Nakchadi Ch 5 (SwaRagini)

“No need to go anywhere today. Panditji can manage without you. Arrey is he less than Latha Mangeshkar kya” said Ravi to Ragini as she got up from her bed to get ready. “But” said Ragini looking at him. “No means no Ladoo” said Ranjit stopping her from the other side of the bed. “That’s not fair. Maa” said Ragini pleading Supriya who was standing in front of her holding the puja thal. “No baba. I cannot convince anyone in this house when it is about you” said Supriya nodding her head. “Now you are sleeping or should I call dad” said Nikit folding his hands and glaring Ragini. Ragini pouted and looked at all of them.

“Gudiya bacha brush your teeth and come. See I’m making your favorite breakfast” screamed Rajesh from kitchen. “Chachu cooking?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “Hey Bhagvan” said all of them hitting their head.
“Shona stop doing that” screamed Simi stopping Swara who was knitting the chapati flour which had become soup due to excessive water. “Simi ji let it be. Let her do how she knows to do” said Rajesh turning to her. Simi looked at him and burst out laughing. “What happened?” asked Rajesh looking at her confused.

Swara looked at him and she also started laughing. “Arrey will somebody tell me what is happening?” asked Rajesh confused. “Chachu” said Swara and again started laughing. “Shona” said Rajesh glaring her. “Wait” said Simi approaching him controlling her laugh. He sighed and stood keeping his one hand on his waist. Simi held a steel plate and held it in front of him. Rajesh looked at her confused and looked at the plate. “Ahhh” screamed he looking at his own image. “Kya hua” said everyone entering kitchen hearing Rajesh’s scream. They looked at Rajesh and burst out laughing holding each other. His face was full of wheat and at nose there was haldi powder and at cheeks there was chilli powder. Totally he was looking like a scary clown. “Shut up” screamed Supriya and everyone stopped their laugh and stood serious. Supriya neared Rajesh concerned. “Why are you troubling my devar” said She and Rajesh stood beside her pouting. Supriya turned and looked at him and said “No Raju nobody will make fun of you but you are seriously looking like a clown” said Supriya and burst out laughing and everyone joined her. “Bhabi” cried Rajesh stamping his foot like a small kid. “Awww now you are looking like a cute clown” said Supriya and Simi stood beside her giving her high five and both burst out laughing. At last Rajesh also smiled and joined them. Ragini came and encircled her hand around his neck and pulled his cheek. “Aakchu” she sneezed as the chilli powder entered her nose. “Ragu bacha” said Rajesh concerned. “I’m fine chachu” said Ragini smiling at him. “Go now brush your teeth and come” said Rajesh pushing her out. “Aren’t you going to office today? It’s already 8” said Ragini. “Don’t you know it is hartal(strike) day in our house when you fall sick” said Simi smiling. “That means…” said Ragini widening her eyes.

“That means today family day” said Ravi dragging her to her room. “Yippie.” screeched Ragini. “Oye Naku aaram se” said Ravi rubbing his ears. “If we could celebrate family day everyday I will never want to recover” said Ragini jumping. “Ragu” screamed everyone jerking her. “Sorry” said Ragini biting her tongue. “How many times should we tell you to not to wish bad like this” said Ranjit holding her ear. “Sorry sorry bhai. I will not say like that next time” said Ragini pleading him. “Her next time never ends bhai. Twist more” said Ravi glaring her. “Chachu” screamed Ragini and Rajesh shouted from the kitchen “Nalayako. Why are you troubling my Gudiya”. “Bhago” said Nikit and all three of them ran from there as they got scared of Rajesh. Ragini burst out laughing looking at them and headed to her room.

Supriya turned to kitchen and saw Swara playing with wheat. “Shona what are you doing?” asked Supriya. “Don’t know maa even I’m wondering. Chachu told me to mix the wheat with water and knit it for chapati. But I think I made dough for Dosa” said Swara looking at her hands and pouted looking at Supriya. “Hey Bhagvan” said Simi hitting her head. “Come clean yourself. We will go to Mandir. Anyways Ragu is not gonna come today. I don’t want to go alone as Simi cannot come with me” said Supriya. Swara nodded her head and went to her room. Supriya signed to Simi to look after Rajesh, she smiled and nodded her head. Supriya headed from there out smiling.

“Shona what is this?” asked Ranjith standing in front of Swara and wiping the wheat on her hair. “I was just helping Chachu” said Swara pouting. “Go you take bath first as the gyser I turned on for myself is still ON. Anyways I’m not going to office today so I will take bath later” said Ranjit pointing his hand to the washroom. Swara nodded her head and went inside the washroom.
“Arrey Swara beta. Where is your Mangal sutr?” asked Pandit as he turned to Swara after greeting Supriya. “Ohho I forgot to wear” said Swara biting her tongue. “It’s okay Pandit ji. We are not that traditional. She is still kid. She will learn as the time passes” said Supriya nodding her head. Pandit ji smiled at her and turned for Aarti.
“Raj because of you we are late today. I told you I will go with your dad” said Sunita glaring Rajbeer as he stopped the car outside the Mandir. They heard the bell sounds as they started climbing the stairs. “See I missed Arti today and all because of you” said Sunita. “Sorry maa” said Raj sad. “Again I missed her. I don’t even know whether she has come today or not” said Raj in his heart. Again he got disappointed. They stood at the last row and prayed while the last part of Arti was going on.
“Arrey Supriya ji” said Sunita spotting Supriya outside the mandir as they settled after the aarthi. Supriya heard her and turned, She smiled finding Sunita and approached her. “Arrey Sunita ji. How are you?” asked Supriya. “I’m all good. Where did you disappear after that? I did not find you only” said Sunita. “Wo actually my daughter had just joined her job na she wasn’t finding time to come with me. And I feel uneasy to come to Mandir alone” said Supriya. “Maa chale” said Raj approaching her as he had gone to search his mystery girl and could not recognize her. “Arrey Raj beta. How are you?” asked Supriya dragging his attention. His heart started beating fast. He turned to Supriya smiling widely. “Aunty. Finally I saw you” said Raj hugging her as he could not control his excitement. Supriya jerked at his gesture. She was surprised. Sunita who was shocked looking at him smiled weakly at Supriya. “Maa” screeched Swara approaching Supriya as she came collecting the coconut pieces and smiling. Raj’s heart beat stopped for a second. He stood straight. He couldn’t believe he was just a moment away from his mystery girl. He turned to look at the owner of the voice. Sunita followed his gaze and looked at Swara who was coming jumping with excitement. Swara passed Raj. He just kept glaring her. Her smile and her innocent face big eyes made him spell bound. He closed his eyes remembering his mystery girl’s voice but for his surprise Swara’s face did not fit his imagination. He opened his eyes jerked as Ragini’s face flashed in his mind. Sunita kept glaring at her son’s behavior with her mouth open. “Maa see I got 5 coconut pieces today” said Swara showing the coconut pieces to Supriya. “Swara” said Supriya glaring her. “Sorry” said Swara pouting. “She is your daughter?” asked Sunita. Supriya nodded her head but before she could reveal that she is her daughter in law also Swara screamed “Maa he is only that Bhaira” Raj looked at her and remembered that he had hit her scooty with his car that day. “Swara behave. Is that the way to call someone” said Supriya. “Maa he only hit me that day with his car” said Swara pouting. “Raj?” asked Sunita glaring him. “Maa it was an accident, by mistake” said Raj looking at Sunita. “Oh hello you broke the signal. It wasn’t by mistake ok?” said Swara glaring him.

“Swara” said Supriya stopping her. “Raj how can you be so careless while driving?” asked Suni. “Maa I’m sorry I promise I will be careful now onwards” said Raj pinching his neck. “Ask her Sorry” said Suni signing towards Swara. Raj approached her hesitant and stood lowering his head. Swara folded her hands and looked other side “I’m sorry” said Raj. Swara just twisted her lips. “Shona” said Supriya in warning tone. “That’s okay” said Swara with attitude. Raj smiled widely and forwarded his hand and asked “Friends?” Swara jerked a bit and looked at Supriya scared. She nodded her head to shake hand. “Okay friends” said Swara smiling shaking his hand. “Everything is happening the way I wanted but why I’m not happy. Why I’m still restless. Why do I feel that this is not what I exactly wanted” thought Raj while he was shaking hand with Swara. She was his mystery girl his mind said but she is not; his heart said. He was hell confused. Sunita asked him what through her eyes. He smiled weakly at her nodding his head. He was so excited to meet her and before meeting her only he felt some emotional connection with her but after meeting Swara and realizing her to be his mystery girl he did not feel the same emotional connection.

“What are you doing Ragu bacha. Keep the phone aside” said Ranjit feeding her breakfast. “I was just trying to message my boss that I wont be going to office today” said Ragini swallowing the morsel. “Give me your boss’s number I will talk to him” said Rajesh. “Oh no if I give him that Akdu’s number he will blurt out something. Better I give Sanjay sir’s number” thought Ragini. “What happened?” asked Rajesh when she was taking long time to give the number. “Nothing” said Ragini nodding her head and gave Sanjay’s number. Rajesh dialed his number and spoke as Sanjay received the call “Hello ji namastey. I’m Ragini’s chachu speaking. She is not well so today she wont be able to come to office” Sanjay worried and asked “What happened to Ms. Gadodia” Raj who entered with Suni smiling panicked as he found his dad talking about Ragini. “I think that Nakchadi already complained to Dad. What to do now?” thought Raj biting his nails. Suni observed him and asked what happened through eyes. He just smiled and nodded his head. “How did it happened?” asked Sanjay worried as Rajesh told him Ragini has shoulder pain. “Ji she hit some pillar while walking looking at her mobile. Now a days kids also na cannot live without their phones” said Rajesh. “Oh is it. Please tell her to take proper rest and come. I cannot risk one of my best employees health” said Sanjay over the phone. “Moreover I cannot risk my Bahu’s health” he thought.

“Ladoo Bacha are you okay?” asked Ranjit patting her back as she coughed choking. “Ragu” said Rajesh approaching her. “What happened? Is she fine?” asked Sanjay worried as he heard Rajesh. “Ji she is okay” said Rajesh. He was surprised for Sanjay’s concern. Raj who heard his dad got concerned for Ragini and approached him. “Oh okay. Tell her to take proper rest. I will inform the HR team of her leaves” said Sanjay and sighed. “Okay ji. Thank you very much” said Rajesh and disconnected the call. “What did he say?” asked Ranjit feeding next byte to Ragini. “He is nice man. He said her to take proper rest and come. He will inform the HR team” said Rajesh sitting on his chair. Ravi signed her to say it what happened. She pleaded him and he nodded his head uninterested.

“What happened Sanju?” asked Dadaji sitting on the dining table. Sanjay sat on the chair and said “Wo Bauji. Ms. Gadodiya’s chachu called. He said she has got hurt in her shoulder” “What how?” asked Dadaji concerned. Raj was gulping scared looking at Sanjay. “She hit some pillar while walking looking in her mobile” said Sanjay. Raj sighed and placed his hand on his thumping heart to cool it. Sanjay looked at him and he dragged his hand back immediately and smiled weakly at him. “Why do I feel you are responsible for this?” asked Sanjay glaring Raj. Raj widened his eyes shocked. “Stop it Sanjay why are you doubting on my son always” said Suni coming to his rescue. “If I came to know that you did anything wrong with Ms. Gadodiya. You will see the worst side of mine” said Sanjay pointing his index finger at him. “Now please stop blaming my kid for everything. You just need reason to scold him” said Sunita caressing Raj’s hair. Raj felt he is cheating them. But more than that he was shocked at Ragini’s gesture. If she wanted she would have told it to her family and had made a big issue of it. But she lied to her family, for him. “What is happening. I was searching my mystery girl so far. When I found her I’m getting attracted to Ragini” Thought he confused. “Raj” screamed Suni jerking him as she was waiting him to eat the first morsel from her hand from five minute. He smiled at her weakly and ate the morsel.

“I thought I will ask her sorry today but she is on leave. What to do?” thought Rajbeer sitting on his chair in his cabin. He got up from his chair and neared her desk. He felt Ragini sitting on her chair and working. She was biting her pen and looking into some papers and her hair strands were flying in air. Her pink lips were looking so cute. She tucked her hair behind her ear. Raj lost himself looking at her. He neared her chair and was about to touch her but her image disappeared. He jerked and caressed his neck blushing. He looked at the small ganapati idol on her table. He touched it and closed his eyes and remembered how Ragini used to pray as soon as she used to sit in her chair for the day for the first time.

He opened his eyes smiling. He held her pen and felt her touch. He went and sat on his chair and leaned to it looking up. Ragini’s every cute expression and the way she used to rub her nose flashed in his mind. He sat straight and looked at his table and found his stapler. He held it in his hand. He remembered how Ragini hit him with it. He hit his head lightly with stapler. He turned left and looked at the wall to which he pinned her and hurt her. A tear dropped from his eye as he remembered her cry and painful face. He wiped his tear surprised. “What is wrong with me? How can I think about two girls in similar way. This is wrong. I have to avoid my feelings towards Ragini. Only Swara has rights on my feelings” he thought to himself.

“What will we play?” asked Ragini when they all settled after lunch. “Antakshari” screeched Swara. “You know chipkali your name should have been antakshri Swara not just Swara. Always antakshri antakshari antakshari” said Ravi. Swara pouted and looked at Ranjit. Bright smile appeared on his face looking at Swara’s expression. He nodded his head to console her. Though they were married due to the situation Ranjit wanted to give a chance to their relationship and he did not wanted to rush into it as Swara was so immature to understand all this. He wanted her to fall in love with him and then to accept him not due to any pressure. And everyone respected his decision. Even if Swara wanted to get out of this compromised relationship he was ready to give her that freedom. Supriya was always proud of him as he was not like his dad, not an inch also. “Let’s play dumb-sheras then” said Ragini and everyone agreed.
“What is this? No I can’t do this” screamed Ravi when Ragini told him a movie name in his ear to act. “You cannot say like that. If you cannot do then points will be ours” said Ragini showing her index finger. “Abbey Ravi act it mahn. Why do you want to give points to them” said Ranjit. “You should have been in my place you will realize” said Ravi horrified and pouted helpless. “Ravi act it bacha fast” said Supriya encouraging him. “Hey Bhagvan. What and all I have to do” said Ravi looking up and started acting. “Three words” said Ranjit when Ravi showed three fingers. Ravi nodded his head. He showed thumbs down and Ranjit said “Hindi movie?” Ravi nodded his head. “How to act it now?” said Ravi in his mind. Ragini was controlling her laugh looking at him. “Oye Bandar show the first word” said Swara who was sitting beside Ranjit. Ravi glared her and she sat placing her index finger on lips. Supriya and Ranjit burst out laughing looking at her. Ravi started dancing on the famous song of the movie like a girl at last. “What is he doing?” said Ranjit embarrassed. Supriya and Swara controlled their laigh looking at him. “Tik tik one tik tik two” said Ragini, Rajesh Simi and Nikit. Ravi signed Ranjit to hurry up. But Ranjit scratched his head not able to guess. “tik tik one and your time over” screamed Ragini. “What was that?” asked Ranjit when Ravi came to him huffing. “The Dirty picture” screamed Ragini and Nikit and gave high five. “What were you doing there?” asked Ranjit horrified. “Olaala olaala tu hai meri fantasy…. chuna na chuna na ab mai jawan ho gayi” sang Ravi dancing like Vidya Balan. Ranjit looked at making weird face and everyone burst out laughing. “But you should have signed the dirty picture na?” asked Swara scratching her head.

“Bhai from where did you got manufactured this chipkali’s brain from?” asked Ravi crying. “At least I have brain bandar. But you tho lost it in Gum ka mela” said Swara folding her hands. Ranjit burst out laughing looking at Ravi. “Time please” said Ragini stopping Swara and Ravi who were ready to attack each other. Both glared each other and huffed. “I don’t know why Ravi never mingles with any girl properly” said Simi to Rajesh. “I really pity on his would be wife”
A girl chocked when she was drinking water in canteen in college. “We are leaving you today as our sir ji is on leave today. Tomorrow you have to do what we say” said the guy standing in front of her. She nodded her head and the boys left from there.
“How she will be? Shall I call her? Gosh if she shouts” thought Raj looking at his mobile standing at his house terrace after dinner. “No no. Anyways she will come tomorrow na” he said and turned and found Sunita standing behind him. “Whom do you want to talk to?” asked Sunita folding her hands. “No nobody maa” fumbled Raj. Sunita shrank her eyebrows. He sighed and said “I was just trying to call Ms. Gagodia. Dad said na she is hurt so” said Raj. “Were you talking about her yesterday?” asked Suni realizing what Raj said last night. He nodded his head lowering his head. “So you wanted to ask sorry to her?” asked Suni. “Haa maa” said Raj pouting. “Then call her and ask sorry” said Suni casually. “No maa she is really dangerous. She will scold me and what if she says it to Dad?” asked Raj horrified. “Dangerous?” asked Sunita confused. “You don’t know that Nakchadi. She is just impossibly unpredictable. What she will do next second is really difficult to guess” said Raj. He narrated her how she hit him with stapler and how she acted in front of Sanjay on first day. Sunita burst out laughing. “Maa” screamed Raj making annoyed face. “OMG she is so damn naughty. I was impressed the way she changed your dad’s perception about female employees and now after hearing about her behavior with you I really wanna meet her. She seems interesting. Who can torture my ever smart son she must be really different” said Suni caressing his cheek. Raj smiled at her at last. “She is really like a kid ma. You know I call her nakchadi. She will always rub her nose. And you should see when she gets angry uff she looks damn cute” said Raj and he kept explaining about Ragini smiling. Suni smiled looking at him. She was hearing Raj talking about a girl like this for the first time.
“No you are not gonna go to that company again” said Ravi when Ragini was keeping her things in bag for the next day. “But bhai. I have to give them resignation properly. It will be wrong if I don’t follow the procedure. Though they have employed me for only few days they have done a favor on me. I should not do like this” said Ragini explaining him. “Really I cannot win with you over arguments. Fine do whatever you wish” said Ravi and stormed out of her room. “Bhai” said Ragini but Ravi had already gone. “What does she think of herself. I told for her good only” said Ravi huffing in anger standing in hall.
Ragini came out and started singing: Jab life ho out of control. Hoto ko kar ge gol
Hoto ko kar ge gol seeti baja ke bol

Ranjit held his finger in her mouth so that she also can hoot the whistle. Ragini whistled widening her eyes
Nikit danced like Amir and screamed : Aall izzz well
Ranjit placing his around Ravi’s neck and sang : Murgi kya jaane ke ande ka kya hoga,
Swara placed her hand around Ravi’s neck from other side and sang: life milegi ya tave pe fry hoga
Ragini stood in front of him and sang dancing :Koi na jaane apna future kya hoga
Hot ghuma seeti baja, seeti bajake bol bhayya Aall iz well….
Ranjit lifted Nikit and all of them danced forming a circle with hands across each other’s neck.

All of them hugged Ravi who smiled as his anger cooled down. Rajesh Supriya and Simi looked at them smiling. A tear dropped from Rajesh’s eye. “Rajesh” said Supriya consoling him. “How much ever I try I can’t forget him Bhabi. When I see them I remember our childhood” said he in cracking voice. “Tomorrow is Gudiya’s birthday” said Rajesh looking at Ragini who was smiling hugging Ravi. “Shhh ji you know na she doesn’t even like mentioning her birthday” said Simi stopping him. “And she will suffer also the most tomorrow Simi” said Rajesh looking at her painfully. “Stop it Rajesh, we are there na with her?” said Supriya and caressed his hair and consoled him.
“That means Ms. Gadodia’s birthday tomorrow?” said Raj when he was analyzing her resume which his dad had given to find out what she likes so that he can get clue to cool her. “This is gonna be your best Birthday ever Ms. Gadodia. Just wait and watch” said Raj smiling widely.

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  1. Ck1234

    I just hope that Raj gets to know that Ragini & his mystery girl is same….

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    omg yeh swara beech me kaha se a gyi ab kya hoga hey bhagwan g and ragini’s bday party wahhhh amazing chappy

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      Jagga Jasoos. I just love when you react like this. ha ha ha ha. You are gonna enjoy it for sure

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    Amazing loved it and love their bonding and stupid raj he hasn’t heard her sing and he thinks it’s her ,,, can’t wait to see what Ragini will do to him when he tries celebrating her birthday xx post soln

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    awesome loved it so much…

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    awesome Sally dear….Ohhh my poor swara…u knit a wheat for chapatti but it’s turn dough of dhosa….it’s not ur mistake baby it’s water mistake…..sanjay care for ur future daughter in law….not bad….my naughty ragu and soul of ur family love you dear….the dirty picture scene superbbb dear….omg sunitha and raj misunderstood swara s mystery girl….hope they clear their misunderstanding soon….raj this is not gonna be best Birthday for ragini….thz s gone be ur worst day for u dear…surely u going to be die in ur ragu hand or ravi hand…feeling bad for my poor boy….anyways All the best for ur attempt….hope nothing happen to u….loved the whole scene dear….tkcr my Sally dear….

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      Asru that was funny, mistake was of water ha ha ha ha, i’m laughing like a mad. You are absolutely right its gonna be Raj’s worst day. Thank you Asru.

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      Thank you lisa. Yar I’m so confused about Ravi’s love interest.

  13. Asw

    It think it’s like a casual genda phool ,I like rajesh character ohh noo misunderstanding arise in swara,ragini,raj life keep going

    1. Sally_blr

      Supriya’s story is same from Sasural Gendha Phool dear. I just loved that serial. You can say this story is partly inspired from it

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  14. Deesh

    Sally sisso, It was a superb chappy. I loved the perfect family scenario which u portrayed well sisso. It is so realistic. The love, care, fun.. uff! It just took my heart away. And raj’s surprise for ginu? Seems interesting. waiting for the next sisso.

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      Oh God your profile pic yar makes me weak everytime, ufff ok and what were you saying, let me concentrate on that. Thank you so much deeshu.

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    1. Sally_blr

      You are absolutely right. And I’m really confused about the girl for Ravi. You want him to confirm. Sure dear he will confirm. They are actually the cutest. You know Ragini. You should be worried for Raj instead

      1. Hahaha. yes dear. Raj’s gonna die in hands of his father if he comes to know something happens to Rag bcos of him. But still it’s a mystery why rag is not celebrating her bday or why her family are worried for her. Do rags family still have contact with her father?

    2. Sally_blr

      I love your confusions. You will come to know soon. You know na I cannot manage suspense for long time. More than you people I will be restless to reveal them.

  18. Sreevijayan

    Arrey waah…wht an update yaar…dis ff always brings a smilw on my face… bonding is super cute…ragini is blessed…bt u knw wht i really cnt imagine dt guy on d poster probably bcz i dnt knw him…whn i read d update i always get flashes of nithin nd

    I hope he doesnt make her cry on her bday…really cnt wait fr d next update..wohooo…love u my sallyyy

    1. Sally_blr

      LOL his name is Shaleen, gosh I’m so happy people recognize him with my character name. As his fan huge complement for me. Everyone here like Karan Tacker only you are imagining Sanky and Nitin. You know Ragini is totally different here so you should worry about Raj instead

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        Karan tacker? Dnt knw yaar…hehe..evn i dnt knw shaleen as well..i knw him bcz of nithin..

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      His confusion is soul of the whole story. You actually should be worried for Raj instead of Ragini. Thank you Akshata glad you liked it

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    Swara beech mein… Plz make raj know ragini is his mystery girl…. This party was awesome…

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