?” he screamed and neared Ragini and held her from her elbow and dragged her near to him. He touched her face with his face and applied the cream to her face. Ragini held his shirt and closed her eyes when his face touched her face. “Now perfect” he said when he saw the cream on Ragini’s face.

“One more thing” said he when Ragini was glaring him and fuming. He neared her face again and placed his lips on her lips. Ragini opened her eyes shocked. And Raj closed his eyes and lost himself feeling her soft lips against his rough lips. He dragged her more close and encircled his hands around her waist and Ragini widened her eyes more. Raj was losing himself as he tasted her lips more and moved his hand over her back and loosened the dori of her chudidar and moved his hand to her zip. Ragini got alerted and pushed him hard. She slapped him with all her force. She wiped her face and looking at him feeling disgusted. She rushed to washroom furious. “What the hell is wrong with me? Why did I behaved with her like that. God she got angry again. Fish instead of cooling her I made her angry more. What to do?” he said pulling his hair frustrated. Ragini walked inside the cabin furiously and walked with her bag out. He ran behind her.
“Excuse me sir?” said Ragini peeping inside Sanjay’s cabin. Raj got horrified. “OMG this Nakchadi is gonna complain to dad. Fish” he thought to himself and entered Sanjay’s cabin behind her. Sanjay looked at him confused. “What are you doing?” whispered Ragini when Raj held her elbow and stopped her. He smiled nervously looking at Sanjay who was watching them confused. “Dare you complain to dad?” whispered he glaring her. “Do I look like a Kindergarten kid? I came here to give my resignation. Now if you don’t leave me for sure I will tell him everything” whispered Ragini glaring him and jerked his hand. “Yes Ms. Gadodia” said Sanjay when Ragini sat in front of him. “Resignation?” said Raj to himself. He doesn’t know why he started feeling restless. He sat beside Ragini and smiled at Sanjay who looked at him confused. Ragini took the resignation letter from her bag. Before she could present the letter in front of Sanjay, Raj held her hand and she looked at him and struggled get her hand out of his hold below the table. “What happened Ms. Gadodia any problem?” asked Sanjay bringing both of their attention as they were fuming looking at each other. “Wo sir…” Raj interrupted Ragini and said “Dad wo she came to discuss about the new project. We both want to attend the meeting which is after two days” Ragini looked at him shocked and struggled in his hold. “Is it Ms. Gadodia” asked Sanjay. Ragini nodded her head but again Raj spoke “Dad you never believe. Atleast believe her” said Raj holding her hand more firmly. “Okay okay as you wish. I will make arrangements for it” said Sanjay and called Stella over the intercom. Stella entered the room and was shocked when she saw Ragini struggling in Raj’s hold. “Stella” said Sanjay bringing her out of her shock. She fumbled and walked to him. Sanjay started dictating her something. Raj dragged Ragini near him and whispered “Not so easily Ms. Nakchadi. I am not gonna let you go so easily” “You think you can stop me?” asked Ragini smirking. “Go ahead and tell him. What will happen max to max. He will scold me that he does always and I’m used to it. But think about yourself. Aww poor you.

You got scared of me” said Rajbeer smirking. “I’m not scared of you” said Ragini. “Really?” said Raj smirking. “Okay I have instructed Stella about your travel and stay in Goa for two days. I hope Ms. Gadodia you don’t have any problem” said Sanjay. “Two days?” asked Ragini shocked. Raj tightened his grip on her hand and she looked at him who was smirking challenging her. Ragini fumed and turned to Sanjay and said “No problem sir” She jerked her hand with all her force and walked to her cabin furious. Raj smiled at Sanjay and walked behind her. “Why do I feel Dal me kuch kaala hai?” said Sanjay. “Puri ki puri daal hi kaali hai” said Ragini under her breath. “What?” asked Sanjay confused looking at her. “N… Nothing sir” said Stella smiling nervously at him.

“What do you think of yourself?” screamed Ragini as soon as Rajbeer entered the cabin. “See you also have mistake in it. I was just celebrating your birthday to ask you sorry. Who stamps cake on face like that?” asked Raj standing in front of her. Ragini folded her hand and fumed closing her eyes. “I asked you something” said he dragging her holding her elbow. Ragini stood stumbling near him. “And who kisses without consent?” asked Ragini fuming. “Don’t tell me you did not like it? I’m not that bad kisser yar. I can give competition to Emran Hasmi you know?” he said smirking. “Every time I think this is your limit to stoop low you fall more low and prove me wrong” said Ragini furious. “You” said Raj dragging her more close to him. But smirked looking at her. Ragini looked at him confused. “You want me to show how low I can stoop more?” asked he nearing her lips. Ragini pushed him and stood fuming. “Dare you come near me Mr. You will see the worst of me” said Ragini and tried getting out from the cabin but he held her hand and twirled her and she landed on his chest. “Say sorry Ms. Nakchadi” said Raj and brushed his fingers near her jawline. Ragini stamped his foot and he stood holding his foot a bit far from her wincing in pain. “Got your sorry?” said Ragini smirking and rubbed her nose and headed out. “I won’t leave you Nakchadi. Till now I was feeling bad that I hurt you, but now you will see what I can do. If I don’t brake your attitude in these two days, I will change my name” said he fuming.
“What for two days?” asked Ravi shocked. “Abbey Nalayak it’s about her career. Tu jaa beta. No problem” said Rajesh caressing her cheek. Ragini smiled at him and looked at Ravi who was fuming. He left the food in the plate and stormed to his room.
“Bhai”said Ragini sitting beside him on the bed. “Why are you doing this bacha. I’m scared, if he hurts you more” said he cupping Ragini’s face. “Don’t you trust your Naku?” asked Ragini feeding him the chapati. “I do. But I can’t trust him” said Ravi as he gulped the food. “Don’t worry. I need to teach him a lesson for messing with me. And he will pay for what he did” said Ragini smirking. He kissing her flashed in her mind and she felt her throat drying. “What is wrong with me?” she thought to herself. “Okay I will give you my friends number. Any problem just call him. He stays there only” said Ravi and ate the next morsel from her hand. Ragini nodded her head smiling.

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